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Could Crist’s money men legal woes harm him?

by Dara Kam | November 22nd, 2009

National GOP staff breathed a sigh of relief upon Gov. Charlie Crist’s entree into the U.S. Senate race because they believed the governor’s prolific fundraising talents would mean they wouldn’t have to lend a helping hand financially to his campaign.

But that was before three of Crist’s top fund-raisers were targeted in federal investigations in the past nine months.

And now a fourth, Jupiter sports agent and real estate investor Marc Roberts, is facing a federal lawsuit alleging he defrauded a business partner out of $100 million to support his own “lavish personal lifestyle.”

Crist has “never discriminated” in whom he takes money from, said a former state Republican Party staffer with knowledge of Crist’s fund raising. “Now he’s facing the consequences of not being careful. And it raises questions about his judgment.”

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2 Responses to “Could Crist’s money men legal woes harm him?”

  1. Saint Petersblog 2.0 Says:

    As FL’s unemplyment reaches highest lvl in 24 yrs, Charlie Crist is pictured at lunch at ESPN Zone in NY.

  2. Crist Knows of FL Innocents Says:

    A drop in the bucket compared to one of the innocents on FL death row. Unless bucks are worth more than blood to you.

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