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PBC Commish Koons wanted FPL rate hike

by Dara Kam | January 14th, 2010

Palm Beach County Commissioner Jeff Koons asked utility regulators to approve Florida Power & Light Co.’s $1.2 billion rate hike, saying the utility is the county’s largest employer and needed the extra money to help the state go green.

The Public Service Commission yesterday instead slashed FPL’s rate hike to just $75 million and limited the amount of profit the Juno Beach-based utility can earn to 10 percent, far less than the 12.5 percent return on equity it sought.

“While no one – especially in the current economy – looks forward to higher electric bills, FPL’s proposed rate increase is necessary in order to make a greater investment in green technology, energy sources that will ultimately protect the consumer from uncertainties and bill fluctuations in the future,” Koons wrote in a letter to commissioners on Jan. 5 expressing his personal opinion on the rate case.

FPL President Armando Olivera said the company will immediately halt modernization projects at its Riviera Beach and Cape Canaveral power plants and cease moving forward with most of its efforts to build two new nuclear reactors at its Turkey Point facility.

He said the projects could have brought 20,000 new jobs to Florida over the next five years.

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18 Responses to “PBC Commish Koons wanted FPL rate hike”

  1. George Says:

    Mr koons must take pleasure in watching the county stick the electric bolt in the a hole. he takes pleasure in higher taxes and in seeing the destruction of palm beach county

  2. gerri Says:

    Thank God this BOZO is on his last term. Hope people remember if runs for any other office!

  3. Mike Says:

    So George and Gerri, you think that giving Progress Energy 10.5% profit and FPL only 10.0% is fair? Is is fair to give one company an advantage over another? You think that lost jobs, investors and reliability is a good thing? You have the cheapest, most reliability electric in the state, 10% below the national average and 47% more reliable than the national average and that is still not good enough. It is clear that YOU are the greedy ones!

  4. gerri Says:

    No not greedy, just tired of everything going up when we are trying to survive the downturn. At least if paychecks go up to match increases then who cares, but that’s not the case.

  5. Rocky Says:

    Commissioner Koons inherited 15 million from his daddy when he passed. He’s not hurting by any means…..
    Mike you are a moron who is probably an investor. FPL is a monopoly….they should be on their “A” game and not wanting handouts every time something happens, if they don’t like it then bring in another company..

  6. Finch Says:

    Mike, FPL basically has a monopoly so let’s not talk about fair. My FPL bill has gone up over $200 PER MONTH in the last 3-4 years and I’m using less power. That is PER MONTH. How is that is fair? And for that, my power hasnt been any more reliable and maybe less so.

    B.S. on the jobs lost and less reliable power. FPL has had free reign for a long time. If they are in such trouble after being denied an enormous rate hike, then maybe the CEO and other administration need to do a better job of running a company.

    Everyone has no problem forcing the loss of thousands of jobs state wide so their property taxes will be reduced by $50. Local governments are having to lay off people and service is reduced. But you dont think it is a problem for a company like FPL to raise rates $2,500 per year with upper management making millions? I dont think we are the greedy ones.

  7. Lw Says:

    Finch, that is impossible. I think that you must be exaggerating your bills hoping that some will believe. There is no way that your bill increased by $200 when your usage went down. Either you don’t know how to read a bill or you are exaggerating. I use less power and my bill has been reduced. Some taxes and fuel charges go up but not that much. No, I don’t work for or have any reason to help FPL, honesty is still the best policy though.

  8. Mike Says:

    Rocky, I am not an investor nor do I use childish name calling like you (kind of shows what level you are on), Since this is the first rate hike in 25 years it isn’t like they are coming and begging for handouts all the time. Finch, let’s talk about fair, do you think that it is fair that a regulatory agency should be able to allow one regulated company to make more than another? I do agree with one thing though, upper management needs to have cuts.

  9. WPB Resident Says:

    LW, I am leaning to believe Finch on the increase with his bill. I live in an older cbs house that has only window a/c units to keep it cool – no heat at all other 1 little space heater. When I moved into this house in Dec. 2004 I was able to enjoy $50-$70 a month electric bills with the window a/c thermostat at 68 24/7. Since that time FPL has increased their rates so now my electric bills are running $150-160 per month and that is with replacing the window a/c unit with one that was supposed to more energy efficient and my energy consumption remains the same as it did in 2004. How much profit do you honestly believe that a public utility should make? No all of the FPL’s customers can afford any type of rate hike due to living on fixed incomes, unemployed, etc. You need to think about your neighbor instead of “big” business.

  10. jane Says:

    This is the same idiot who agreed to a 5% increase in garbage collection cost because they needed to give the workers raises. Well good for them because my employer, PBC School District hasn’t given me one in over 2 years.
    Also, Jeffrey, the largest employer in PBC is the School District NOT FPL. I wonder if he voted for or against more oxy stores?

  11. Finch Says:

    I realize it can be a difficult task but I am pretty sure I can read the number in the amount due box. 3 – 4 years ago, my high bills were $150-170. My bill is regularly over $300 and closer to $350 now. I have held the bills side by side and compared the kilowats used number. It is the same or less now.

    I make less money and my wife makes a lot less money so it makes that $200 hurt a lot more. Not exaggerating. Making a point using real numbers. Thank you for assuming that how you feel is truth and everyone else is stupid or lying.

  12. Lou Says:

    Jeff is a taxer. He inherited his money from his Coca Cola distributor father.

    Jeff is a flat out liberal and he’s interested in another political office in WPB.

    Watch out, WPB, your taxes will go higher, Jeff DOESN’T know how to say, “NO”.

    When your rich, travel in rich circles, you forget about the rest of us scrapping money together, to PAY for all the things Jeff approves.

    He’s Out of touch with the average guy who IS paying the bills.

  13. corruption county Says:

    Who is paying Mr Koons for his opinion? Not that he needs it, but why would he be the only commish to want to increase our rates? It’s funny Jane stated it also, increase for waste. He must be close friends with some higher ups. I agree my power bill has increased like Finch’s and we have replaced a roof, hurricane windows, doors and a new ac unit inside and out, yet we are paying too much money for power. Also with no increase in pay and one of us self employed. The rates don’t go down beacause there is no work.
    When the hurricanes were here there were people from all over the US to put us back together, not just FPL. We have a rotting wooden pole in our back yard, it was replaced with a new one right next to it, the lines are still attached to the old pole, for well over a year. When will the old one fall? If so on my house? I don’t agree with any increase whatsoever, they have plenty of work they don’t do.

  14. Thinker Says:

    Anyone that lives in Palm Beach County should absolutely have supported the rate hike. Those projects that FPL was going to do were primarily in PBC and would have brought jobs and built Billions of dollars worth of stuff in PBC. That stuff has to pay property taxes. Because all FPL customers pay the same price, customers in other counties would have been sending money directly to Palm Beach County in the form of property taxes.

    Most of you should not be allowed to vote.

  15. WYNAYLOR Says:

    Thank goodness Jeff Koons is in his last term. What kickback is he getting from FPL? Did they offer him a job after his Commission is over? He oversaw a lot of county spending and development under his watch. Why doesn’t the CEO giveback some of his salary and perks and that money could be used to hire folks. As for the modernization, what modernization. I still see rotted wooden poles on Okeechobee Blvd and elsewhere. Jeff Koons another out of touch self-serving politician from Palm Beach County.

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  17. doesn't electricity come from heaven Says:

    To Rocky – Yeah and in America being an “investor” is a bad thing, right?

  18. Gets you mad Says:

    Praise to Commishoner Koons – He Gets It – Massive unemployment exist in Palm Beach County today and will be increadibly worsae tommorow – everyone bitching about a rate hike will enjoy their new electric bill in one of the Northern states – I guarantee you will go into shock the first month you see that – Bye

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