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Commissioners move to shed “Corruption County” image at 10 a.m. today

by George Bennett | December 1st, 2009

Former Commissioner Mary McCarty's booking photo

Former Commissioner Mary McCarty's booking photo

Palm Beach County Commissioners, who have seen three of their colleagues go to federal prison on corruption charges since 2006, will give preliminary consideration to a package of ethics reforms this morning at 10 a.m. at the county Governmental Center in West Palm Beach.

The reforms include a new ethics code, a five-member ethics commission and creation of a new inspector general’s office to investigate public officials and contracts. Much of the debate over the last few months has focused on how much of a role the corruption-besmirched commission should play in choosing and approving the inspector general.

After today’s preliminary vote, a final vote on the ethics reforms is scheduled for Dec. 15.

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4 Responses to “Commissioners move to shed “Corruption County” image at 10 a.m. today”

  1. sign o the times Says:

    creation of this office or that title won’t fix anything. we’ll just waste more money. enforce the laws that are written with HONESTY. politicians like to make an example out of petty street offenders while they lay in bed with the criminals and egomaniacs that cost us the most as a society… we could take a lesson from the Chinese on public corruption. take ‘em out back and put one behinid the ear… i’d bet the next commissioner is a bit more truthful

    if an elected official maliciously violates the public trust, that equals a death sentence. there we go! our political ills are fixed… next problem?

  2. Reality Says:

    This is a complete joke and a political play by the new, inexperienced and way over his head state attorney and scary local politicians. Ethics laws ALREADY exist for elected officials and there is a statewide ethics commission.
    The only power this Inspector General will have will be to investigate potential issues and when he/she finds something, charge them with a violation of the new county ordinance, only a SECOND DEGREE MISDEMEANOR, which is punishable only by a maximum of 60 DAYS IN JAIL OR SIX MONTHS PROBATION.
    Should the county be spending all this money to duplicate something which already exists with no real teeth in order to “save face” amongst voters and to help the new state attorney with his political career? I think not!

  3. Jim Ignatowski Says:

    We have traditions to uphold in this county. These ethics commitees will stand in the way on a long (dis)honored group of public servants. I say we do away with any group that may interfere with the commissioners interfereing.

  4. Jose Flores Says:

    You guys have to move on this matter rightaway before City Mgr. David Recor of the city of Fort Pierce start detroying Public files along with the help of Melissa Moore in community serves about states funds being used by city employees for families,friends and bubbies in the community services DEPT. to purchase homes….

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