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Replacing Wexler: special primary Feb. 2, general election April 6

by George Bennett | November 4th, 2009

Wexler: leaving Jan. 3

Wexler: leaving Jan. 3

Gov. Charlie Crist today set April 6 as the date for a special election to replace retiring U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Boca Raton, who is leaving office Jan. 3 to head a Middle East think tank.

The primaries will be Feb. 2.

In Wexler’s heavily Democratic Palm Beach-Broward district, the Democratic primary will likely be decisive. Announced Democratic candidates include state Sen. Ted Deutch of Boca Raton, former Broward County Mayor Ben Graber and Jose Ruiz. Republican Ed Lynch says he’s also running.

3 Responses to “Replacing Wexler: special primary Feb. 2, general election April 6”

  1. WEX HEX Says:

    Someone should SUE ROBERT WEXLER for breach of contract. Because, as he says, he got a “higher paying job”, Floridians have to pay $1 Million for special elections and we have to go months without representation in Washington. If that is not a breach of contract, I don’t know what it.

    That jerk should pay for it. Not the taxpayers. He ran for office. He raised millions of dollars. We elected him. And he quit for a higher paying job.


    But alas, I have a feeling the FBI will catch up with this guy sometime soon. We shall see. We shall see.

    Nevertheless, Wexler should be sued for his breach of contract.

  2. Tired of Corruption Says:

    I’ve heard Eric Johnson, Congressman Wexler’s Chief of Staff, may be under investigation for continuing to draw a taxpayer financed salary of $125,000/year while spending most of his time running political campaigns in South Florida: Ted Deutch for Congress, Kevin Rader for State Senate, Maria Sachs for State Senate, Lori Berman for State Representative, to name a few.

  3. Citizen Says:

    I find the date selected for the general election HIGHLY suspect. The majority of voters in Wexler’s district are usually absent during this time. April 6, 2010 is considered a Jewish Holiday and is the last day of Passover. It is the Tuesday after Easter. Both of these holidays mean that voters are NOT IN TOWN!!!
    In an area that is highly a “snowbird” area, and retirement area with people who travel for holidays.

    I am amazed that the: League of Women Voters, NOW, both the Democrats and the Republican Parties accept this date…
    Yet another way to minimize voter turnout.

    And absentee ballots may be available but how many people will:
    1) remember to request them?;
    2) return them in time?;
    3) they wont be “misplaced” and found later?
    stacking the deck, yet again…..

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