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Congressional candidate Lynch says he’s champion of small biz and vets, victim of vengeful feds

by George Bennett | January 11th, 2010



Republican congressional hopeful Ed Lynch, who has more than $1.3 million in federal tax liens against him and whose contracting business has been socked with $143,618 in court judgments since 2008, says he’s being punished by the federal government “for fighting for the rights of our veterans.”

Lynch says he’s been battling the federal bureaucracy since 2007 to receive about $5 million for remodeling work his DeLeon Industries did on a VA hospital in Miami. While waiting for the money, Lynch says he was unable to pay some subcontractors, who filed court claims against DeLeon Industries. That explanation was included in a column published today.

Later today, Lynch released a statement accusing the feds of delaying payments “because I refused to sit idly by and watch the V. A. Medical Center in Miami and its corrupt administration put our veterans’ health at risk while wasting taxpayer money.”

Read Lynch’s entire statement after the jump….

From Ed Lynch’s campaign:

A recent article in The Palm Beach Post, (“GOP Hopeful Jabs at Rival by Revealing Money Issues”) reported several rehashed allegations of financial dealings that occurred during the normal course of business with one of Edward Lynch’s companies, DeLeon Industries.

What The Post article fails to distinguish for the benefit of its readers is that there is an enormous difference between a business that fails because of the fault of the owner and when the federal government intentionally reneged on its financial obligations to DeLeon Industries. This is nothing more than politics as usual, and the person who brought this to the attention of the press, for the second time, is ignorant of the fact that his needless mudslinging only serves to further divide the Republican electorate.

“This election is too important to our nation and the future of our children to play politics as usual”, said Lynch.

“Our federal government will bail out big businesses calling them “too big to fail”, however small business, which is the backbone of the American economy, endures endless bureaucracy and red tape.”

“I understand what small business goes through when dealing with the government, and that is one of the reasons I am running for Congress. The federal government has delayed payment to my company for several years because I refused to sit idly by and watch the V. A. Medical Center in Miami and its’ corrupt administration put our veterans’ health at risk while wasting taxpayer money.”

“I had to pay several hundred thousand dollars to sub-contractors and suppliers, acting as a bank for the federal government, while placing my company under significant financial hardship to keep small businesses afloat. While I have pursued a claim that we filed against the government in July, 2007, I have allowed those owed monies on these projects to place liens and file judgments to protect their rights since the federal government does not allow businesses to place liens on federal property.”

“I have paid a personal and financial price for fighting for the rights of our veterans. If the V. A. Medical Center in Miami is the best that we have to offer our veterans, that is not acceptable to me and I will continue to fight on their behalf until there is no more corruption, no more waste and our veterans get the facility that they deserve.”

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23 Responses to “Congressional candidate Lynch says he’s champion of small biz and vets, victim of vengeful feds”

  1. LicensedToSteal Says:

    I hope nobody takes this dude serious to represent us. He sounds like a real crook. Not that he wouldn’t fit in with the rest of Congress. How about taking responsibility for your problems Mr. Lynch? We need someone that will promise to break up the oil companies and pass legislation to stop speculators. Will you do this? The promise to do this will set you apart from the other crooks in Congress. You will be a crook on a mission. How about it?

  2. Kevin Hand Says:

    Lynch is the type of representative we need in Washington. He is willing to take on the government machine at personal cost to fight for veterans. What else do you need to know?

  3. Matthew Says:

    Lynch, the “small business” owner relies on government contracts for his business – sounds like he’s bilking the system to benefit at the expense of the tax payers and deliberately is doing business with the VA so he wouldn’t be attacked. Smart… or should I say slick?

  4. Edward Lynch Says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I chose to do work at the VA Medical Centers because I saw a need to provide our veterans with the best facilities. I had gone to spend time with our veterans and I did not like what I saw so, as I always do when I see something wrong, I got involved to fix it. I would not sit by and watch our veterans get less than top notch care in less than top notch facilities.

    By the way, in my “small business” I always worked with the VA employement office to employ as many veterans that I could, especially homeless veterans where I would have them picked up from under a bridge where they were living. I wanted to help to get them back on their feet if I could.

    I did not do that to be smart or “slick”, I did it because we made a promise to take care of those who took care of us. I also did this way before I even thought about running for office. I will still fight on their behalf. Will you help me?

    By the way, I was always the lowest priced.


  5. Matthew Says:

    Ed – I’ve watched you in 2 elections now & the only thing you’ve been consistent in is haveing a new answer for the same questions. You’re no better then Wexler – always trying to cover something up.

  6. Edward Lynch Says:


    They are actually different questions but the answer has remained the same as has our message. That aside, I am asking you again, will you help me in our fight for our veterans? Surely we can put aside differences for this cause. They deserve the best we have and this is not it. You can contact me through our website at on the contact page.

  7. Matthew Says:

    I can & do help Veterans & will be more productive without crooks like you in office. It’s because you don’t pay your taxes that these Vets go without care.

  8. Matthew Says:

    Ed – you have a pattern of deception when it comes to finances. It’s too bad the PBPost has forgotten all of your trobles with the FEC. How do you explain your failures to properly comply with campiagn finance laws, yet think we should trust you to be a public servant. We’re trying to get rid of the cheats in Washington, not add to them. Your a poor reflection on the tea party movement.

  9. Edward Lynch Says:

    That is what I thought, Joe.

  10. Matthew Says:

    Are you really that smug that you think that there’s only 1 person in district 19 that dislikes you? C’mon Ed, you should be smarter than that.

  11. Francesca Says:


    By “Joe”, I take it you mean the other guy who is challenging you for the Republican ticket. How absurd that you think he is the only one who wants answers from you!

    The voters deserve to have answers from you. The Feds surely do not appear to be withholding 5 million dollars from you. I looked it up and your company, Deleon Industries, never had a contract that large with the Federal Government. Furthermore, your overdue tax liability to them is 2 million dollars or less, so why would they not just appoint a guardian to the 3 million dollar balance you are supposedly owed? No, instead your poor construction bond issuer had to pay your subcontractors for the work they did at the VA Hospital because you failed to do so. In turn, they sued you and won and now they can get in line with all the other people who have judgments against you who will probably never see a dime!

    Ed, you are a liability to the Republican Party. If you go up against Ted Deutch, he will smear you like a bug on a windshield. As a concerned 912′er, I want to see the party put their best foot forward and that certainly isn’t you. Are you listening Mr. Dinerstein?

  12. Fernando Says:

    Looks like Lynch stopped responding to the voters concerns. Can you answer your constituents, Mr Lynch, without falling back on sound bytes and campaign rhetoric?

    Accountability is needed in these matters. It is not just financial. It is a question of morality and character. I hope the Post continues to follow up on this story.

  13. South Florida Contractor Says:

    Francesca/ Fernando,

    Clearly neither of you have any understanding of commerical construction. Further I don’t think there is any answer Mr. Lynch could give either of you that would satisfy you. You have decided that he is guilty until proven innocent. I recommend taking a long look in the mirror before you judge others without knowing the facts.

  14. Tom Says:

    I am a Conservative, never voted for a Democrat and will never vote again. Republicans have lost their values. Mr. Lynch, you are a weak candidate. A day before your last election, you were at the GOP office asking Steve K. what to do. You are like all the other no good politicians out there. You and all your rich friends like Lisa M. Beth K. among other people are all in it for the money and power. You are no better then a democrat. WE NEED A REVOLUTION. Get rid of the Republicans and the communist Democrats.

  15. Matthew Says:

    The silence from Ed is deafening – I imageine that by this silence Ed, you’re admitting guilt? Let’s hope you stay silent for good and do the voters of South Florida a favor.

  16. Francesca Says:

    SouthFloridaContractor (aka ED)

    Can you please explain what there is to understand that a lay person such as myself is incapable of understanding?

    Because I know how to do simple math.

    5 million subtract 2 million = 3 million left over to pay your debts, lawsuits, back taxes etc.

    Yet, these items remain unpaid FOR ABOUT 10 YEARS NOW and Deleon Industries has no record of ever having secured a 5 million dollar federal contract, as far as a lay person like me can tell. The best thing you can say is “look in the mirror”? I’m sorry, but it is you who is running for congress, not me. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck.

    Guilty until proven innocent? It’s not just 1 or 2 fine messes that you have left in your wake. As Matthew above notates, you have a pattern of deception when it comes to finances. The missing FEC filings are just another of the numerous examples of your financial hijinks. Maybe instead of “fighting” for me, you should sit down with your accountant and file your paperwork. I would have more respect for you if you did.

    I find it amazing Ed that every time you reach into your bag of tricks to look like a good guy, it’s always with evidence that cannot be verified. I would like to hear from just 1 homeless vet that you picked up from under a bridge and employed.

  17. Francesca Says:

    Matthew. You are correct. Silence would be the best favor we could hope for.

  18. South Florida Contractor Says:

    First off I am not Ed, nice try. Actually the owner of a small construction company if Ft. Lauderdale but keep digging there Sherlock Holmes maybe you’ll find you butt with both hands.

    First off, $5 million less $143,000 per the article would be approx. $4.8 million so way to go on the math, try a calculator. Further he mentioned he spent several hunderd thousand paying contactors without payment from the VA, so who knows how much he paid but I am sure it is substainial and probably more than what he listed. Oh, and a reminder Florida is a “pay when paid” state. Legally he doesn’t have to pay anyone until the Owner pays him.

    Talk to any contractor that has done work of any size (a million or more) and it happens (client non-payment), it isn’t fun, but it does happen to virtually everyone at one point or another.

    Also, looking at the FEC looks like he had some reports filed late but I don’t see anything missing.

    As far as the IRS, consider yourself lucky you haven’t had to fight them. For some reason you think it would be over quick? Really? Have you dealt with the government? I have had basic building permits take over 2 years! That is local government where I can meet with the people face to face! I can’t imagine dealing with Federal Government in some office that you can’t visit on a daily basis to push something along.

    I don’t blame Mr. Lynch for not responding to either of you… it is like wrestling with a pig in the mud sooner or later you realize the pig enjoys it and your not going to convince them otherwise. If it looks like a pig, sounds like a pig, I think you get it…

  19. Francesca Says:

    The money that was due these subcontractors might not be so troubling if it were not for the pattern of financial deception, previously mentioned here. If Ed was playing by the rules with regard to paying subcontractors when he got paid, why did a judge rule in favor of the plantiffs? Obviously, something is askew.

    Do you blindly believe everything you are told by politicians?

    This guy is a patsy. The only ones with half a brain who could possibly be cheering him on is the Deutch camp, because the things discussed here are just the tip of the iceberg. The Dems are going to wipe the floor with him if they get the opportunity.

  20. Matthew Says:

    Again, nice try but the answers keep changing – regarding the FEC, some late? All are late. Is this the knid of man we really want representing us? He doesn’t even keep up with the basic requirements of running for office. He’s also been known to be a little too friendly with women other than his wife and the Dems know about this – why would the republcian party get behind such a weak and easy target to take down?

  21. Had enough Says:

    As a conservative I too have had or with wexler and the democrats hand picked puppet and republicans that proclaim to be for the people when they are out for themselves. I fully plan on voting independent this election. We need to send the message to Washington that we’ve had enough if the party bs. Two sides if the same coin if you ask me.

  22. Had enough Says:

    Isn’t typing on your phone fun? My goodness. Anyway, look into your local independent candidates before making your final decision and get out to vote, this is too important to ignore.

  23. Don't elect Lynch Says:

    Lynch is a pathological liar and phony! He has multiple lawsuits against him as well as multiple FEC violations and more are coming I’m sure. Lynch is nothing more than an ego maniac who needs attention because he is bored being retired! He is false. There are two Ed Lynchs…the one he pretends to be and what he really is. He is nothing more than a rich playboy who likes to party and is looking to get elected so he can have a his financial judgements and lawsuits WIPED CLEAN because he got elected! He doesn’t care about anyone but hi!mself. Everything about him is a sham. If he wins the primary he will DISGRACE the Republican party because all of his dirty dealings and personal indiscretions will be exposed by the Dems! It’s amazing what technology can do! You are going DOWN Lynch and there’s going to be a lot of collateral damage! You better get that money out of your shell companies and offshore accounts to pay for the lawyers to keep you out of prison.

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