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GOP chief Greer to Hoffman: Nuts to you!

by Dara Kam | December 10th, 2009

GOP money man Al Hoffman, a developer and former finance director for the Republican National Committee, wrote a scathing letter to Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer asking him to step down.

“It is time for you to resign in order to end the excessive, irresponsible, unethical, and perhaps illegal spending that has marked your administration,” Hoffman wrote to Greer in a letter dated today.

Greer blew off Hoffman’s request after the state party executive board gave him a 25-2 vote of confidence this afternoon.

“It reminds me of a World War II United States Army general when he was asked to surrender. He wrote one word back on a piece of paper. And it was ‘nuts.’ So that’s all I have to say about the letter,” Greer said.

He said Hoffman’s out of touch and hasn’t done much in the way of fundraising for the state GOP in the past three or four years.

Maybe that’s because Hoffman was out of the country at the time.

President George W. Bush appointed Hoffman to serve as ambassador to Portugal in 2005.

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5 Responses to “GOP chief Greer to Hoffman: Nuts to you!”

  1. Twitted by SayfieReview Says:

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  2. Vote of Corruption Connections Says:

    Greer got a vote of confidence from his corrupt cronies. Its like a vote of we ain’t going to tell on each other now are we. Mr. Hoffman is right. Only a two party system will ever work in this country. Therefore we must strive to save the RPOF. The corruption in the RPOF just as the political corruption under the leadership of Crist and cronies connected to south Florida and even other counties must be investigated by the Feds and when that is done they will all be under the jail. Feds please continue this investigation in the Amex card uses and funny money to crooked politicians.

  3. Cut The Money Off Says:

    The way to solve this blowhard’s control is to cut the money off. Do not give any money to local REC’s or the State or National Republican Party. Now that Michael Steele is supporting Greer, by proxy he is supporting Crist.
    Henceforth I give the money directly to the candidate I support. Obviously I can not trust these crooks to give equal support to all pre-primary candidates. Even worse Greer might have more fancy meals and big cigars. I will bet Hoffman does not sent them any more money. When the money is gone, so are the crooks. They are only in it for the money.

  4. Joe Says:

    Jim Greer has been a disaster for the RPOF. He has alienated a lot of fiscally conservative Republicans like me. The big, arrogant, blowhard seems to forget that RPOF money comes from volunteer donars like me and others and if you have a big arrogant blowhard in charge, donars like me and Hoffman are not going to give. We are going to give directly to fiscally conservative Republican candidates. So the RPOF will suffer as long as you have a big arrogant, cocky, blowhard in charge.

  5. Crist and Cronies Corruption Says:

    Crist, Greer, McCollum and their cronies are either too dumb to understand that the conservative movement will sweep the likes of then down the gutter come next election. The days of these deal cutting, back room phonies are over. I feel sure the Feds will take care of this probably before the August primaries. Just way too much corruption has come to the surface right under their noses. Politics is one thing but organized corruption from Broward, Palm Beach, Orange and Lake Counties to Tallahassee is a little to much for the taxpayers to swallow. It has come time for THE END.

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