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Show goes on without out-of-town keynoter for Palm Beach County Democrats

by George Bennett | November 15th, 2009

One of the biggest laugh lines at Saturday night’s annual fund-raising dinner for the Palm Beach Democratic Party turned out to be this:

“It is a true honor to be one of your keynote speakers tonight.”

State Sen. Dave Aronberg, D-Greenacres, delivered the line, then paused knowingly, drawing laughter from the audience of about 350 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

Aronberg and state Sen. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, stepped in as last-minute speakers after the party canned its original keynoter, Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, because many local activists were upset by her stance on health care reform.

Landrieu’s replacement, Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, withdrew after several local elected officials complained about his stance on Israel.

Some Dems wore Kucinich buttons or stickers to the dinner as a form of protest.

“I was very disappointed,” said Tom Conboy of West Palm Beach, co-chairman of the local Democrats For America chapter. He wore a “Rep. Dennis Kucinich for Peace & Health” badge and a sticker that said: “Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace, Pro-Dialogue, Pro-Kucinich.”

Aronberg joked to the crowd that he got the speaking gig by answering a want ad for a speaker. Pretending to read from the ad, Aronberg listed the prospective keynoter’s qualifications: “Must be a Democrat who is pro-Israel, pro-public option with no felony convictions in the last five years.”

Later, Aronberg said, “I’ve never been happier to be someone’s third choice to be their dinner speaker.”

Deutch, speaking a few minutes later, called it “a real honor to be your choice as keynote speaker 3-B.”

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5 Responses to “Show goes on without out-of-town keynoter for Palm Beach County Democrats”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Aronberg should of added pro-woman.
    The party is a joke. When he also said no felony in the last five years…he can’t say that a year from now when all the dominos will fall once the FBI busts the big wigs of the party. I never knew a jail cell was also called a think tank Wexler.

    The Democrats are not pro-Israel, not pro-public option (read it) and they are criminals.

    RON PAUL…watch how many Democrats leave the party!

  2. Mike Says:

    Are they pro-gay too Aronberg…oh just the party..not you right?

  3. BillMae Says:

    I want to be an independent! Zone 1

  4. whasup Says:

    This is the fascism of the leftist party. Check your beliefs at the door, only the orthodox socialists are permitted to speak.

  5. LesleyJacobson Says:

    This is so sad what has happened to this party. The Republicans are horrible and the Democrats are well more than just disappointing. I think I am going to vote by person and I am not going to vote by party. Get the bad ones out and I think we need fresh members. We need a new party period.

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