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McCollum shrugs off GOP opponent Dockery

by Dara Kam | November 3rd, 2009

BILL MCCOLLUMAttorney General Bill McCollum brushed off Sen. Paula Dockery’s entree into the race for governor, saying he’s focused on the general election.

Dockery will officially join the race this afternoon when she files her papers in Tallahassee, creating a GOP primary race next year.

11431_164115967010_87579457010_2880365_3695648_sThat’s good news for Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, the presumptive Democratic candidate who as yet doesn’t face a serious challenger.

But it’s bad news for McCollum, who has trailed Sink in raising campaign cash for two quarters in a row.

McCollum this morning shrugged off Dockery’s decision.

It was expected, he said.

“I’m not surprised. I respect Paula and she certainly has a right to run,” McCollum said.

“My focus, however, is on Alex Sink. That is the race that we’re already engaged in,” he went on.

McCollum stuck to his position when asked how concerned he is about a GOP primary.

“My focus is on Alex Sink. My focus is on the Democrat opponent,” he said.

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7 Responses to “McCollum shrugs off GOP opponent Dockery”

  1. Ghost2MC Says:

    Of course McCollum is shrugging this off, he doesn’t know what else to do. Dockery is an intelligent, aggressive, conservative candidate and he’s not. McCollum was hoping to be pushed up to govenor by his good pal Crist, but now both face grassroots opponents who make them both look weak and pansy like. Dockery is the real deal and will make an outstanding govenor. Check out her credentials and you will agree.

  2. James Says:

    Well said ghost. She is the real deal and Bushs knee jerk endorsement of McCollum makes your point. Mccollum is the ultimate insider , a good lap dog for Crist and Bush and the others who created this mess. Im a Paulatician!!! Forget parties here and look at who is really fighting the tough fights for taxpayers. Dockery Rocks!!

  3. rough rider Says:

    Billy who? Who cares what little billy thinks about anything, anyway. He’s just leftover thrash from the king jeb era. Let’s make them all unemployed or better yet, jail bait for the dirty deeds. And by the way, run that Rushmouth out of town. He’s only here to avoid paying taxes on his insanity radio blather.

  4. Sean T Wright Says:

    Dear James, Thank you for that sparking endorsement from a completely biased Lakeland resident. Let’s look at how Mrs. Dockery is fight for the tax payers.

    She almost closed up Tri-Rail several months ago leaving over a billion dollar investment by South Florida public to be bought for pennies on the dollar by CSX. All because she has a fight, because the bullet train was approved years ago.

    From Palm Beach Post “In 2000, Dockery’s husband, “Doc,” was behind a constitutional amendment approved by Florida voters to create a high-speed rail line. “Doc” Dockery spent more than $3 million to push the effort.”

    The above is the whole reason why a small town girl almost put some 200 people out of jobs at Tri-Rail, then would of forced 15,000 people a day not to have the ability to get to a job to support their family’s.

    Maybe we should just start letting mass murders run the state?

    15,200 plus families that would of been quite a head count Mrs. Dockery!!!

    Then to top that off Dockery is connected to AX the Tax, which goes around telling all us that we pay way to much tax. Then Tax the Ax’s operator in turn, bills the Orange County East-West Expressway Authority some $107,000 to study haw to raise taxes, good business contact Paula.

    We have already sent Mary McCarty to jail. Did you not get her memo to you about having business contacts like Ax the Tax?

  5. Sean T Wright Says:

    Ghost2MC, Listen that is a straight up pipe dream that she will be governor.

    I’ve looked at her credentials, she a flip flop politician that goes which way the wind blows. Commuter Rail is a perfect example. She wants a 3 times as costly train as what’s in place. You don’t think that her husband having an investment into the Bullet Train is a clear conflicts of interest on her part of her trying to close Tri-Rail down. Or why she wants a 3 times more costly system?

    Palm Beach county over the last 2 1/2 years has sent 3 county commissioners to jail for similar conflict’s. Has one newspaper asked her right out how much her & her husband planned to profit off the Bullet Train?

    Let demand some serious answers from Mrs. Dockery!

  6. Sonny Crockett Says:

    From Palm Beach Post “Dockery said she’ll use some of her husband’s money to get her campaign up and running but she doesn’t intend to bankroll her bid. “All those people encouraging me to run need to put a little skin in the game,” she said.”

    As Sean say in Tampa today about you Dockery. You sure appear to sell yourself a lot. Platinum Showgirls just got raided, they will be needing some replacements. I’d say “Doc” got a bad investment. Even the governor of New Yorkrico paid less and got better quality.

    Sean, hook her up with that Pole Dancing of Miami. What’s their slogan, “Get fit while you learn to dance”

    Sean after what I’ve heard of you today I can wait to see you in the Delray Beach City Commission.

  7. Sam Johnson Says:

    To Mr. Sean T. Wright – gadly extraordinare for all things rail.

    Setting the record straight, you’ve lost your quixotic battles against rail to Ax the tax every time it’s come up.

    Ax the Tax was the opposition to the Broward County sales tax and the voters of Broward, Florida’s most liberal counties voted to AX THE TAX in 2006 with 65% of the vote – voting down the funding for you’re precious boondoggle – TriRail.

    Good riddance!

    Also, spreading lies about people is OK when you have no assets like you do, but libel and slander are taken very seriously at Ax the Tax headquarters.

    You’re a rail sycophant and a radical/lib Democrat – Dockery is the one for taxpayers of Florida!

    And 411 – Ax the tax founder Doug Guetzloe was the founder of the Draft Dockery for governor effort – when she gets elected, you’ll have to move to Detroit and you can ride rail all day long!

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