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Mark Foley, on Facebook, weighs in on Democratic Sen. Max Baucus

by George Bennett | December 28th, 2009

There’s a spirited debate on the Internet over whether Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., was drunk when he turned in this rambling performance during the recent health care reform debate. Baucus was also in the news recently after it was revealed he had nominated his live-in girlfriend and former staffer for a U.S. attorney’s position in Montana.

Former Republican U.S. Rep. Mark Foley, who resigned in a 2006 scandal over sexually charged Internet messages to former congressional pages, links to the Baucus video on his Facebook page and says: “This is the senator that hired his staffer and then took her on trips…and divorced his wife….and they had me run out of town.”

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16 Responses to “Mark Foley, on Facebook, weighs in on Democratic Sen. Max Baucus”

  1. BrendaStarr Says:

    And well they should Mark. Please realize you are irrelevant and look sillier than ever commenting on anyone else, whether they be a despicable Blue Dog or not.

  2. Blue Dog Says:

    Although I agree with you Brenda on Mr. Foley’s comment, be careful with the despicable. There are way more hypocritical despicable Red Dogs.

  3. Matt Says:

    It’s clear Mark Foley still sees himself as more of a victim of partisan politics rather than accepting reponsibility for his reckless and inappropriate behavior. Mark, you weren’t “run out of Congress”–you resigned in disgrace. Our country and the young pages you preyed upon are better off because of it.

  4. JGP Says:

    I love Baucus’ claim that he was just “tired”. Yeah, he must gotten tired from doing all those curls with a glass of scotch in his hand!

  5. Nick Says:

    Wasn’t Foley run out of town for sending sexual e-mail to children under the age of 18? The media seems to forget this.

  6. chuckp Says:

    um, excuse me… why is anything this fool (foley) says making it to print? mr. mark has had his 15 minutes, now this idiot baucus is having his – are there no decent americans left to represent the middle class public? it is disgusting and makes me feel very sad – the fall of the USA is near and it is shameful.

  7. Tim Says:

    The fact that Mark Foley was able to pull the page boy out of his mouth long enough to comment on anything is definitely news; just not news that I am interested in reading.:-)

  8. JustMeee Says:

    Um…Marky Mark, don’t forget that you tried to use drinking as an excuse for your sexually perverted behavior…so maybe you oughta be toasting a fellow alkie!

  9. Tom in California Says:

    Mark Foley out in the cold, baying at the moon! Get used to it, Mark! Your career is SO over!

  10. FCN Says:

    Well Mark, interesting to see you back in the news…now go crawl back into your hole, slime.

  11. JR Says:

    Well if whiskey is what it takes to give Democrats a backbone then the President should send a barrel to all his senators. I know someone said that before about some general back in some war where conservatives wanted to keep their slaves.

  12. dazeman Says:

    What Foley did was reprehensible and he desrved to resign. What Baucus did was not as bad but still immoral and corrupt. But baucus ain’t going nowhere. There is a dual system of morality in congress. The democrats don’t pretend to have morals so they set the bar very low. Even at this low level Baucus doen’t pass. I’m sick of corruption in government, but at a democrat he won;t be touched

  13. Nothing Wrong Says:

    Yea! If they were going to do anything to Democraps in “Corngress” they have missed a lot of opportunities. There is so many felons, drug addicts, alcoholics, theives up there. One besides Ted Kennedy that comes to mind is Earl Conyers. They have him dead to rights on hundreds of charges and they just keep looking for more thay they don’t have to arrest him. Hell, more than likely we have an illegal alien tresspassing in the Whitehouse and likewise everyone is scared to mention that for fear it will start a race war. No Balls, everyone is afraid they will be politically incorrect. God forbid!
    By the way Foley; for the young mens lives you destroyed by playing with their tallywackers before they were of legal age, your a** should have rotten in a dirt floor prison for 50 years. You don’t have the right to comment about anything anyone does in this country. If the sick ones like you weren’t passing the laws thats where you would be right now.

  14. Where is MAD when you need them Says:

    So lets pass a law that says anyone who has been caught playing on the taxpayer dime is never allowed to say anything so long as they live::: That way we should be able to replace the congress, the presidnet, and the court system in a day: For Foley to come out now is stupid. For Bacus to show up drunk is criminal: Those back room negotiations onHealthcare must of beena blast….

  15. Larry Says:

    As one of his constituents, I can tell you this: He wasn’t drunk, he’s just a moron.

  16. JustMeee Says:

    So now Marky Mark has taken down his facebook post due to even his admirers not being able to abide the hypocrisy this time around. Too many comments giving him too much crap.

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