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Retired Judge Edward Rodgers named to new ethics commission

by George Bennett | January 27th, 2010



The Palm Beach County League of Cities today picked retired Circuit Judge and former Riviera Beach councilman Edward Rodgers to fill the seat set aside for a former elected official on the new county Ethics Commission.

Rodgers was one of eight former elected officials vying for the spot.

The five-member ethics panel was created by county commissioners last year in response to scandals that sent five local elected official to federal prison between 2006 and 2009. Each of the seats is to be filled by a different organization. In addition to the League of Cities’ choice of Rodgers, county police chiefs picked former federal prosecutor Bruce Reinhart for one seat and the president of Florida Atlantic University picked FAU ethics professor Robin Fiore for another.

The two remaining seats will be filled by the county chapter of the Florida Institute of CPAs and by a coalition of minority lawyer groups.

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8 Responses to “Retired Judge Edward Rodgers named to new ethics commission”

  1. OhcomeOn Says:

    great. the judges in this community are part of the problem. they are known for being incompetent or corrupt. being stupid is not against the law, but their level of stupidity borders on criminal. judges who hear cases from their former partners. judges who make outrageous demands from the tax payers. who put their “lovers” on the tax payers dime. come on. putting a judge on an ethics commision is a joke.

  2. Ted Says:

    It’s the same old people, the same old faces, the same old gang…be they black, white, purple, orange.

    They’re just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  3. Michelle Obama Says:

    He is the correct race. We will continue to change the foundation of the country.

  4. Corruption County Says:

    The corrupt Palm Beach County Judges are part of the problem.Great job idiots.Might as well put McCarty,Newell and Masilotti on it.

  5. LRT Says:

    Good Choice!

  6. fred Says:

    LRT…I hope your not being serious. If you are, then you are part of the problem, or you have been living under a rock.

  7. PoFolks Says:

    Yep, business as usual – stock an ethics panel with judges, lawyers and CPAs.

    Why don’t they just go to county jail booking and select from there?

    If they just hold off they can get some real ethics experts – Liberti, Newell, Maxilooti and McCarty. What a joke!

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