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Former Fla GOP chairman Slade endorses Dockery

by Dara Kam | November 18th, 2009

Former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Tom Slade is backing Sen. Paula Dockery in her challenge against Attorney General Bill McCollum for governor.

Slade, who served as chairman from 1992-2000, is an unabashed critic of his own party and carries a considerable cachet among GOP insiders.

“McCollum is a nice guy, but I think he would be better in the U.S. Senate, where I think his skills are better suited. But I think Paula would do a better job of being governor. She’s got the kind of tenacity you need, and she’s got the knowledge,” Slade said in a press release.

Slade’s backing of Dockery, considered an underdog early in the race, comes as state GOP leaders gather in a secret session tomorrow to try to reunite their splintered party.

Several county leaders have asked for Chairman Jim Greer’s ouster and criticized what some call his heavy-handed tactics, including efforts to quash primary races and premature endorsements of McCollum and Gov. Charlie Crist. Crist is running against former House Speaker Marco Rubio, a GOP conservative sweetheart, for U. S. Senate.

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One Response to “Former Fla GOP chairman Slade endorses Dockery”

  1. James Says:

    Bill “Howdy Doody” McCollum heads the AG office of the most corrput State in the nation and all he can muster is an occasional shake down of private industry. His answer to the Stanaki LAnd scam was let the local SA deal with it. Kond of like his handling ( or lack therof) of the Ray Sansom issue. I guess his concern for the constitution ended with the impeachment of Clinton sideshow. What a waste of a siut he has proven to be. GO Dockery.

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