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Dem congressional candidate “deeply concerned” with Obama/Pelosi/Reid health care strategy

by George Bennett | January 7th, 2010



Democratic St. Lucie County Commissioner Chris Craft, who’s challenging U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney, R-Tequesta, in a Republican-leaning district, said Wednesday he’s “deeply concerned” that President Obama and Democratic congressional leaders might bypass a formal House-Senate conference on health care and hash out a private deal.

Craft is running as a “moderate and independent voice” in a district that voted for Republican John McCain in 2008. So he raised some eyebrows in the fall when he said he supported the House health care bill. That bill passed on a 220-to-215 vote in which most Dems from McCain districts voted no.

Now that the Senate has also passed a bill, there’s talk of scrapping the traditional conference and jettisoning Obama’s oft-repeated 2008 pledge to have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN.

Craft issued a statement Wednesday calling for a bipartisan solution on health care. Read it after the jump….

Craft’s statement on health care negotiations:

“I am deeply concerned by reports that have surfaced today suggesting that the President and Congressional leaders are considering bypassing a formal conference committee on the health care bill.

“Providing more Americans with access to affordable and quality health care is one of the most important issues of this generation. If the American people are going to get fully behind this bill, then we need a bipartisan solution with bipartisan support. We also need a genuine effort from Tom Rooney and Washington Republicans – something that has not yet taken place – to make the bill better and help the 160,000 uninsured residents of the 16th District gain access to quality health care.

“Just because Democrats can pass this bill without Republicans doesn’t mean that we should.”

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6 Responses to “Dem congressional candidate “deeply concerned” with Obama/Pelosi/Reid health care strategy”

  1. Mistakes Were Made Says:

    He’ll say that today and then vote for it the minute he gets in… just like the Dem from NY-23.

  2. Chicago Way Says:

    That’s the Chicago Way.. President Obama and Speaker Pelosi will bribe and threaten him into voting for it.

  3. Craftee Says:

    It’s a ploy by the guy running for Congress.

    NO COLA for Social Security recepients.
    NO COLA for military.

    YES TO INCREASE in federal employees’ salaries

    YES TO INCREASE in Congress’s budget, not to their salaries, but to their budgets so they can hand out salary INCREASE, too!

    Congress travel on our taxmoney on “fact finding” tours (meaning vacations in Europe, Asia, the Great Barrier in Australia-boating, scuba diving to find out about global warming-WITH their family member)

    Vote out guys like this. Anything for a vote. Vote out the Demoncrats who give themselves a raise, who increase their budgets, but EXEMPT themselves from Obamacare…it just ain’t good enough healthcare for them.

    Out with demoncrats in 2010 and 2012.

    Demoncrats will TAX you more, to INCREASE their bounty.

  4. Ed Fulop Says:

    Join the 9.12 Project and get involved.

    FLIP THE HOUSE (and Senate, too!)

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  6. Where were the tea baggers? Says:

    Where were they 3-5 years ago when the GOP was doubling the national debt and overseeing the largest expansion of government in modern history? Oh. They were out back slapping that big ‘ol W sticker on der trucks. LOL!!!

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