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Ballot set for special election to replace Wexler; Deutch snags labor endorsements

by George Bennett | December 4th, 2009

Seven candidates are running to replace U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Boca Raton, in an early-2010 special election. The field of candidates was set at noon today with three Republicans, two Democrats and one no-party candidate qualifying for ballot spots and frequent filer Josue Larose making a write-in bid.

On the Feb. 2 GOP primary ballot: Ed Lynch, Curt Price and Joe Budd.

On the Democratic primary ballot: Ted Deutch and Ben Graber.

The primary winners will run April 13 along with no-party candidate Jim McCormick.

Wexler’s District 19 is more than 2-to-1 Democratic, so the winner of the Deutch-Graber race will be heavily favored. Deutch got two Democratic primary boosts today with endorsements from the union-backed Florida Alliance for Retired Americans and from the Service Employees International Union.

“As our next member of congress, Ted Deutch will fight for Florida’s working families by promoting greater access to health care, improving our public schools, and supporting fairness in the workplace,” said a statement by SEIU Healthcare Florida Executive VP Betsy Marville.

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12 Responses to “Ballot set for special election to replace Wexler; Deutch snags labor endorsements”

  1. Non union member Says:

    All the insiders and special interests are supporting Deutch…I wonder why?
    I guess he’s a player…more of the same insider favors with Deutch coming soon.

  2. Pat Says:

    To non-union member: Senator Deutch, as a State Senator, has voted in behalf of all workers. He does work hard for non-union people.

  3. JEFF Says:

    Deutch is more of the same! another empty seat, we need CHANGE! The democratic party is quickly killing this country, we need someone who will stop the runaway spending going on in D.C., somebody who will fight for our families and what we need.

  4. patrick Says:

    I wouldnt put too much stock in the heavily favored 2 to 1 garbage either. What happend in the HEAVILY dem state of N.J.? The people know. They are sick of the shenanignas and they are putting party politics behind them and voting for the better man, and he wont be on the democratic ticket.

    Ed Lynch is our only shot to get the change we need and deserve!

  5. Democratic member Says:

    It seems to me that Graber is the stronger candidate. Experienced, leadership, doctor, legislator, mayor.He’s older then Deutch and has a varied life experience.He’s very learned and has a calm demeanor. He holds his ground and is definitely persistant.Maybe we should give him the position. Ted’s young and has time.He can mature in the senate . If he jumps to soon he may faulter, like the kid we skipped ahead and then could not keep up. Endorsements are nice but I don’t want someone telling me who to vote for.

  6. Debbie Says:

    I am not union and I am not “establishment”. I am just your average soccer mom recently laid off from my part time job and going to school.
    I think Ted Deutch has done a great job as a legislator and believe he will do an even better job for us in Washington!

  7. Welllottieda Says:

    There’s a reason so many have endorsed Ted Deutch: he has done a great job of demonstrating during his tenure in the state senate that he stands up for what he believes, works hard and always showcases his commitment and integrity. I plan to vote for him.

  8. Sharon Shear Says:

    I completely agree with “Debbie” and “Wellottieda.” Sending Ted to Congress will help to bring integrity back to Washington. I know him and Jill personally for many years and they both embody leadership — passion, intergrity and total authenticity =>what you see is what you get! And what we’d get with Ted as our Congressman is great representation!

  9. Ross Simon Says:

    I am currently a high school senior currently searching for loans to go into college and move out on my own. The fact of the matter is this: Ted represents everything this country needs. As a young, self made man, he embodies what the American spirit (and our constituency) needs. We no longer can simply wallow in what will eventually lead us down the road of bad choices yet again. To Jeff, what our families need is simply an affordable option of health care. Currently as a person about to move off of my parents’ HMO I REQUIRE a public option. It is simply illogical and financially unsound for me to go into the health care market by myself unarmed searching for a “bomb shell” policy. I have lived in Florida’s 19th my entire life and have attended public school in the 19th. Our families need more legislatures like Deutch who will simply fight for us and what we deserve from our government. To Patrick: you’re 100% right that people aren’t stupid and will simply vote for the right person, and that is Ted Deutch. Ed Lynch stands for the exact policies from which our country is now in a situation in which we are literally weighed down to the breaking point of debt. Lynch mentions on his website the call for “strong national security” as it is “the most important role of the government to protect the American people and its homeland”. I ask of Lynch, who also on his website mentions the deficit as an important issue, how can we continue to spend 20% of ALL government revenue on defense (according to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis) yet maintain that the deficit is a major problem and national security is the governments most important role. Patrick, I hope you see that Lynch is already contradictory and quite simply not the correct choice to represent our district in congress. I urge a vote for Ted Deutch.

  10. marianne Says:

    It is enough with the cynicism and skeptisism. Ted Deutch is the best man for this job– he is clearly a leader. Anyone who looks at his record can see that he is an exceptionally effective legislator who has integity and can effect change. I have been more than impressed with his record in the senate.
    To the person who wrote that Deutch is like the kid who skipped a grade and has the potential to faulter: How about giving him the benefit of the doubt and trusting that those who decided to “fast track” him are doing so because they recognize a gifted legislator and LEADER.

  11. JESSE Says:

    ROSS, sounds to me liek you are looking for loans, my guess is govt loans, free healthcare. Try working for something, dont walk aroudn with your hand out, get a job and pay your own way through school. You want free healthcare, but WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR IT? its not FREE. This health care plan is what will break this country’s finances. Ed Lynch wants to Curb the rediculous spending. Look at all the spending you democrats in congress are doing! pelosi and company is killing YOUR generation with the massive debt. Obama has found a way to spend so much money and you are worrie dabout what Ed lynch will do? Son, be a man, stop putting yout hand out looking for free things, and get to work and contribute somethign to this economy besides being a drain on it looking for free loans and healthcare.

  12. conservativechoice Says:

    It seems to me Joe Budd is the best choice. You should read his bio, if anyone understands the people it is Joe. We need to get good men in Congress who care about us. Men who will not be influenced by a “promisory” note. He has common sense solutions to create jobs and improve our economy. He is also VERY knowledgeable in the healthcare industry. Check out his website @ and a recent youtube video. His youtube channel is: joebuddforcongress.

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