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Congressional candidate Lynch says tax liens, judgments will soon be resolved

by George Bennett | January 11th, 2010



Republican congressional hopeful Ed Lynch, one of three candidates in a special Feb. 2 GOP primary, has more than $1.3 million in federal tax liens against him and his contracting business has been socked with $143,618 in court judgments since 2008.

The liens are the result of a long-running dispute in which Lynch contested the IRS’ valuation of a business he sold, says Lynch, who says he has prevailed in the matter and won’t owe any back taxes.

“It looks like we settled it. I’m just waiting for them to send me the paperwork,” he said last week.

He blamed the court judgments on a separate dispute with the federal bureaucracy.

Read about in this week’s Politics column.

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5 Responses to “Congressional candidate Lynch says tax liens, judgments will soon be resolved”

  1. Kevin Althaus Says:

    Wow – great post

  2. Matthew Says:

    We’ve heard Lynch say the same thing ’08 – he’s a liar. Why do we need another tax cheat in Washington? We have enough already.

  3. Kevin Hand Says:

    Wow, politics as usual from Joe Budd and the Palm Beach Post with the mudslinging. I wonder if the Post researched Budd’s tax liens? I would be interested to hear Lynch’s side before I jump to conclusions. I know the problems in dealing with our federal government and how long it takes. It is a nightmare.

    Hey Budd, it seems to me that you were paid all of your money and then took an interest free loan for years from your vendors without permission, if you really did pay it off or screwed them over. It looks like Lynch is owed a lot more than he owes. Big difference.

  4. Real American Says:

    Another lying, cheating republican bum. Republicans claims to be the party of family values – like Senator Larry Craig asking to perform oral sex on a black man in an airport bathroom, Senator David Vitter admitting he went many times to a house of prostitution (he refused to resign and still serves) Newt Gingrich carries on an affair with his chief of staff while impeaching Clinton – then divorces his wife of 20 years and marries his employee who is 20 years younger, Sarah Palin whose daughter gets knocked up in high school – now we have this bum who owes over a million to the tax man and has judgements but still blames everyone else for his own problems.

  5. Tax Man Says:

    The IRS e-flie system is now open, most W-2s and 1099s will be in mail in the next couple of weeks. Is everybody ready for tax time?

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