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Local black officials and candidates weigh in on Sen. Harry Reid’s “Negro dialect” remark

by George Bennett | January 11th, 2010

A new book’s revelation that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., was enthusiastic about Barack Obama’s presidential prospects because he is “light-skinned” and speaks “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one” created a firestorm over the weekend.

Republicans have blasted Reid and called for him to to step down from his leadership position while Democrats have generally circled the wagons in support of Reid.

Retired Lt. Col. Allen West, a black Republican running for a Palm Beach-Broward congressional seat, called Reid’s remarks “disgusting, despicable, and unacceptable. They are representative of how intellectual elite liberals do indeed speak of black Americans in their closed private spaces.”

But Debra Robinson, Palm Beach County’s only black school board member, said “I don’t see why it’s such an issue…I think that what he said was correct. My problem was he used the word ‘Negro,’ which is a bit outdated.”

Palm Beach County Commissioner Priscilla Taylor also shrugged at Reid’s remarks.

“I personally don’t see anything wrong with what he said. Even in the African-American community, we like for our children to be articulate….The light-skinned part of it is something we have no control over,” Taylor said.

Said former South Bay Mayor Clarence Anthony: “In this day and time it is disappointing that that view of the African-American leadership or politician still exists and I’m glad that Sen. Reid recognized his statement was improper or politically incorrect and went back and apologized.”

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22 Responses to “Local black officials and candidates weigh in on Sen. Harry Reid’s “Negro dialect” remark”

  1. LOUIS Says:

    Of course ! it is never racism when a Democrat spews such nonsense or bigotry.
    But when its a Republican or Conservative, where are the pitchforks ??

  2. hilarious Says:

    Hey Louis, just by virtue of you pointing that out makes you a racist. And me pointing out what you pointed out makes me a racist. And just the thought of me pointing out what you pointed out makes me a super racist. And the Post proofreader who reads my comment will be a racist too…unless we all voted liberal

  3. Lw Says:

    Thanks Halarious! now that I laughed at your joke I am a racist! It’s a very slippery slope indeed.

  4. ME Says:

    @Hilarious….simply Hilarious! Now, I’m a racist……dangit.

  5. Chicago Way Says:

    Typical liberal hypocrisy…

  6. U be foolin me Says:

    Ofcourse, it’s racist!

    Is Debra Robinson a light skinned negroid, is Priscilla Taylor a light skinned negroid.

    Do they speak ghetto talk, eubonics?

    Are those racist questions, just posed?

    Perceptions, perceptions.

    Two faced blacks. It’s okay for a democrat to say that.

    What about Joe Biden calling Obama ‘clean’?

    So NOW we can call blacks, afro-americans, negroes, negroids…dark skinned, light skinned, call them for their ‘dialect’, droppin’ suffixes, poor grammar.

    Just remember that next time someone other than elected demoncrat speaks.

    Bill Clinton…Obama would be serving him coffee.

    Who’s the joke on?

    And who’s doing profiling at the airport?

    Ironic that the Obama administration has to implement profiling.

  7. Shaun Says:

    The double-standard is very sad indeed. Robert Byrd is a former KKK member and used the N-word on Fox News. Hillary Clinton once joked that Ghandi owned a gas station in St. Louis. Joe Biden said you have to use an Indian accent when you walk into a Dunkin Donuts. California’s former Lt-Gov Bustamante once let the N-word slip in a speech. All of these incidents were swept under the carpet. Wake up!

  8. Wonder Says:

    But can we talk about his hair?

    And why was George Allen lashed for using the word, ‘macaca’?

    So democrats can’t be racist? What a laugh!

    They do it behind blacks’ backs.

    Putting all their eggs in one basket.

  9. Ed Fulop Says:

    Double standard! When Biden called Obama “clean and articulate”, everybody said “Oh, that’s just crazy old Joe.” Reid calls him “light-skinned” black, and able to throw a “Negro-dialect” switch, and they are sure he meant nothing by it. Clinton says he’s the first black president, and everyone grins and claps. When Imus called the Rutgers girls “nappy headed ho’s”, he needed to be fired immediately. When Trent Lott praised an old man on his birthday with an nod to his presidential run, he was run out of town. Some people are more equal than others.

  10. Reality Says:

    Ok let’s get some things straight. The TRUTH is that in America, whites tend to be more accepting of blacks who are lighter skinned and who are “more articulate.” THAT’S A FACT. Why has Tiger been “darkened” on the cover of Vanity Fair? Why was O.J. noticeably darker when he was on Vanity Fair? The answer is that darker skin has always falsely connoted something negative. Harry Reid was merely expressing that FACT.

    It’s not the same as Trent Lott expressing regret that the country didn’t elect Strom Thurmond in 1948 as a representative of the Dixiecrat Party (whose membership switched to today’s Republican Party after LBJ signed the Civil Rights Acts), which advocated the continued subjugation of black people and the legality of LYNCHING! Its not the same as Don Imus’ calling black women “nappy-headed hoes.” Harry Reid used improper language for sure, but the fact that he spoke of a racial REALITY doesn’t make him racist. Obviously a “negro dialect” is a stupid thing to say. But what have his ACTIONS demonstrated? Is he a supporter of civil rights? Does he support policies to even the playing field for minorities? He was expressing SUPPORT for who would come to be the nation’s first black president (contrary to what Bill Clinton would like to think). This reality is INTRA-RACIAL ALSO as blacks stratify according to skin color.

    Allen West ought to be ashamed of himself for contributing to this nonsensical and false outrage amongst Republicans. I wonder what the local Republicans think of HIM behind closed doors when they elect publicly the son of a Klan head? Get real sir.

    When we can man up and speak about the REALITIES of racism in America we might just be able to conquer it.

  11. Reality Says:

    By the way Ed…TRENT LOTT SHOULD’VE BEEN RUN OUTTA TOWN! You believe lynching should be legal? You believe in segregation and white supremacy? That’s what you seem to be advocating….Because that’s what STROM THURMOND’S presidential run was about!

    Those who aren’t mindful of history are doomed to repeat it.

  12. Ed Fulop Says:

    Reality –

    I’m not advocating anything that Thurmond stood for, don’t get me wrong. Segregation was one of America’s many black eyes during a turbulent time in our country’s “growing up” after slavery. The “reality” — pun intended — of Lott’s remarks were nothing more than praise for an elder collegue, not an embracing of views Thurmond held 50+ years earlier. The thing you fail to recognize is that despite a segregationist stance as a Southern Dixiecrat, the people of his state kept re-electing him. Are you calling everyone in South Carolina stupid? He was their chosen representative, so I guess they got over it. The only way to move on as a country from these blights of the past is to forgive (not forget). Case in point — The countries of Japan and Germany killed thousands of Americans during World War I, right? Do you still hold it against them today? What’s in your driveway or garage? Who made the computer your reading this on right now? Look at the political statement your purchases made to someone that notices those things.

    Truth be told, I could care less about Reid’s comments — I’m ready to move on. Politics, however, is a game of paybacks. That’s all this synthetic furor is really about. It’s about the patriotic resistance being called racists because they oppose Obama’s policies and ideas,
    but someone within the progressive movement makes what is, by definition, a blatant racist remark, and he is forgiven before he apologizes. Here’s my proposition for you — take us at our word that we could care less that Obama is black, and legitimately have problems with his philosophy of social justice. In turn, we’ll take you at your word that the progressive movement isn’t evil, and you truly believe that what you are doing is right. If we accept those 2 premises on faith, we can debate the real issues on their own merits.

    I’m betting that you — or any other progressive reding this — won’t be able to respond without calling me stupid, or disparaging my mother in some capacity. Prove me right.

  13. Reality Says:

    We haven’t “grown up” on the racial issue as you say. The fact that you can’t recognize the difference and harm between Trent Lott’s statements and Harry Reid’s is a testament to our collective “adolescence.” You say that Lott’s comments weren’t embracing Thurmond’s Dixiecrat philosophy? How else are we to interpret the phrase,

    “When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We’re proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over the years, either.”(?)

    What “problems” was Lott talking about? In 1948, the only year that Thurmond ran for president, segregation was the law of the land; blacks were lynched (i.e. MURDERED) for being black, etc. If they were not an embrace of Thurmond’s past, why mention the his presidential run in the first place??
    And just because Thurmond kept getting elected doesn’t make the evils of Jim Crow good. If that were the case, we should have left the Nazis to kill off the Jews because Hitler had support amongst the German people. You seem to argue that ethnic cleansing is ok as long as its democratically determined, to hell with the crimes against humanity issue.
    Yes, we must forgive in order to move forward, but as you said, we musn’t FORGET. That’s why Lott had to go. We can’t have a MAJORITY LEADER sympathizing with a position that would legalize the murder of AMERICANS based on race. However Reid’s statement cannot be characterized as such. Again, Reid spoke of a racial TRUTH, i.e. that we have a color problem in America and that Barack Obama was more electable because of his lighter skin and lack of African American dialect. His choice of language was crude and maybe offensive, but the truth of his statement cannot be denied. Would Wesley Snipes’ character in “New Jack City” been acceptable to whites in a presidential election? I think not and that was Reid’s point.

    The way to forgiveness is via reconciliation. After WWII we engaged the Marshall Plan to REBUILD Europe and Japan, investing BILLIONS to enemies who tried to destroy us. Have we done the same for African Americans and Native Americans who were merely existing as they were created yet murdered because they were different? Sure we have casinos and a little affirmative action (which benefits white women more than anyone), but is that the same? And whites shouldn’t feel guilty about this, BUT they should recognize the effects of our collective history on minorities.

    And about Obama, ask yourself this question…when Bill Clinton’s economic policies left this nation w/budget surpluses, were we a communist/socialist country? Has ANY president in your lifetime had to deal with the worst economic crisis this nation has faced since the depression? You and I know the answers to those questions. So is your disagreement with Obama’s “social justice” philosophy genuine? I hear those terms thrown around by people calling themselves “patriots.” But Nixon advocated for changes in healthcare GREATER than the ones now being proposed. People only called him a liar and a cheat, but not for that position. Was HE a socialist/communist, etc.?? I haven’t called you any names, and I won’t, but its hard to see these criticisms of Obama without considering our nation’s history of racial relations in the face of this hypocrisy. Bush spent and spent and spent and spent, and lied us into war, but now Obama NEEDS TO SPEND TO GET US OUT OF TROUBLE and all you folks scream is “socialism.” That’s dishonest, in my opinion. I’m glad we’re having this discussion though because this is the only way we can resolve our differences, which is the GREAT thing about our nation.

  14. Reality Says:

    By the way….in WWI, Germany and Japan were on opposite sides….Japan was with us. Just a little FYI.

    And I don’t think all critics of Obama are racists, but when I see signs of him with a BONE in his nose dressed like primitive people in Africa, what else am I to think? When I hear people call him Muslim (which isn’t a religion), when he’s always admitted Christianity, I call it looney! When I see a picture of the White House with a WATERMELON PATCH out front, am I NOT to think racism has something to do with it? When a PRESIDENT goes to speak to schoolchildren (which is what BUSH was doing on 9-11-2001) and a whole segment of the populace goes ABSOLUTELY NUTS, am I to discount that race may have something to do with it? Need I go on?

  15. Ed Fulop Says:

    Reality –

    Let me begin by correcting a typing error on my post — WWI was supposed to be WWII. I should learn to proofread before submitting. Apologies. Re: Trent Lott’s comments — the context where he made his comment was at Thurmond’s 100th birthday party. Do you honestly think he picked that venue to make a racially contoversial policy statement that he never endorsed prior during his entire career, “sympathizing” with a long dead political party and ideology? He was being nice to an old guy on his birthday. Nothing more. To try and make it more than that, like you are by harkening Jim Crow and Adolf Hitler, is just what we call “brother-in-law”ing at my house; when you don’t like someone, everything they say or do or write becomes cannon-fodder to spray them with, like the guy that marries your kid sister. Like I said earlier, I’m over Reid’s remarks. Whatever he was thinking when he said it, and as dumb a comment as it is, it doesn’t bother me. I’m bothered by the double standard I started my original post with railing about.

    However, if I were a dark-skinned black guy, I might be a little put out by them. This political “reality” you keep talking about by mentioning a Wesley Snipes character as a political candidate is laughable to someone that truly believes in judging people by the content of their character. I wouldn’t vote for Nino Brown, not because of how he talked, or how dark his skin was; I wouldn’t vote for him because he was a drug-dealing thug. There are probably plenty of inarticulate, drug-dealing thuggy white people that I wouldn’t vote for either. I live in Florida’s 22nd Cong. District, and there is a DARK-SKINNED BLACK GUY running against Ron Klein named Lt. Colonel Allen West, that I not only plan on voting for, but I’ve already volunteered a number of times for his campaign, and will do so many more times b/w now and November 2nd. I believe in the things he believes in, and trust him to be a true representative of the people in his district. On the flip side of the coin, I actually heard Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on the radio this morning saying despite what the polls show, she feels that the American people will embrace the health care reform of the Democrats once it is enacted into law! How’s THAT for a representative government?! She might as well have said “you’re just too dumb to get that I’m trying to do good for you.” That’s my mother’s job, not my government’s.

  16. Ed Fulop Says:

    – continued from above –

    I recognize the “collective effects on OUR history” every day — I am a history buff. Where I am discouraged is when I hear statements of appeasement and political correctness, like “Black History Month” and Kwanzaa — as if blacks had/have a different history than whites. This isn’t Star Trek, with alternate universes and tears in the space-time continuum; we SHARE the same history. Blacks and Indians (notice I didn’t say African-Americans or Native Americans) had the short end of the stick in our “collective history”, I’m not arguing that. Everybody belongs to a group that has been slighted at some point in the past. The world has been a cruel place for a long, long time. But no amount of social engineering is going to “make up” for those injustices. Where ever you stop (and acknowledge that at some point, you have to stop — reparations can’t go on inperpetuity), someone will say “we could do more”, and someone else will say “we’ve done enough”. The best plan is to simply level the playing field and — pardon the repetitiveness — judge everyone by the content of their character!!

    If you haven’t learned by now that the budget surluses of the Clinton era was a fallacy, than you are deliberately ignoring the facts. That whole notion was nothing but creative accounting. As far as your notion of “NEEDS TO SPEND TO GET US OUT OF TROUBLE”, if you dig a hole for yourself that is too big to climb out of, you’d better put the shovel down. Let’s say that you have a mortgage on a $200K house that is now worth $80K, two cars in the driveway worth $50K that you are leasing for $500 a month, and $100K in credit card and student loan debt. You and your wife together make $60K a year, or $5K monthly before taxes. After food, clothing, electric and water, you are spending more money than you are making. Would this be a good time, given your financial picture, for you and your wife to buy a vacation home? You CAN’T SPEND your way out of trouble. Any other country in the history of civilization that has tried to play around with their economies by printing more money that wasn’t backed by anything, or monetizing debt, has ended in ruin. The basic rules of economics are irrefutible, and that debate is over.

    Regarding your references to the photo-shopped bones in Obama’s nose, or the watermelon patch on the lawn of the White House — there are kooks everywhere, in all walks of life, and both sides of the aisle. If you don’t think that all critics of Obama are racists (your exact words), than you can’t paint all of us with the same brush. It’s like folks that say that all Muslims are terrorists, because all terrorists are Muslim. Ever study Latin?
    Post hoc ero propter hoc. It means after, therefore, because of. If I want to keep the sun from rising, and I notice that every morning the rooster next door crows before the sun comes up, all I need to do is kill the rooster, and I’ll get to sleep in, right? Not so. When the kooks in a movement say kooky things, condemn the kooks, not the movement.

  17. Reality Says:

    Ed, you still discount the fact that Lott referred to Thurmond’s 1948 Dixiecrat candidacy. I’m black, if you haven’t guessed already,and its HIGHLY OFFENSIVE to me to hear anyone referring to a potential Dixiecrat presidency as one which would’ve eliminated “all these problems.” You don’t joke about something like that, because for my folks, that “joke” meant life or death in REALITY. The fact that Allen West is playing this political game is typical of black republican pandering to the republican base. They refute, in the face of evidence oftentimes, what black democrats/independents say and get credibility because they make whites more comfortable, or feel less guilty. This is just my opinion, but I see it all the time, be it from Michael Steele, Armstrong Williams, Juan Williams and a host of others. I don’t feel whites should be made to feel guilty, neither do I feel they have anything to apologize for, but again, lets not pretend the last 400 years didn’t happen or that they don’t inform racial relations today.

    See Ed you have the luxury of being able to not LIVE the color reality that I speak of. The Nino Brown example was hyperbole for effect, as I hope you know. And I think its great that YOU judge by the content of one’s character, but for those of us who have to LIVE with those who aren’t similarly disposed, its a hard fact of life that we have to experience. The fact is that darker skinned blacks get treated differently, in a negative sense, by not only whites, but by other blacks as well! Its the scourge of white supremacy that we have to admit exists, then fight like hell to eradicate it by calling it out when it rears its head, not ignoring it or explaining it away, or blaming the person who sees it/calling them racist.

    By the way, Lt. Col. West isn’t dark skinned. He’s medium-complexioned. Look on t.v. at many of the Haitian people. Many of them are dark skinned.

  18. Reality Says:

    And again ED, I appreciate this conversation. But the reason why there’s a Black History month/black beauty pageants, black colleges, etc. is because the contributions to the world of blacks was ignored, standards of beauty ignored blacks and others, segregation prevented blacks from higher education etc, etc. Its not like we just said, “hey lets have a separate world!” Those creations are REACTIONS TO EXCLUSION. C’mon man!

    And Ed I have to let you know that its WRONG to refer to Native Americans as Indians. If you’re a history buff you’ll know that Columbus got lost looking for a new route to India, landed in Haiti/Dominican Republic and called the people he found there “Indians.” African slaves were named every thing in the book from the N word to Negro to boy to coon, etc. We have the right to DEFINE OURSELVES and not by anyone else. This makes us no less American.

    On the economic front, what you say makes sense, but you cannot ignore the fact that we clamor for services, government performance, etc. but no NEW TAXES. We are greedy and selfish simultaneously and that’s what’s really caused all this. Bush never even put the cost of war in his budgets, but no one on your side said a thing. YOU EVEN RE-ELECTED THE GUY. Credible economists have said that deficit spending in the short term will spur recovery, BUT the real challenge will come when its time to enact NEW TAXES, or letting the unpaid for Bush tax cuts expire. It seems we’re on kind of the same page there. Going to bed…gotta work….we can continue this later.

  19. Ed Fulop Says:

    Reality –

    That you even bother with the distinction light-skinned, “medium complected”, and dark-skinned, might be the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. To “us” white folks, someone with pasty white skin is given no extra “street cred” over someone with a great tan, or in the reverse, either. Having a tan means you look healthy, relaxed, or just back from vacation — not whether I think you’re smart enough to hold a conversation. As far as my white guilt goes, I have none, because I am a first generation Hungarian-American, if I choose to put it in the terms you describe above. My ancestors had no interaction with blacks — my father was actually 27 when he saw his first black man (and that was when he moved to Australia!) And the fact that you say that my being white is a luxury leads me to believe that you’ve got the axe to grind with society. It is no more or less a luxury to be black, white, red, or brown. Thank God you are who you are! Who else would you be? Someone I listen to on the radio regularly says “Be yourself: Everyone else is taken.”

    Regarding the black beauty pageants et al, I don’t think you can fight segregation (something you abhor from the lips of Strom Thurmond) by segregating yourself. Maybe the idea was birthed by people angry that they were being cut out of participation, but we are coming up on 50 years since MLKJr was killed — I think it’s time to drop the idea on all fronts. We grew out of Plessy v. Ferguson, and it was proved impossible by the nature of being separate. If blacks started installing separate water fountains for whites in the buildings that they owned, would that be any less degrading to either race?

    Regarding my calling the native Americans “Indians” — I’ll grant you that Columbus was wrong in naming them Indians since he wasn’t in India, but that IS what he called them when he reported back to King Ferdy and Queen Isabella. Living in Florida most of my life, I know quite a few Seminole and Micosukee Indians, and they have no issue with it. No need to fix what isn’t broken, or revise history so someone OTHER than the descendants of the disparaged party can feel good.

    Finally, I clamor for no new services. I think we have more services than we need, and further perpetuating “the nanny state” only sets our future generations further back, by limiting their freedoms and liberties. I want my daughter to have it better than I do, not worse.

  20. Reality Says:

    Ed you sound like a sincere enough person, I can admit that. But your lack of knowledge on the history of race relations in the United States is clearly demonstrated by your characterization of the color stratification the “craziest” thing you’ve ever heard. It is crazy….but it IS a FACT. Black people didn’t make it up. It stems from the fact that lighter skinned black slaves were treated better than their darker complected brethren. That history has come down through the years although we can agree that it has gotten significantly better.

    I have no axe to grind w/society and I’m as proud a black man as you will find. HOWEVER, it seems society has had an axe to grind w/me and those who look like me. If you think there’s no inherent advantage to being white, you’re being dishonest or have your head in a hole. I’m a professional, never been arrested, have done everything “the right way,” BUT I, and countless others have experienced FIRSTHAND racism from those who look like you. Be it nervous stares in elevators when its just me and a white woman, to being harassed by police because I “fit the description” of a suspect (that’s exactly what the cop said to me), to being followed in department stores as though whites don’t steal. Heck I can remember as a teenager working in a clothing store, being TOLD to watch other black people when they came in, while elder whites robbed us blind. I’ve seen this sir, with my OWN TWO EYES. I shouldn’t have to say all this to you because if you’re American, this is basic stuff you should know. It shouldn’t be like this, I agree, but it IS.

    And black beauty pageants, etc. weren’t created by angry people, but by people who LOVED THEMSELVES enough to say “to heck with YOUR standards, we’ll set beauty standards of our own and recognize it.” “We’ll form our OWN institutions of higher learning and educate OURSELVES.”

    Economically, we live in a capitalistic society, which by definition and structure means that there will always be an underclass. Morally we have a responsibility, in my opinion, to have a safety net to provide a basic standard of living for EVERYONE no matter what color, etc.. All poor people aren’t living off the gov’t FYI. They WORK JUST LIKE YOU DO.

    As for Native Americans, I don’t know that they LIKE being called INDIANS. Its probably way more complicated that your anecdotal evidence. I don’t purport to speak for them BUT I respect their position as the people who were here when Columbus “discovered” America.

  21. Ed Fulop Says:

    You can’t say that I don’t know what it’s like with any fairness. You’re right, I can’t. The same way I can say you don’t know what it was like to be an over-weight kid (maybe you were, I don’t know) or the child of immigrants. We all have “baggage”, but in this day and age, our baggage is mostly our own making. As far as “experiencing racism”, you don’t own the rights to that. Even I have had that experience, pasty-skinned white guy that I am. I’ll spare you the stories, but think of the scene in “Animal House” where our heroes venture into the Dexter Lake Club, and you’ll get the picture. A few times in my life, I might add — wrong place, wrong skin. And, like you, I once “fit the description” of someone that stole televisions and VCR’s from Daytona Beach Community College one night over 20+ years ago — heavy-set white guy with a baseball cap. It was 9 o’clock at night, and I was riding my bike back home from a movie, and the quickest route was cutting across it’s campus, so, there I was — wrong place, wrong skin. It didn’t matter that I was on A BIKE with nery a TV or VCR in sight, but I was booked on criminal tresspass and had a notice to appear in court. A couple of weeks of phone calls, and it finally went away. I’ve even had girls get weird about being in an elevator with me — just like you. Sometimes it’s more about you being a guy than being black, I promise you. A lot of the rapists and serial killersare white guys, John Allen Mohammed and Wayne Williams not withstanding.

    I, too, believe in the same safety net for our society’s poorest of which you speak. What I don’t believe in is that the administration of said net is our government’s responsibility. Charity is how we become closer to God. The government should not force me, or you, or anyone, to be charitable. I work hard for what I have, and I will willingly share it with who I want to. All a republican (small “r”) government is supposed to do is guarantee the inalienable rights endowed upon us by our Creator. Government doesn’t create rights, and they can’t create social justice. The War on Poverty was part of LBJ’s Great Society agenda. How many billions have been spent over the last 50+ years as part of that idea? But it was all worth it last year on the day we irradicated poverty…. oops!

    I have to admit — I would have thought this conversation would have broken down several posts ago, with you calling me a right-wing tea bag or something colorful. Life’s full of surprises. I don’t know where you live, but I’m involved in a group called the 9.12 Project. If you read George Bennett’s articles here, you’ve probably seen us and some of the stuff we’ve done. Our next meeting is at the original Wellington Mall on Jan 27th at 6:30pm. We’re having a town hall meeting with the candidates from the special election in Florida’s 19th Congressional District (Bobby Wexler’s old seat). You should come. If you do, say hi. Check us out at

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