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Too many (tea) parties, not enough (any) amity

by Dara Kam | January 19th, 2010

Florida Tea Partiers accuse Orlando political activist Doug Guetzloe and his cohorts of hijacking the “Tea Party” brand in a lawsuit filed in federal court today.

Florida Tea Party Chairman Fred O’Neal, Guetzloe and Nicholos Egoroff registered the minor political party with the Department of State in August. Since then, the Tea Party and Guetzloe have backed state Sen. Paula Dockery in her GOP primary bid for governor.

But the suit, filed by activists throughout the state unassociated with O’Neal or Guetzloe, accuses the two of being johnny-come-lately’s to the Tea Party movement and now they want their name back.

“We believe the identity of the Florida Tea Party has been hijacked by cynical forces,” South Florida Tea Party chairman Everett Wilkinson said. “We are especially concerned the group is improperly leveraging
the tea party movement to support the gubernatorial campaign of Sen. Paula Dockery.”

The lawsuit accuses leaders of the newly-formed Tea Party of threatening lawsuits against other Tea Party factions for using the Tea Party name.

And it accuses them of threatening to run third party candidates against Republicans and Democrats.

That goes against the true Tea Party platform, the lawsuit contends, in which the break-aways consider themselves a faction of the Republican Party.

“The registered party and original Florida Tea Party activists are miles apart in our political agenda and priorities,” Wilkinson said. “Make no mistake: the Tea Party on the Florida ballot is not the grassroots group you may think it is.”

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9 Responses to “Too many (tea) parties, not enough (any) amity”

  1. Tea Party Patriot Says:

    The Florida Tea Party needs to support Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum. He is standing up to big government. Dockery is a tax and spend liberal. We don’t want a third party!

  2. FloridasRealTeaParty Says:

    All of us down here in the Florida tea party movement are pretty miffed that these guys have stolen our name and are trying to build their own power and influence in a fake effort.

    Most apparent here is the Guetzloe Party’s vocal support of Paula Dockery, a RINO candidate for governor. Guetzloe and his fake tea party co-founders ran the Draft Dockery campaign.

    Dockery is a pro-choice, free spending liberal who stands with trial lawyers instead of citizens and doctors and business owners. She is completely out of touch with Republican Primary voters in the state of Florida, who stand with AG Bill McCollum who has a long and distinguished record as a true conservative.

    But here’s the trick: be ready for Dockery’s third party run for governor after a McCollum primary victory – in the fake TEA Party.

  3. Virginia Hewett Says:

    Of course, they registered the name in order to own it which is like saying we own the American flag because no one else registered it..its ours. To assume they can not sue others who call themselves tea partiers…is like saying now you are not allowed to call yourselves patriots or Americans. They may have some legal right because of what they did..but they have no moral right, and a wise judge would say they cannot own a movement.

  4. the real deal Says:

    You are wrong about Dockery. She’s strongly anti-abortion, for one thing. And she’s against the liberal corporate giveaways pushed by people like McCollum. I don’t know much about the men you mention, but I’ve watched Mrs. Dockery for some years and as a conservative Republican, I believe she’ll restore our values. If she tells you something, I’ve learned you can bank on it. McCollum, not so much.

  5. Sharon Campbell Says:

    Didn’t McCollum stand with trial lawyers on that big-spending commuter rail package in Orlando? The unions supported that thing, too, right? I read how Dockery stood against it. So who’s the real Republican in the race?

  6. dirty tricks here? Says:

    I sent an email to Senator Dockery about the tea party movement and I’ve been assured that she is a proud Republican, who is running as a proud Republican, and who plans to always be a proud Republican.

  7. Tea Party Patriot Says:

    Dockery is a friend of ACORN and the big spending left. I heard she makes fun of tea parties.

  8. the rea Says:

    @TeaPartyPatriot. Unfortuantely, the special interests are spreading misinformation about Ms. Dockery because she doesn’t support government subsidies for big corporations, like McCollum does. Rest assured, Dockery has stood strong for conservative principles, starting with fiscal conservatism. And she stands for the little guy.

  9. FloridasRealTeaParty Says:

    McCollum worked at the right hand of Ronal Reagan when Paula Dockery was still supporting abortion rights. She worked hand-in-glove with the trial lawyers to make Sunrail more sue-able. She only opposed the Sunrail giveaway because her family was deeply invested into the first high speed rail project. Gov. Bush ended that giveaway by killing the amendment, and Paula and her husband have never forgiven this. “If you think you’ll ever see high-speed rail in Florida without my husband, you have another thing coming.”

    How do you get that Paula Dockery is a conservative?

    She said ”I cannot say I would unequivocally oppose a woman’s right to have an abortion…” as reported by the Lakeland Ledger on 4/25/97. She voted to kill Terry Schaivo and her vote also killed a bill requiring sonigrams for abortion-seeking mothers.

    Pro-life? Not on your life.

    Dockery then went on to oppose a plan to significantly cut property taxes according to the Lakeland Ledger on 3/4/07. Then, She supported a move to hike phone rates according to the St Pete Times on 6/1/03. She opposed a gas tax and school sales tax holiday in HB 237 in 2004. She voted against cutting ad valorem assessments on HB 521 in 2009 and Florida TaxWatch blasted her “pet projects” calling them “wasteful” and urged Governor Bush to veto them according to the Lakeland Ledger 7/13/01.

    She’s pro-pork, too. When the state was suffering through a budget crisis she asked for 2.5 Million dollars in a single pet project according to the Lakeland Ledger on 3/26/98.

    Dockery is PURE RINO; she is not a conservative at all. Just because her consultant Doug Guetzloe pays you to blog on her behalf doesn’t make it TRUE.

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