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Aronberg questions Florida’s disaster readiness

by Dara Kam | January 11th, 2010

Sen. Dave Aronberg is questioning the state’s emergency readiness given the recent ouster of emergency management chief Ruben Almaguer.

Senate Military Affairs and Domestic Security Committee Chairman Aronberg, D-Greenacres, sent Almaguer’s replacement David Halstead a bevy of questions this morning about Florida’s ability to respond to a terrorist threat like the recently thwarted Christmas Day bomber airplane attack in Michigan.

Gov. Charlie Crist forced Almaguer to resign from his position as interim director of the Division of Emergency Management last week amid accusations of nepotism, misspending and sexism.

Almaguer, brought in as deputy chief to former DEM head Craig Fugate by Gov. Jeb Bush, last Monday refused to step down then resigned after meeting with Crist’s chief of staff Shane Strum and deputy chief Kathy Mears.

Almaguer says he was forced out by his replacement, Halstead, and that he has a “clean conscience.”

Crist refused to look into Almaguer’s alleged wrongdoing despite a plea from the ousted department official for an investigation.

Among the questions Aronberg wants answered:

Who’s responsible for audits of the division, which is located under the Department of Community Affairs?

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2 Responses to “Aronberg questions Florida’s disaster readiness”

  1. Not again Says:

    Aronberg is a joke. He’ll say anything for a vote.

    What’s your stand on Race To The Top, Dave?

    What’ your stand on FACT, Dave?

    Are you still showing up a school board meetings seeking to present yourself as sympathetic to parents’ concern?


    And again…the PB Post puts out postive stories on democrats and negative stories on republicans.

    Guess who the PB Post will endorse…democrats.

    There is no balanced reporting. There is slanted and planted stories to favor some.

    PB Post=democrat rag

  2. Deirdre Finn Says:

    Governor Crist appointed Ruben Almaguer as Deputy Director of the Division of Emergency Management.

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