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Bill Clinton in Palm Beach: “frustrated and angry” voters make bad decisions

by George Bennett | January 19th, 2010



PALM BEACH — Former President Bill Clinton knows a little something about voter backlash.

During the 1994 midterm elections, Republicans capitalized on voter dissatisfaction with Clinton and congressional Democrats to take control of the House and Senate.

In remarks at The Breakers tonight, Clinton didn’t mention the special Senate election in Massachusetts, but said the current political debate in America isn’t addressing solutions to health care, energy and education.

“I find a lot of the rhetoric in this election season largely irrelevant to what’s going on,” Clinton told an audience of about 500 Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County donors. “….My experience is when people are frustrated and angry and they act on their frustration and anger, they’ve got about a 75 percent chance of making a bad decision — not just in politics, but in life.”


10 Responses to “Bill Clinton in Palm Beach: “frustrated and angry” voters make bad decisions”

  1. pjay Says:

    At the time, Clinton (rightly) attributed the democrats’ huge loss in ’94 to the NRA.
    Clinton’s misbegotten “Assault Weapons Ban” INFURIATED people who care about freedom, and we headed to the polls in droves!

    Now Clinton wants to change his story. Remember when Doonesbury used to symbolize him with a “waffle”? This is why. Suddenly he remembers everything differently.

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  3. DeeLee Says:

    Bill and other democrat senators & reps don’t seem to get that many, if not most democrats did not care about healthcare as much as they did. Deomcrats and Republicans NEED JOBS!

  4. Maxwells Says:

    I wonder who Clinton was angry with when he decided to have a relationship with an intern at the Whitehouse.

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  7. Fredric the Great Says:

    Just when I was starting to like Bubba, the guy calls me angry and prone to making bad decisions.

    In response to Maxwells, maybe Bubba was angry with Hillary and that’s what caused him to make the decision to get hummers from the intern.

  8. whasup Says:

    Nah, it wasn’t Clinton’s anger that got him playing hide the cigar with his intern; it was his frustration with the other Clinton that did.

    More importantly, why does Clinton’s comment remind me of when Obama talked about people clinging to their guns and religion?

    Apparently, the Democrat elite is waaay out of touch now with where the citizenry really is.

  9. SDGS Says:

    Bill is trying to work both sides of the fence. Take a stand Bill. We all know you believe in the take down of our country. We know you support the socialism these dems are shoving down our throats. Ignore the teabagger, at your peril. We refuse to acept what is happening and we are not going away. The dems are destroying democracy and if we have to elect all republicans to stop it, call it bad decisions all you want, but the people will be heard.

  10. fred Says:

    Bill Clinton is a liar…lets not forget that…he’s a liar and his wife dosen’t care, as long as she gets her’s.

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