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Waiting’s over, Dockery’s in governor’s race

by Dara Kam | November 2nd, 2009

11431_164115967010_87579457010_2880365_3695648_sState Sen. Paula Dockery will enter the race for governor tomorrow, ending months of speculation about whether Attorney General Bill McCollum will face a GOP primary opponent.

Dockery confirmed that she will file papers to enter the race tomorrow.

The Lakeland Republican earned an ardent following in the spring when she led a winning crusade against a proposed Central Florida commuter rail line backed by prominent GOP leaders including Gov. Charlie Crist.

Dockery raised a ruckus about a deal in which the state would have paid transportation behemoth CSX Inc. more than $600 million for 61 miles of track for the SunRail project. Lawmakers ultimately refused to pass it even after a last-ditch effort to link it to the floundering Tri-Rail that was $80 million in the red last year.

Florida’s lagging economy that forced the legislature to trim more than $5 billion from the state budget over two years bolstered Dockery’s opposition to the project.

Dockery also criticized a component of the deal that makes the state liable for any accidents on the rail line even if they are caused by CSX, which would still be allowed to run freight cars on the commuter line.

Perhaps not coincidentally, SunRail supporter McCollum, who hails from the Orlando area, today ordered Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Stephanie Kopelousos to appear before the Cabinet on Nov. 17 to give an update on the liability issue.

“I strongly support legislation to implement a SunRail agreement,” McCollum wrote.

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6 Responses to “Waiting’s over, Dockery’s in governor’s race”

  1. James Ellison Says:

    And how much has CSX donated to McCollum’s campaign? How much has Gray Robinson (the lobbying firm pushing for SunRail) and all its attorneys and staff donated to McCollum’s campaign? How much have the Orlando area developers who will make millions from developing the Sunrail corridor donated to McCollum’s campaign? Can Florida’s Attorney General stay ethically objective regarding SunRail and take a single dollar for his campaign from these special interests? Florida needs to stop electing politicians who are slaves to special interest money, who then turn around and give hard-earned taxpayers’ dollars back to these special interests groups and private corporations. McCollum, disclose your Sunrail-related campaign contributions now! Show us the money! Stop using your office for political and personal gain!

  2. Native Floridian Says:


    McCollum, Crist, Alexander and the other CSX inspired crooks want to waste hundreds of millions on needless corporate welfare and help CSX put millions more trucks on our highways by consolidating all their intermodal freight service into ONE big new terminal in the center of the State, thus making the rest of us less likely to see their economic advantages but making truck pick ups and deliveries on our highway system expand dramatically.

    Please win the Governorship and then stop their insanity. And please bring statewide passenger train service and new intermodal freight services to all of Florida’s communities, not just Orlando and Winter Haven.

  3. Thibault Says:

    Senator Dockery has my vote!

    In our current age of “unprecedented” government corruption, she is the change this state needs.
    No special interests involved, no previous agenda; Senator Dockery would be the Chief Executive with the citizens of Florida best interest’s at heart.

    The “true voice” of the people.

  4. Flagler Express Says:

    Hoo Ray. A real conservative, one who cares about the people and also cares about fraud, waste and corruption. Hopefully, she can be elected before FDOT wastes another 4 or 5 billion dollars on their corporate welfare schemes with the private railroad companies. At least Dockery will insist on a fair price to bring passenger rail back to the FEC line with both Amtrak service and Tri-Rail II. You’ve got my vote Senator Dockery.

  5. McCollum shrugs off GOP opponent Dockery | Post on Politics Says:

    [...] General Bill McCollum brushed off Sen. Paula Dockery’s entree into the race for governor, saying he’s focused on the general [...]

  6. FloridaDeservesBetter Says:

    Paula Dockery is the the Chief Executive of this State that We The People are looking for. Bill McCollum’s record as State Attorney General should be closely examined. The State AG’s office is known to be incompetent and has failed to enforce the laws in the State of Florida. The mortgage and real estate fraud in this state was rampant under McCollum’s watch, the result of which has severely damaged the Florida economy. All McCollum did in response was put together some fraud “task forces” did nothing more than create an “illusion of motion” that some law enforcement action was being taken. Crist was also the State’s AG prior to his governorship. If the citizens who voted for Crist had evaluated his record as AG other candidates would have been considered. McCollum is a lifetime politician who is an example of how non-performing government employees manage to keep their jobs through appealing to the politics of any matter. McCollum’s economic goals as detailed on his candidacy web site are “bullet points” in which he has no experience at all in creating just one job, let alone millions of high tech jobs that are necessary to create a real economic future for Floridians. The incompetence of the current State AG’s office is a clear indicator as to what McCollum is capable of as the State’s Governor. This state needs a common sense Chief Executive that works with the business community and the university system to create jobs and a future for citizens.

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