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Six former elected officials apply for ethics commission seat as Monday deadline looms

by George Bennett | January 20th, 2010

Six former elected officials have applied so far for one of the seats on the new five-member county ethics commission approved by Palm Beach County commissioners last month as part of a sweeping package of reforms.

The ethics legislation calls for the Palm Beach County League of Cities to fill one of the seats by appointing a former elected official. The league plans to make its choice Wednesday, Jan. 27, so Executive Director Jamie Titcomb has set a deadline of 5 p.m. Monday to submit applications.

Applicants so far: former county commissioner Ken Adams, former county commissioner Dennis Koehler, former Jupiter councilman Tom McCarthy, former Delray Beach commissioner Alberta McCarthy, former Delray Beach mayor David Schmidt and former Haverhill Mayor Chuck Stoddard.

Other seats on the ethics panel are to be filled by county police chiefs, the local chapter of the Florida Institute of CPAs, the president of Florida Atlantic University and a coalition of minority lawyer groups.

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7 Responses to “Six former elected officials apply for ethics commission seat as Monday deadline looms”

  1. Straight Facts Says:

    Why don’t we give Warren Newell or McCarty a furlough so they can be on the panel. Dang, if you’re a former politician, please go away. You were part of the system we’re trying to change.

  2. Sandy Says:

    no room for 1 American Citizen with common sense and ethics.

  3. Ex-sheriff Bieluch applies for seat on new ethics commission | Post on Politics Says:

    [...] The five-member commission is to include one seat for a former elected official to be named by the Palm Beach County League of Cities. The league is accepting applications through 5 p.m. Monday and plans to choose a candidate Wednesday. Six other former elected officials are also applying. [...]

  4. Lou Says:

    My vote’s for Koehler. He’s sharp as a tack.

  5. Eric Says:

    A Politician on an ethics panel.
    That’s funny!

  6. Wendell Says:

    “coalition of minority lawyers” give me a break.

    We want ETHICS on the committee, lawyers are naturally EXCLUDED no matter what race they are!

  7. Ann Says:

    We don’t want people who advocate and do business in front of the board.

    Where are the retired judges who were SUPPOSED to be on this committee?

    Wake up people, the committee on ethics is already being hijacked.

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