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Rival feels Abrams’ Rothstein link tilted field in his favor for Crist appointment

by George Bennett | November 5th, 2009

Boca Raton Councilwoman Susan Haynie was edged out by former Boca Mayor Steven Abrams this year for Gov. Charlie Crist’s appointment to fill a Palm Beach County commission seat.

Haynie concedes Abrams has an “impressive resume,” but suggests he had an edge because of his connection to disgraced Fort Lauderdale attorney Scott Rothstein.

Rothstein, a friend and major money-raiser for Gov. Charlie Crist, was Abrams’ employer and was listed by Abrams as a reference on his application for the appointment.

Says Haynie: “Going into the interview process, I knew that Steve Abrams’ employer was a close personal friend of Gov. Crist as well as one of his major contributors. And it didn’t feel like a level playing field.”

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5 Responses to “Rival feels Abrams’ Rothstein link tilted field in his favor for Crist appointment”

  1. Mike Katz, Legal & Political Expert Says:

    RedBull, what in the hell are you banging on about? You write this goofiness in every blog! get some new material. That is an order.

  2. Ron Klein Says:

    “Rival feels Abrams’ Rothstein link tilted field in his favor for Crist appointment”

    Points out the obvious. It’s not what but who it is you know.

  3. Riv Goshen Says:

    Just like good ole Ron Klein said… life is who you know… not always what you know! Regardless Abrams is a good guy.

  4. Einstein Says:

    Haynie, please be quiet. Everyone knows if you don’t cheat you don’t win. That goes not just for politics but for every type of endeavor. The winners in sport (cheaters). The winners in business (cheaters). The only consolation to being honest is that cheaters inevitably are discovered. But they have already received all the money and glory. This is universal. Those that say cheating is only done by a few ARE the cheaters. That’s there first line of defense.

  5. Fredric the Great Says:

    Abrams will be resgning. He’s going to be eaten alive financially for both his liabiity exposure for repayments, and of course legal fees. In the old days he’d get a position at another law firm and, because he’s a county commissioner, earn a hefty fee because of the business he’d generate for the firm.

    Those days will be gone once the Inpsector General is created.

    So Abrams will need to go out and get a real lawyering job.

    Get ready to run Ms. Haynie.

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