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No equal time for Dockery at Palm Beach County GOP dinner, chairman says

by George Bennett | January 4th, 2010

Attorney Gen. and GOP gubernatorial hopeful Bill McCollum will keynote next month’s Palm Beach County Republican Party Lincoln Day dinner.

McCollum’s primary rival, state Sen. Paula Dockery of Lakeland, is also welcome — if she buys a $195 ticket.

Find out why in this week’s Politics column.

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5 Responses to “No equal time for Dockery at Palm Beach County GOP dinner, chairman says”

  1. Average Republican Woman Voter Says:

    According to the ethics rules, shouldn’t McCullom have to pay also? I am sure that Senator Dockery pays her way, as she is not permitted to accept freebies. But maybe the AG exempts himself from that rule, since he uses his office to do commercials for his campaign and for self promotion.

    Maybe they should give McCollum 5 minutes, then after everyone is asleep, Paula Dockery can say a few words and wake everyone up. She is certainly a much more spirited and interesting speaker, beyond a shadow of a doubt!!

    It is the typical Republican unwritten rule to keep the women in the background. We no more Mr. Dinnerstien. The women of the GOP will elect Paula Dockery and finally get this State back on track.

    In any event, they should both pay their own way, as there are lobbyists and other special interests that sponsor that dinner.

  2. UnEthical Commission Says:

    In a recent article regarding the Unethical commission wanting more teeth to investigate it was mentioned that these well heeled politicians do not report gifts over $100. as supposed to be required by law. They all simply ignore it. Paula Dockery will not ignore the laws. Maybe the good ole boy network should stand up and take notice before they all wind up in jail. Just because the unethical commission has no teeth don’t mean the Feds don’t.

  3. Tea Party Patriot Says:

    I don’t think anyone wants to hear Senator Dockery. She is a very late in the race for governor and her only tactic appears to cry and complain. McCollum appears to be the people’s choice for his battles against big government. He recenty came out saying that he would challenge any federal health care law. Tea Party for McCollum and Rubio!

  4. James Says:

    Tea PArty ofr Dockery!! McCoollum is a RINO!!

  5. DarthMC Says:

    McCollum fighting Big Government??? What a joke. The CSX/Sunrail/TriRail government welfare/bailout that McCollum supported doesn’t support that statement. This is a typical loser tactic, if you can’t beat them then try to keep them quiet. Let Dockery have fair time to say her peace. Then we can choose a canidate instead of having one forced down our throats. If McCollum is truly the best canidate, he should have nothing to fear and should demand that Dockery have speaking time.

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