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Florida politicians weigh in on Obama’s security speech

by Dara Kam | January 7th, 2010

Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican running for U.S. Senate:
“The attempted terror attack on Christmas Day was a somber reminder that we are a nation still at war. The facts surrounding the failed bombing plot are alarming. It is troubling to hear that this attempt was not stopped long before the plan was enacted.
“As more details emerge on who knew what and when, it is important that all facets of our homeland security redouble their efforts to protect the American people as we fight the ongoing war on terror.

“While I appreciate that a review has been conducted, it is much more important that our entire intelligence community proactively works to make sure this type of attempt doesn’t happen again.”

Attorney General Bill McCollum, a Republican running for governor:
“I am thankful President Obama is fully engaged on national security issues and the business of keeping Americans safe. Our approach must not be reactionary and it must not be passive. We must successfully execute a coordinated and proactive intelligence and counter-terrorism strategy to ensure the safety of our citizens.
“I founded the U.S. House of Representatives Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare more than two decades ago because there are individuals and organizations in this world that will stop at nothing in their attempts to attack Americans and American interests.
“We cannot afford to treat the threats presented by al-Qaida and allied organizations as simple law enforcement issues to be addressed in a courtroom. We are waging a War on Terror, and we must carry it out as such. Most importantly, the need to gain immediate information from terrorist detainees must trump the interests of civil prosecutions.
“Protecting Americans from radical Islamic terrorists must be President Obama’s chief priority. I look forward to learning more about the actions he plans to take to deter future terrorist attacks.”

Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, a Democratic running for governor:
“Especially when it comes to something as important as our national security and protecting America from terrorism, it’s refreshing to hear a president who accepts responsibility, demands accountability and is willing to say, ‘The buck stops with me.””

U.S. Sen. George Lemieux, R-Florida:
“The system did not work and we should treat this situation as if the worst had happened. The position of Director of National Intelligence was created to connect the dots and only by good fortune, and not because of lessons learned, did we avoid a tragedy.”

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4 Responses to “Florida politicians weigh in on Obama’s security speech”

  1. Nikos Retsos Says:

    The strengthening of our vigilance, better coordination among agencies, and a better lists of suspects that may decide to attack us looks Messianic to me. I feel like I live back on a medieval time when tribes were
    building high stone-walled castles on high grounds to protect themselves from the invaders. We are putting level after level of security around us, and airports are shutting down with small infractions for hours, stranding passengers and create chaotic travelers nightmares. How far can we go before we become
    sociopathic wrecks of insecurity and despair?

    We are now in a new page of history in which anti-Americanism that used to be based on the nationalism of our enemies, is now based on religion. Al Qaeda has realized that nationalism had waned because the pro-American despotic regimes in Middle East had full control of the press, TV, radio, and public gatherings. And with U.S. support with $billions, plus training and intelligence to prevent their overthrow -as it happened to the pro-U.S. despots- the Shah in Iran and Markos in Philippines, the only hope of anti-American warriors to turn the masses against the U.S. was the Palestinian suffering and despair and their Islamic faith. Now, the fight against the U.S. and its allies is fought in the Mosques, and in the hearts and minds of the poor and disadvantaged population.

    And the U.S. is responding to this with building more defensive castles of security here, and by carrying a war of occupation in Afghanistan, and a campaign of targeting Muslim clerics, mullahs, and their associates for assassination. But guilt by association, and the death of thousands of innocent civilians who are caught
    in the middle of this brutal campaign has inflamed the Muslim masses, and has made martyrdom a high honor
    for every devout Muslim. The U.S. war against Al Qaeda has become now a global religious war, because any suspicion -even a phony one- that someone is an Al Qadea sympathizer bring air-strikes and Predator drones
    missiles, cause dozens or hundreds of deaths of innocent civilians, and make the blood of every Muslim boiling with hatred against us! And, to add insult to injury to every Muslim in the world, Obama received
    a Nobel for expanding the war against them.

    About 6 months ago, both General Petraeus and Admiral Mullen have been saying publicly that “we cannot kill our way to victory”[in Afghanistan]. Then Dick Cheney and the Fox network started to ridicule Obama’s indecisiveness and softness against the Muslims, and Obama just decide to outdo George Bush and Dick Cheney with a war bigger than their own. And here we are today, where a husband crosses 3 feet into a security line
    in an airport to give a bye-bye kiss to his wife who had passed the screening gate, he is spotted, and the airport shuts down for hours! And Obama appears on the White House press room, promises more levels of security for us – not for his white house gate-crashers- and brags: “The buck stop here.” He is oblivious that by out-performing of Bush’s and Cheney’s warmongering tactics will bring us buckets of fear and anxiety, and his padding of more protective fences will make us prisoners of ourselves. It is about time Obama re-read his Cairo speech, come to his senses, and tell the American people: “The Nobel Peace process buck starts here. I am not Dick Cheney’s fetch boy.” Nikos Retsos, retired professor

  2. USMC Says:

    Jihad by any other name
    Obama unleashes the euphemisms

    If you are trying to keep track of President Obama’s euphemisms about the war against Islamic terror, he just added a new one. In his weekly radio address, he replaced “global war on terror” with “war on a far-reaching network of violence and hatred.” In another attempt to be “anything-but-Bush,” Mr. Obama has turned the simple, descriptive acronym “GWOT” into the mangled “WFRNVH.” I think even members of al Qaeda are perplexed over the American president’s determination to make even simple concepts maddeningly complex.

    The “WFRNVH” now joins a motley collection of other powder-puff phrases the Obama administration is using to describe the current war, the attacks against us, and those who carry them out: “Extremism.” “Attempted.” “Isolated.” “Incident.” “Man-made disaster.” “Overseas contingency operation.”

    Everything but the truth: terror against the infidel carried out in the name of Islam as part of a global jihadi movement.

    Over a week after the Christmas Day terrorist attack aboard Northwest flight 253, Mr. Obama finally acknowledged that it was an al Qaeda operation, planned in Yemen. (And no, it was not an “attempted” attack – Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab got as far as lighting an explosives-driven fire on an airplane in order to rain bodies on Detroit.)

    But that’s where Mr. Obama’s recognition of the true nature of the threat ended. And it’s precisely what’s missing from his attempts to prosecute the “WFRNVH.”

    Not once since becoming president has Mr. Obama linked terror aimed at the United States with Islam. He has refused to do so, despite escalating attacks and plots, including two fatal terror attacks by Muslims against the U.S. military at home (the shooting deaths at a recruiting center in Little Rock, Ark., and at Fort Hood, Texas); the arrest of an Afghan-American in Denver on charges that he was building a bomb to blow up New York; the arrests of five Muslim Americans in Pakistan on terrorism charges; the slaughter of seven CIA employees in Afghanistan by a double agent for the Pakistani Taliban; the charges brought against an American accused of scouting targets for the 2008 Mumbai attacks that killed more than 170 people; and this latest attack on an American aircraft over Detroit. The terrorists are all Muslims.

    And yet, the president refuses to link terrorist acts with Islam. Like his predecessor, he does not want to lend the impression that the United States is at war with the larger Muslim world, particularly when we’re seeking the help of many governments there to fight the “WFRNVH.” But omitting the obvious reality of the nature of the enemy is childish and dangerous.

    Does every Muslim commit terror? Of course not. But those who do believe they are carrying out the Koranic command to “strike terror in their [infidel] hearts.” This is one of the reasons why we hear little to no true condemnation of these acts from the Muslim world. Many Muslims may not seek to kill the infidel, but they don’t want to condemn those carrying out the holy book command.

    Unless and until we see the threat clearly, call the enemy what it is and identify what motivates it, and assign blame to its proper place, we will not gain the edge we need to defeat it. President George W. Bush began the fight with an honest treatment of the enemy, but then the left so brutalized him over the Iraq war that his ability to speak truthfully about the threat was undermined. The enemy was paying attention.

    The enemy was paying attention last week, too. Mr. Obama was vacationing on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and fast asleep at noon Eastern time when Mr. Abdulmutallab tried to incinerate Flight 253. For three days following the attack, Mr. Obama continued to work out, snorkel and play golf. What explains the 72-hour gap between the attack and Mr. Obama’s first grotesquely weak statement about the “isolated extremist?” What explains the next 24-hour gap until his marginally stronger statement about “systemic failure” being “unacceptable?” What explains the following 96-hour delay until his remarks over the weekend that it was an al Qaeda operation?

    (For Michael Moore and others on the left who mercilessly pummeled Mr. Bush for remaining seated for seven minutes in a Florida classroom after being told that airplanes had just struck the World Trade Center, the days-on-end delays by Mr. Obama must be infuriating, huh?)

    In addition, Mr. Obama has also failed to mention that Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan – who, in doing his part for the jihad, slaughtered 13 of his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood – was in contact with the same Yemeni-based terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki, who coached Mr. Abdulmutallab.

    All of these attacks, plots and terrorists are of a piece: They are deadly parts of an Islamist jihad to conquer and kill the infidel. The enemy is engaged in a holy war against us. That’s what they call it. Unlike us, they don’t come up with absurd acronyms for it to make themselves feel better. It’s about time we recognized that we’re in a religious war, whether we like it or not.

  3. Lovenguth Says:

    When will American forces be allowed to strike instead of being guards for oil trucks and opium fields?

    Isn’t it the truth that the corporations who have the supply contracts need this to play out and last forever?

    This is worse than Vietnam, I was a door gunner on a helicopter there. Before every mission we were told, do not shot unles we are shot at, and ask permission first”.

    How many dead and wounded while the corporations of that period made billions from their supply contracts?

    Call it whatever you want, it’s always been about cash being made by the supply corporations.

    In the meantime, more wounded and dead Americans, and American civilians being treated as if they are the threats. For all the acronyms, WTF is next?

    Perhaps a national suicide movement which will solve the health care issue for our great leaders.

    America needs to regroup and stop training and paying these anti-American leaders borrowed money. I think the corporations have done enough damage and need to be cut off as well.

    Jorge Lovenguth – Florida 2010 Senator Candidate Florida TEA political Party

  4. Me Says:

    Obama did not invite or allow those people to come here and abuse our educational, religious, societal and other cultural systems. They took their ammunition (in Afghanistan) from President Reagan and used it against us. And they were allowed to develop their evil counter-culture here. Because we take our freedon SO for granted, we let them do so. I think that Obama is trying to cooperate with the world so that we will have support now. Our most recent past President really screwed us. Give the guy a chance to let diplomacy work.

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