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FPL gets just $75 million rate hike out of $1 billion request

by Dara Kam | January 13th, 2010

The Public Service Commission granted Florida Power & Light a $75,470,948 annual rate hike – just a fraction of the $1 billion rate hike it sought for this year.

Based on a typical customer’s bill with 1,000 kilowatt hours of use, customers will pay 75 cents a month more than what they are now paying. That’s far less than the $8.85 the Juno Beach-based utility had sought.

“The reality is that FPL is going to have to make due in these tough difficult times,” Commissioner Nathan Skop said.

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5 Responses to “FPL gets just $75 million rate hike out of $1 billion request”

  1. Bill Thorpe Says:

    Maybe Senator Baker and the GOP should take a lesson on raising their money like FPL did – not the way they do it now.

  2. David Smithy Says:

    Wow! Cannot believe this. This is sickening.

  3. Allah Says:

    Well, so much for improving the grid’s infrastructure. Hope we don’t have any hurricanes in the next few years; power will be out for a while.

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  5. theloneconsumer Says:

    Dont worry about FP&L and the grid infrastructure. The Obama administration gave them and other big power comanies MONEY to improve the grid. I guess Charlie is hearing choice words from Jeb Bush. From the Amelia Island convention in 2000 where Commissioner Lila Jaber MEETS with Jeb and FP&L, Florida Power and Southern at an ex parte meeting…Well, Jeb killed the Walter Revell Energy 2020 committe from printing their report for MERCHANT PLANTS. That is , competitors with their own money will pay for smaller plants with investors’ money.
    Anytime FP&L decides we should have blackouts, we can go back to that.
    Otherwise, all those subsidiaries like wind getting record profits, they could sell if they “cant pay their bills.”
    I guess Charlie Crist got enough money from these billion dollar companies, FP&L did feel they had it in the bag.

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