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Only one Republican appears to have enough signatures for special congressional ballot

by George Bennett | December 2nd, 2009

It looks like only one of the three Republicans who want to replace Democratic U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler in a special election turned in enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot without paying a $9,912 filing fee.

According to unofficial totals from the Palm Beach County elections office and official Broward County numbers, financial planner Joe Budd met the goal of 1,163 signatures from voters who live in Wexler’s congressional District 19 while retired police officer Curt Price and contractor Ed Lynch did not.

Both Price and Lynch said they plan to contact the elections offices to inquire about rejected petitions. They can still get on the ballot by paying the filing fee by noon Friday. Democrats Ted Deutch and Ben Graber plan to qualify by paying the fee. Nonpartisan candidates can qualify by paying a $6,608 fee.

Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher said this morning that her office verified 913 of Price’s signatures. The county has until 5 p.m. today to send official numbers to the state Division of Elections. Broward County elections officials told the Division that Price turned in 223 valid signatures there. That’s a total of 1,136, or 27 shy of the requirement.

Lynch had 875 valid signatures in Palm Beach and 257 certified in Broward for a total of 1,132, or 31 short.

Budd’s totals were 944 in Palm Beach and 306 in Broward.

Primaries are Feb. 2 and the general election is April 13 to replace Wexler, who is stepping down next month to head a Middle East think tank.

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16 Responses to “Only one Republican appears to have enough signatures for special congressional ballot”

  1. Charlie Says:

    Didn’t Joe Budd get most of his candidate petitions filled out inside his church? West Boca Baptist on 441 in west Boca? I saw for the last few Sunday’s he has been doing candidate petition drives “inside the church”. That is against the law right? Hmm… just another corrupt politician who doesn’t care about the separation of Church and State! Maybe he should run for county commission instead, then he will be right home.

  2. Allison Says:

    Joe Budd did NOT get his petitions at church. He was not campainging inside the church either. Way to jump to conclusions with no facts whatsoever. I was there and I can verify these facts.

  3. Shirley Chan Says:

    I go to service every sunday and did not see or hear any campainging done for Joe Budd!!! What’s this guy talking about?????

  4. John Says:

    It is refreshing to see a candidate (Joe Budd) who sees a task at hand and goes about doing what is required to get the job done. He has shown superior planning and forsight not to mention being financially responsible (saving close to $10000 by getting the required number of petitions). I am beginning to think that Joe will continue with his good sense if he is sent to Washington. I also notice that the two Democratic candidates didn’t even try to get grass roots support.

    P.S. I can also validate that campaigning was not done at the church.

  5. Allison Says:

    To clarify one more made-up little detail, there is no such church as “West Boca Baptist”, Charlie. Joe and his family attend Boca Glades Baptist Church.

    Joe Budd is the candidate with a team that so fully supports him that they got the job done and Joe and his wife worked the hardest. Not only does he have enough petitions, he has has more than enough.

  6. Timothy Says:

    Hey Charlie, You may have spent to much time eating sour grapes and not enough time knocking on doors. Good luck.

  7. Patrick Says:

    Charlie please don’t use Joe Budd’s success to cover your candidates failure to make the number.

  8. mart Says:

    Guess what Joe was doing at church on Sunday – yes thats right – worshipping God. Where were you?

  9. Enough already Says:

    If that is what worshipping God gets you, I don’t want it. Joe Budd is a great argument for atheism!!!

  10. too true Says:

    Hey Budd, why don’t you stop bashing other candidates and try saying something positive about yourself. Because there is nothing positive! You are a liar and it will come out. When does selling insurance qualify you as a “financial planner”.

  11. Zack Says:

    We live in a time in America where we need to come together, not seperate. We need a person that will represent “WE THE PEOPLE” with honesty, courage, and not waver from the principles that he stands for, even from the peer pressure of DC. We need a person who will for stand for Israel, and will stand by the constitution and protect it. As Americans we have voted on party lines D and R. As americans we need to look at the issues and do are own research on a canidate from their websites or hear them speak


    I decided to look at all the candidates web sites as i feel this is going to be a VERY important election. I am appalled at what i read on Joe Budd’s web site:

    Secondly, it is traditionally held that the office of deacon was established in response to the fact that some of the Jewish widows were being overlooked in the daily distribution of food. The deacons were to see to it that this didn’t occur.

    As a jewish woman, I take personal offense to this! what does you being a deacon have to do with making sure JEWISH women get fed? In your eyes I am obviously not just a woman, I am jewish woman. You should make sure human beings are fed. We dont need your pitty sir. You lost my vote, and my respect.

  13. Ed Fulop Says:

    NANCYGOLDBERG — You are “nailing this man to the cross” for the wrong reason. All he is doing is giving you a historical frame of reference for what it means to be a deacon in a church. In Scripture, deacons were servants who took food and supplies to the hungry, indigent, and widows who could not provide for themselves. In Acts 6, the role of a deacon is established by the need for folks who could be dedicated to this type of practical servanthood. There had erupted an argument between Jewish and Gentile believers (imagine, an argument in church) because one group felt as though their widows were getting the shaft in regards to receiving food. The Apostles, who acted as the pastors or elders of the early church, decided to have the people select 7 fellows who would serve by directing this “food pantry” ministry. The people selected 7, the Apostles approved their choices, all the widows got fed, and the Apostles, pastors, and elders were free to spend time studying and teaching the Word (as they were called to do) instead of passing out food and breaking up arguments over bread. It is obviously a role that he is proud to have in his church, and as a human being, you should honor the guy for caring about you so much even while you disparage him. Stop being the victim for 5 seconds of your life and be grateful for people who care about other people.

  14. patrick Says:

    i dont see him feeding any women, just sellign them insurance.

  15. Concerned Christian Says:

    I am really concerned with the way Joe Budd petitioned at my church. A few people here said he did not, but I was cornered into signing the petition right at the steps of my church door. It must be illegal to do this and someone should be told. Idont know who to tell.

  16. John Says:

    I’m always suspitious of comments from people who will not leave their name. If you look above, for the most part, (not true for everyone) the negative comments come from un-named people who for some reason do not feel that they want to attach a name. I believe that this is very telling. I admire people who will stand by what they say and not hide behind annonymity.

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