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Ad watch: compare spots by Republican Lynch, Dems Graber and Deutch in special congressional race

by George Bennett | December 30th, 2009

Three candidates so far have produced 30-second ads in the special congressional election to replace retiring Democratic U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler.

Check ‘em out after the jump…..

Republican Ed Lynch, who didn’t air any TV ads during his 2008 loss to Wexler, has this professionally produced spot on the Internet and is planning to buy TV time…..

Lynch’s two rivals in the Feb. 2 primary, Curt Price and Joe Budd, say they’ll have ads up soon. Budd says he’s got a shooting session scheduled Thursday.

In the Democratic race, Ben Graber has been airing spots on cable and broadcast TV for weeks. Here’s one….

Democrat Ted Deutch unveiled this Internet spot today — featuring a cameo by Wexler — as part of a fund-raising plea to raise money to buy TV time….

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29 Responses to “Ad watch: compare spots by Republican Lynch, Dems Graber and Deutch in special congressional race”

  1. Steven Says:

    Ben Graber might have the worst ad in TV history.

  2. Democratic member Says:

    Graber is the only candidate that is actually addressing an issue. The others have feel good stuff…..Where do they stand? They sound like typical political hacks.

  3. Ed Fulop Says:

    When watching Graber’s spot, turn down the volume and key up Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” on iTunes.
    Works pretty well.

    Deutch’s ad should have been him and Wexler skipping down the beach together holding hands, wearing T-shirts with each others faces on them, and the caption “Friends 4-ever!”

  4. In the know Says:

    Mr. Lynch should look at election law. His spot needs a disclaimer.

  5. Mark Colman Says:

    Lynch ad: most realistic
    Graber: porn video
    Deutch: fake and Wexler should not have been in it…where the theme is I was there..where was Wexler..big mistake Deutch.

  6. Look Carefully Says:

    “In the Know” look carefully at the end of Lynch’s commercial, the disclaimer is there, just a little small, he needs to make it bigger but it is right below the logo above the web address.

    Further if you want to get technical Deutch’s disclaimer is wrong as it needs to be boxed not just typed by itself at the bottom of the screen.

    On both accounts though I would have to ask what is the point of that rule anyway? Isn’t it kind of obvious that the commercials are from their campaigns since the candidate is in it?

  7. Marco Says:

    I think Lynch’s ad is the most professional, and demonstrates his sincerity. The guy just looks totally believable.

    “Mark Colman”: Graber: porn video
    True that. LOL

  8. Julia Resnik Says:

    Lynch rocks!!! I like the whole dummycrat slideshow thingy. Well crafted spot.

  9. Kieth Holeran Says:

    Edward lynch: A+
    Graber: F-
    Deutch: D

  10. Daniel from Miami Says:

    Lynch’s is supreme. Best in quality and content.

    And no, I’m not a conservative. Just honest

  11. martin Says:

    Lynch’s ad is the BEST, very professional,to the point.I hope he is the one who will represent us in the White House.Good luck.

  12. Aaron Says:

    You would have to be blind to not see that Lynh’s ad is top dog. I like what he has to say too. Run ‘em out.

  13. Mike Says:

    I can see Lynch and his staff have plenty of time on their hands to write comments.

  14. Rob & Cindy Says:

    If this is a contest for who has the best add, Lynch wins BIGTIME. If it’s about issues, we’d like to see more of what you will do.

    Hope there’s follow up ads explaining HOW your gonna fix it.

  15. not a staffer Says:

    Lynch’s is the best, by far. Graber’s very lame. Deutch’s was just okay…I would definitely take out Wexler, it indicates business as usual.. but his son was a great touch.

  16. Sally k Says:

    Lynch’s wins hands down. Mike, do I detect a bit of envy?

  17. American Guy Says:

    Lynch’s ad comes in 1st place. The others stink. He really puts the problems in perspective.

    Put us in jail for not buying health insurance? Who the **** died and made that trio our masters?

    We’re Americans. We don’t tollerate anything MANDATORY! I dont care if you’re left, right, forwards or backwards, we’re Americans first!

  18. Matt Says:

    Of course, Ed Lynch’s is the best. This isn’t just because of the way it looks, but the issues he addresses, and the way he addresses them are of much more significance. He truly seems to be concearned as should we all.


  19. bulldog Says:

    Read about Wexler

  20. Jedi Ted Says:

    Lynch looks like he’s got his act more together than the others. He’s obviously shelled out some serious dough for that spot. I think it’s money well spent.

  21. mart Says:

    Ive seen Ed Lynch, Joe Budd and Curt Price at the republican debate and so I am waiting for Joe Budd’s commercials after seeing him win the replublican debate (IMO).

  22. Robert A Says:

    On face value, Ed Lynch wins, but all need more solutions.

  23. Shawn Says:

    Lynch’s ad wins. This is unfortunate, cuz I expected more from Ted.

  24. Conservative choice Says:

    Joe’s commercial is up and running check it out! Sincere.

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  26. Terzo Says:

    I just added your site to my favorites. I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks!

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  28. Suzi G. Says:

    Edward Lynch’s ad is undoubtedly the most professional and succinct.

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