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Democrat Deutch has huge money lead in race for Wexler’s old congressional seat

by George Bennett | January 22nd, 2010

Deutch: 10-to-1 money edge over Dem primary foe

Deutch: 10-to-1 money edge over Dem primary foe

The latest Federal Election Commission reports show a financial mismatch in the special election campaign for Robert Wexler’s old congressional District 19 seat.

Democratic state Sen. Ted Deutch has piled up nearly $1 million in campaign contributions for the race and spent $684,578 while his rival in the Feb. 2 Democratic primary, Ben Graber, says he has raised and spent around $100,000.

In the GOP primary, contractor Ed Lynch reports that he has raised $59,277, including $19,500 of his own money, and spent $50,175. But Lynch’s report says he has $84,455 in cash on hand because of money carried over from his losing 2008 campaign.

Republican candidate Joe Budd raised $23,142, including $10,000 of his own money. A third GOP candidate, Curt Price, raised $2,411 from contributors and kicked in $53,500 of his own money.

The primary winners and no-party candidate Jim McCormick will run in an April 13 special general election.

Reports were due Thursday night covering contributions and expenditures through Jan. 13. From Jan. 14 until the primary, candidates are required to report gifts of $1,000 or more within 48 hours of receiving them.

Deutch, who raised $923,772 through Jan. 13, has reported another $72,700 in contributions since then. None of the other candidates has filed a 48-hour report.

Graber had not filed an FEC report as of mid-day today, but estimated he has raised and spent about $100,000, including about $35,000 of his own money.

Deutch’s spending includes $193,000 for advertising buys and more than $88,000 to various consultants. Even after all the expenditures, his campaign had $239,194 cash on hand.

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12 Responses to “Democrat Deutch has huge money lead in race for Wexler’s old congressional seat”

  1. Tweets that mention Democrat Deutch has huge money lead in race for Wexler’s old congressional seat | Post on Politics -- Says:

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by, said: Democrat Deutch has huge money lead in race for Wexler’s old congressional seat [...]

  2. Same stuff Says:

    the guy wants to TAX..that’s a problem.

  3. Pete Says:

    How come he needs all that money to run a campaign? Who does he need to pay off? What a democracy!

  4. Joe Budd Says:

    Principles over Politics?
    Posted January 22nd, 2010 by Javier Manjarres 2 Comments »

    Up until now, I have not put in my two cents worth in the Special Election congressional race in Florida’s CD 19. District 19 is Robert Wexler’s old seat- you know, the ex-Congressman from Maryland. So far, I’ve had the opportunity to watch a few debates where the three Republican primary challengers seemed less than friendly towards each other as they exchanged barbs, but that’s not to be unexpected in a tough political campaign.

    First, a little background on the candidates. Edward Lynch contested for the same seat in 2008 against the aforementioned Wexler, and despite his loss, Lynch was able to garner over 100,000 votes in a difficult political environment. After his loss, Lynch declared he would run again. Later in 2009, fellow Republicans Joe Budd and Curt Price have also joined the primary contest at about the same time when Robert Wexler abruptly resigned his Congressional seat. Fantastic! I love a spirited race.

    The other night at a Republican club meeting in Wynmoor, the three candidates were asked if they would support whoever wins in the special election. In one of the more absurd public displays of political pettiness I’ve ever witnessed, two of the candidates in the race, Joe Budd and Curt Price stated affirmatively that they would not support Edward Lynch if he were to win the race.

    I have tried to get a response from both Budd and Price campaigns, but I have not received a response yet. The Lynch camp did comment specifically on their opponents’ remarks themselves, but they reiterated the fact that they would support either Budd or Price if either of them were to win the race.

    So Joe Budd and Curt Price, I’ll give you one more opportunity to clarify your thoughts- If you won’t support Edward Lynch if he were to prevail in the Republican Primary, will you be supporting the eventual Democrat candidate as an act of spite?

    Decide for yourself if this type of conduct is acceptable in a Republican primary:

  5. Joe Budd Says:

    Javier Manjarres you asked me to respond then you block my response?

    2 Responses to “Principles over Politics?”
    Joe Budd Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 22nd, 2010 at 11:17 am
    I announced on the Dick Farrell radio show yesterday morning that I would back Ed Lynch should he win the republican primary if he would provide me with documentation supporting two of his claims. I would not disclose those two questions on the air because I wanted to do the right thing and ask him privately face to face.

    Yesterday, before a candidate forum sponsored by the SE FL Chamber of Commerce I spoke with him and handed him a written request for the items of interest. At another event later that evening I approached him and asked if he was preparing a reply. He told me that he would not provide the documentation I requested.

    Therefore, I am morally free to discuss the issue. My first question was for him to provide documentation to support his claims of being owed $5 million dollars from some contracting work he did at the VA of Miami. He refused to substantiate that claim. Secondly, I asked him to show me his official campaign bank statement from September 2009. He has also refused to show me the statement. I will show my statements to anyone who requests them.

    According to his FEC filing from 9/30/2009 there should be $76,275.51 in that account. Mr. Lynch has been notoriously late on his filings and the FEC is constantly asking him to correct information that has been reported and has fined him at least twice so far. He has been given a disavow notice of his candiday for not filing his FEC Form 2. He has also not complied with the 1/21/2010 deadline for his pre-primary filing as of yet. Both myself and Curt Price have filed.

    I will expose in Washington the same issues that I see here. My campaign is putting principles over politics. Some may not like the truth but we have a tremendous opportunity to win this election and I for one won’t stand by and allow that opportunity to be squandered. I intend on representing the people with the utmost integrity. My name is Joe Budd, not Southwest Airlines, bags don’t fly free!

  6. Bob Says:

    Why didn’t Graber file the report? How arrogant! Does he think that the rules dont apply to him? We don’t need people who think they are above the rules. I don’t get this guy and can’t figure out why anyone would vote for him.

  7. Everett Wilkinson Says:

    Isn’t it funny how the liberals were crying about businesses being allowed to contribute when they are are out fundraising well over 10 to 1?

  8. Elan Says:

    To Joe Budd- Don’t feel bad buddy. Javier blocked me from commenting too and wouldn’t approve my comment. Tomorrow I am making my own blog on The Shark Tank. Stay tuned

    The Lynch Mob is a bunch of thin skinned sissies who can’t hack the idea of the 1st amendment when things don’t go their way.

  9. Lynch Lies Says:

    Edward Lynch is as corrupt as Wexler. When are people going to stop believing these politicians and start INVESTIGATING THEM before they back them. Lynch has been lying about his taxes, has multiple lawsuits and default judgments and has lied about being a life long Republican. He was a registered Democrat until 2004 and claims (in Broward Politics Blog)that for four years he didn’t know and that ‘they’ must have registered him as a Democrat. Check out the truth at

  10. Lynch Lies Says:

    correction on website:

  11. Ed Fulop Says:

    Elan — “Lynch mob”! I love it!!

    This race needs to be about more than making sure that the candidates are in lock-step with each other just because they have the same consonant after their name. The Republican Party is no better than the Democratic Party, and is just as susceptible to infiltration by progressive forces. The Tea Party movement is NOT a Republican movement – it is a movement about principled candidates with moral character. The only people who should give a damn about Republicans “not speaking ill of other Republicans” are party hacks!! If you are part of the Tea Party, and you support getting Republicans elected at all costs, go join the Republican Party; they have their own groups of activists, and they usually meet at country clubs and shee-shee restaurants, it’s very nice!! Leave the Tea Party Movement to the true patriots. Get Involved. Make History. Flip the House.

  12. Javier Says:

    @Joe Budd and Elan,

    I think ya jumped the gun, I was not able to post your comments until I got back from Orlando. Your comments have been posted since last night.
    Joe-I sent you a personal email that you did not respond to. The Price Campaign responded to me directly last night. I appreciate the fact that they did.

    Anything else?

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