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Stimulus update: “saved or created” jobs tough to track as region’s unemployment climbs by 17,000

by George Bennett | November 29th, 2009

Our Adam Playford tracks stimulus spending in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast and notes that “nine months after the stimulus was passed, little is clear about what good it has done locally.”

Amid murky and confusing reports on the stimulus and its effects, at least one jobs number is fairly concrete: Unemployment in the region increased by about 17,000 to nearly 100,000 between February and September.

One Response to “Stimulus update: “saved or created” jobs tough to track as region’s unemployment climbs by 17,000”

  1. matt Says:

    As we have all noticed there seems to be a problem with fuzzy math in Washington D.C. these days. Money given to districts in Arizona and Oklahoma that saved oe jobs, where those districts didn’t even exist. In S. Florida, it is bad. I lost my job in Feb. and haven’t been able to find anything, I have even applied to jobs all over the country. One problem with the unemployment figures is that no one talks about the amount of people that no longer get unemployment benefits. In the state of Florida, unemployment benefits come from a fund from a tax that all companies pay into. Thus a company has the legal right to refuse a former employee of getting those payments, aometimes allowing a person to fall into deep debt, lose their home, lose their car, basically becoming homeless, and it’s all legal. I fell into that problem, the company I worked for refused the payments, saying that it would not benefit the company to pay it. The only saving grace is my wife’s family is able to help with our bills ( wife out of work also ). Hopefully things we start to change for the better.

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