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GOP rivals say they won’t back Lynch if he wins primary

by George Bennett | January 28th, 2010

GOP congressional candidates (from left) Ed Lynch, Curt Price and Joe Budd.

GOP congressional candidates (from left) Ed Lynch, Curt Price and Joe Budd.

GOP congressional hopefuls Joe Budd and Curt Price have been telling audiences they won’t support Ed Lynch if Lynch prevails in Tuesday’s three-candidate special Republican primary in District 19.

Lynch has taken heat for tax liens and court judgments, but says they just prove he’s not afraid to fight the federal government. Lynch and his supporters have also pushed back against Budd over his past business dealings.

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8 Responses to “GOP rivals say they won’t back Lynch if he wins primary”

  1. Ed Fulop Says:

    Remind me again what difference it makes if someone has the same consonant after their name as someone else? They have to be “lock-step” with each other? Every (D) has to support every other (D), and every (R) has to get behind every other (R)? That’s kind of what’s wrong with the whole idea behind “party politics”, isn’t it? Support candidates with principles, no matter what party they belong to.

    Get Involved. Make History. Re-Elect Nobody.

  2. Intelligent Voter Says:

    Would all the Lynch Sheeple please pull their head out of the sand for 10 minutes and look at all the court documents? Doesn’t it bother you that he lies about his voter registration, judgments, lawsuits & Federal Tax liens? If he had one lawsuit or two lawsuits, fine, but multiple lawsuits? Multiple tax liens? He doesn’t pay contractors until he gets paid? What about all the blue collar workers that did work for him? They have to wait to get paid? How do they feed their families Mr. Lynch? They don’t have your bank roll! Don’t pretend to be for the working class or middle class people you narcissistic putz! You want to go to Washington to have the ability to make your financial problems go away! Some people aren’t as stupid as you think!

  3. Ed Fulop Says:

    C’mon Voter –

    It’s not fair that you throw bombs without signing your name to your negative comments. I’m actually a Budd supporter, but if you really feel the way you do, you wouldn’t hide behind a temporary log-in name. Don’t trash anyone from the shadows.

    Restoring Honor.

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  5. GEOFF FEAR Says:

    How can a self title “Ronald Reagan” republican not support another republican candidate if he wins the primary? Ronald Reagan was all about supporting the party and the good of the country. Its a sad example, Ronnie is rolling over…..

  6. Dee Dunn Says:

    So Ed Fulop: Have you seen the candidate cards on

    You, Budd and Price would rather have the Socialist Deutch or Graber represent you?

    Am I mistaken, have I heard wrong that Budd has a lien (maybe more) for sales tax which HE DID collect but never paid? The contractor lien that Lynch has been fighting is a result of $$ that he DID NOT get paid.

    Mad props though on calling out “Voter.”

  7. Ed Fulop Says:

    Dee –

    I defer to the Budd campaign on the particulars regarding the sales taxes. Just as Lynch supporters seem to be satisfied with his explanations for his lien issues, I am satisfied with Budd’s explanation of his tax issues.

    I have seen SFTP’s candidate cards before, and my group had devised something very similar to those for a Town Hall meeting that we hosted last week. On the issues, the 3 men are virtually in-line with each other, all identifying with conservative ideology. I, too, consider myself a conservative, so I don’t think I would be voting for Mr. Deutch or Mr. Graber — not because of their party affiliation, mind you, but because of their principles and values, and the ideology that they espouse.

    If memory serves me correctly, both Mr. Budd and Mr. Price cited character issues with Mr. Lynch as the reason for their lack of support for him, should he be the voter’s pick by this time tomorrow night. While the Republican Party might not be happy with them, I think that they are well within their rights to choose to support whomever they choose, on whatever grounds they choose. I know plenty of Democrats AND Republicans that I wouldn’t vouch for if asked. Hamlet (therefore, Shakespeare) said “Give every man thine ear, only few thy voice”. Smart feller.

    The two parties are not the only choices in this world, nor in this race. I believe there is an independent also running in April for FL19. Maybe he’s a viable choice if the wrong person should win the primary tomorrow — I don’t know. All I was trying to say above, and repeat again here, is that it is not enough to pull the lever for a candidate just because of the letter they put after their name. Neither party has the market cornered on principles and values. Learn who they are and what they believe before you vote. Come to one of my group’s meetings, and you’ll get the chance to ask them your questions face-to-face. Make sure to say hello.

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