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Koons to commission critics: “T.S.”

by George Bennett | December 1st, 2009



“T.S.” was the buzz phrase during this morning’s Palm Beach County commission meeting. And commissioners weren’t dissecting The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock or other poems by T.S. Eliot.

During a discussion on ethics reform, Commissioner Jeff Koons said: “If people are going to make public comment on it, I wish, if they don’t like us intellectually or don’t like us emotionally, T.S., but we’ve done a good job of generating this….”



“You want to repeat that?” Commission Chairman Burt Aaronson asked.

“That’s a legal term,” Koons said.

Later, when members of the public commented on the proposed inspector general ordinance, Jason Shields said: “And to Commissioner Koons, remember, if you don’t like this, well, T.S.”

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4 Responses to “Koons to commission critics: “T.S.””

  1. Huh? Says:

    TS? Doesn’t that mean transexual?

  2. Irma Says:

    Koons is so juvenile. And he intends on keeping public office with a run for city of WPB.

    Okay…WPB residents..that means more TAXING.

    Koons never met a program he didn’t like.

    Homeless…let’s go to the West Coast, dine on the public’s dime and “learn” how to stop homelessness.

    Guess where Jeffy is now…on his way to the another out of county meeting…guess who pays for it???


    Get rid of these millionaires who run for local office and diminish the county’s coffers.

  3. Commission Watch Says:

    Why is Commissioner Shelly Vana inserting/amending “climate change” language into local matters.

    Vana is a liberal, who complains about the jails being too over crowded and you can’t jail all lawbreakers.

    When is she up for re-election?

    And this former CTA rep, science teacher is NO help to local parents trying to get local change.

    NO to Vana in the next election!

  4. ray Says:

    TS — cannot wait until next election
    they Ts To him

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