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GOP candidate Budd highlights financial setbacks in his debut ad

by George Bennett | January 7th, 2010

Republican congressional hopeful Joe Budd moved to Florida after a business failure left him $600,000 in debt. That information comes not from an opponent’s attack ad but from Budd himself in his first 30-second spot before the Feb. 2 special GOP primary.

Budd, who often brings up the the business setback on the campaign trail, says he does so to highlight character issues and to let voters know he understands tough economic times.

“Instead of filing bankruptcy, I worked hard and sacrificed to pay it off,” he says in the ad. “…I understand your fears and concerns, having lived through them myself.”

The ad is on the Internet only now, but Budd says he plans a small cable TV buy later this month.

Budd, Ed Lynch and Curt Price are running in the Republican primary for the seat of retired Democrat Robert Wexler. Democrats Ted Deutch and Ben Graber and no-party candidate Jim McCormick are also running. The general election is April 13 to fill the Palm Beach-Broward District 19 seat.

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6 Responses to “GOP candidate Budd highlights financial setbacks in his debut ad”

  1. Tami's Little Dancer Says:

    I want to dance a fundraiser for Budd. I learned to dance at DSOA, the greatest school in the world. I’ll put on my tighty whities and do my fairy dance to give the gop boys a raise. It will be a gay old time.

  2. What a loser Says:

    That is what we need someone who is a johnny come lately and could not make a business work. Get back under the rock that you crawled out from you loser.

    Hey everybody look, I am a financial planner and I can’t make a business work but trust me with your money.

    Typical politician.

  3. Conservative choice Says:

    Actually, get your facts straight “what a loser”. He had a business failure almost 17 years ago…PAID off his debt and is now above and beyond the red. Funny, I thought this is what great American stories are all about. It’s called getting back on your feet! Duh!

  4. Richard Says:

    I have the exact same certificate, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor from The College for Financial Planning. It was an $800 online course. It didn’t make me a financial planner and that is not someone that I would trust with my money or as my congressman. You can see for yourself at Why did his businesses fail? Probably from taking that course.

  5. What a loser Says:

    Hey conservative choice, if what Richard said is true this Budd guy is a loser and a liar!!!

  6. Ed Fulop Says:

    “What a loser” is a great online name; lets everyone know who and what they’re dealing with right upfront. It’s always impressive to see people willing to trash talk anyone and everyone when they can do it from the safety and anonymity of the internet, and be so brave as to not sign their name to their words. Very brave indeed. Maybe we’ll get to vote for you one day . . . . “What a loser” would look great on a campaign sign . . . .

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