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Tea Partiers drop fiscal focus, plan Broward rally to call for Reid’s ouster over “Negro dialect” remarks

by George Bennett | January 12th, 2010



The South Florida Tea Party organization, which until now has focused on such tax-and-spending issues as the $787 billion federal stimulus bill and the massive overhaul of the nation’s health care system, sent out an e-mail Monday night urging activists to come to Fort Lauderdale this afternoon for a rally demanding the “immediate ejection of Harry Reid from office.”

Senate Majority Leader Reid, D-Nev., is in apology mode this week after a new book revealed he had commented approvingly on then-candidate Barack Obama’s prospects as a “light-skinned” African-American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”


12 Responses to “Tea Partiers drop fiscal focus, plan Broward rally to call for Reid’s ouster over “Negro dialect” remarks”

  1. Gordon Solie Says:

    Pot meet kettle

  2. Robin Murphy Says:

    This is just to funny. I’m wondering if there will be signs
    of President Obama as Hilter, or a witch doctor or maybe the one we’ve seen with a man hanging from a tree?
    For a group of people to show such disrespect to President Obama and then to cry outrage at Harry Reids comment?
    Just to funny!

  3. John Says:

    LOL. Right on Robin Murphy! Democrats will just have to accept that while a half-white light-skinned black man is ok, no way is the country ready for a black, black man. Because Obama is an outlier with his white mother and softened physical characteristics, he is acceptable to American voters. He’s the exception to the majority of blacks, with their own negro dialects. And thus, he’s kinda sorta 1/2 enough like us to get elected. Hee hee! Too bad on those other blacks — we’re not ready to elect any with too darky skin though, says Harry Reid!

  4. NO EXCUSE Says:

    Obviously Reid made these comments, much like the Jessie Jackson’s comment
    “that sucker ought to has his nuts cut off,” before either one of them thought there was really enough idiots to vote him in. Both of them underestimated the voting fraud and actions of Acorn and other corrupt organizations registering felons and illegals to vote. The difference is Reid should be held to a higher standard because he is the leader of the Senate. Absence of politics as usual we the people expect the leader of the Senate to have an impecable reputation regarding the diversity of our Great Country. For a similar yet less offensive to some offense committed by Trent Lott the punishment was retirement. Accordingly Harry Reid should resign in shame, and do so immediately.

  5. John Says:

    Besides, those tea partiers should know it’s only unacceptable to talk about full blacks this way if you’re a Democrat. Without the Dems, the blacks would have nothing, so they should be grateful to the party for all the enticements and for even letting a 1/2 black man run… Democrats don’t discriminate or hate or judge people by their skin tone. And liberals like the Post editorial board also understand that black children and communities need extra special help in order to compete with their light-skinned peers. Democrats acknowledge the limitations of dark skinned black people with their negro dialects, and have special remedial programs to bridge the gap between the races. Without the acknowledgment of blacks as lessers, you might just have to compete honestly to be seen as equal members of society, skin tone aside.

  6. John Says:

    Can Harry Reid explain how black, black politicians have been elected in the past, outside of his white Mormon homeland?

    Stop calling American voters racists, just because you need to wean yourself off of the white candidates with someone not displaying too many black characteristics (hair, lips, skin, “dialect”)

    It’s like the gay just starting out, who has to start with transexxuals first… Harry Reid thinks in order to elect a black politician, better start with a half-white one with softened physical characteristics to ease the transition to the full Monty black person.

    And you’re defending this old man’s thought processes and evaluation of black candidates based on physical image. LOL. (Anything to get the negro readers to like us!)

  7. John Says:

    Don’t be afraid censor. (You’re a white guy, right??)

    I haven’t said anythign wrong. Why do you insist on playing these threads by deleting anyone who disagrees with your point that Harry Reid did nothing wrong and all white voters think that way???

  8. John Says:

    Say, how come all 3 Post on Politics writers are light skinned whites?

    Couldn’t you find a light skinned black candidate with an acceptable image and dialect to help you craft some of these more colorful articles and comments?

    Or have only dark skinned candidates applied so far, and you’re not ready as a staff to have more than one covering the important issues like this one?

  9. John Says:

    I wrote this earlier, and someone felt the need to delete it:

    Look at CLARENCE THOMAS. That man surely has not an ounce of “white” blood in him, and his physical characterists are dark, and fully “negro”. Look at how successful he is, without Harry Reid’s white man’s blessing.

    Thomas is a brilliant and independent legal mind on the Supreme Court. But the white political establishment would have rejected him, according to Mr. Reid’s analysis, not on the basis of his ideas, but on his physical characteristics.

    Had Clarence Thomas been a Republican politician, he would have succeeded becuase of his intelligence and drive. Not because of silly little style points like the thickness of his lips, and waiting until the white leaders deem him to be white enough like them to join the club.

    Reid’s attitude is paternalistic, patronizing, and devalues blacks who aren’t trying to be white. Is that what you liberal Democrats are all about?

  10. NO EXCUSE Says:

    I will bet Obama don;t really like this any better that anyone else. Obama’s problem right now is ha can’t afford to lose any Democrap he needs them all to pass the Obamacare bill he promised George Soros he would do when Soros elevated Obama to the position of POST TURTLE. Paybacks are hell and the Obamacare bill is HELL. But, right is right and wrong is wrong and Harry Reid has committed the unforgivable sin of race mongering. The only right thing for him to do is resign now and save the voters from putting him out to pasture. Either way he has nothing to lose. Full salary and benefits for life. Our only hope is that won’t be forever.

  11. Bob Says:

    It’s good to know that the Tea Party crowd is so obsessively concerned with any offensive comment, no matter how slight, aimed at black people. Who would have thought that this group was so sensitive about minority slights? Now they have to go after the GOP chairman for his “honest Injun” remark, right?

  12. SheliaJoy Says:

    This will be too funny. An all white crowd protesting racial comments. I pray the Tea Party crowd has good weather so all can attend. Then they will be seen for what they are KKK’s without a robe.

    All those racist posters at the prior parties clearly show the true meaning for the parties. Now all of a sudden they are concerned about racism.

    By the time the 2010 elections roll around politicans will be distancing themselves from this bunch.

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