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GOP congressional hopefuls explain their non-Republican pasts

by George Bennett | January 26th, 2010

Primaries — especially those for low-turnout special elections — are dominated by a party’s most partisan voters. So all three of the Republican candidates in next week’s special congressional District 19 primary have fielded questions about their past histories outside the GOP.


Lynch: accidental Dem?

Ed Lynch registered as a Democrat when he moved to Palm Beach County in 2000. Lynch said he didn’t intend to register with the Democratic Party and isn’t sure how he did. He said he didn’t catch the mistake until 2004, when he switched his registration to Republican.

After taking some heat during the primary for his Democratic past, Lynch’s campaign Web site this week posted a copy of a New Jersey record showing he was registered as a Republican in the Garden State from 1992 to 2000.


Price: left GOP over W

Curt Price registered in Palm Beach County as an independent in 1987, elections records show. Records from then through the 1990s are spotty. Price said he was a Republican who voted twice for George W. Bush, but changed his registration to no-party during the Bush presidency out of frustration with the failure of Bush and the GOP to control spending.

“I’ve always been a conservative,” said Price, who switched his registration from no party affiliation to Republican last July.


Budd: 13 days outside GOP

Joe Budd registered in Palm Beach County as a Republican in 1994. On August 13, he changed his registration from Republican to no-party and planned to run for Congress against Democratic Rep. Robert Wexler as a third-party candidate. He changed his mind, however, and switched back to the GOP on Aug. 26.

“I’ve been a Republican all my life except for two weeks,” Budd said.

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10 Responses to “GOP congressional hopefuls explain their non-Republican pasts”

  1. Lynchs Lies Says:

    Ed is back peddling. You want the truth and you want to see a full explanation of his Florida voter registration history then go to

  2. Lynchs Lies Says:

    Ed Lynch is Florida’s Arlen SPecter!

  3. Ted Says:

    Well, where are the questions for BOTH parties’ candidates?

    What’s their stance on immigration reform?

    What’s their stance on Cap and Trade Taxing? Emission Controls? Drilling?

    What’s their stance on Race To The Top?
    Should there be local control of government or should the Feds dictate?

    What’s their stance on portability, tort reform, medicare cuts, pre-existing conditions-healthcare reform?

    Will candidate pledge to continue to LIVE in the district if elected?

    We need to hear from BOTH sides.

    Stop the pillaging of candidates, let’s hear their stances.

  4. EdFulop Says:

    Ted –

    Come to our group’s Town Hall Meeting tomorrow night in Wellington. You can get their stances on the issues straight from the candidates themselves — no media filter. Check out our web-site for the directions.


  5. Tea Party Patriot Says:

    I think it is a good thing not to be tied to just one party. For information on the candidates, please visit:

  6. Lynchslies Aka ??? Says:

    Would the real Lisa Rader, Michael Solomon, Brian Rudnik please stand up! Get over the fact you are all fat, all old, and all outcasts of the republican party! Sad thing is you will never be a hasbeen when you are all a never was! This is one threesome I would never pay to watch!


    Lynch is a two face. Plus he is a grandstander. His shady past is reason enough to avoid voting for him.. tax liens… and he is really a democrat much to the tune of Alcee Hastings, Barbara Boxer and David Dinkins

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    Its pretty easy to explain how Lynch got registered as a dem by mistake. When my wife and i moved here she went to get her drivers license and the woman working at the license just registered her as a dem without even asking her. Thats the kind of shady things they do down here.

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