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Wexler likely to back Deutch, Democratic source says

by George Bennett | October 14th, 2009



U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Boca Raton, will probably back state Sen. Ted Deutch in the special election to fill Wexler’s congressional seat, a knowledgeable Democratic source says.

Wexler himself wasn’t ready to make any endorsements today as he confirmed he’s leaving Congress in the middle of his seventh term to become president of the nonprofit Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation.

Wexler has a long history of getting involved in Democratic primaries and other local races. His most memorable activity was probably his successful 2004 effort to topple former elections chief Theresa LePore and install Arthur Anderson. Wexler later cooled on Anderson and was neutral when Anderson lost his reelection bid last year to Susan Bucher.

In 2006, Wexler backed Deutch in a Democratic state Senate primary and helped him defeat better-known, better-financed state Rep. Irving Slosberg. At the same time, Wexler was instrumental in Jeremy Ring’s victory over Ben Graber in a Democratic state Senate primary in Broward County. Now Deutch and Ring are among the candidates considering running for Wexler’s congressional seat.

Wexler hinted he’ll make an endorsement soon.

“I have been known to get involved in primaries before, both to people’s happiness and chagrin…I’ve done it before. I care deeply about the person who will replace me and lead this community in Congress, so we’ll leave that for another day,” Wexler said.

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9 Responses to “Wexler likely to back Deutch, Democratic source says”

  1. Congressman Frankel? | West Palm Beat Says:

    [...] the Post’s George Bennett is reporting that Robert Wexler will support Ted Deutch for his soon-to-be vacant U.S. Congress seat, West Palm Mayor Lois Frankel announced today that [...]

  2. Rob J Says:

    Why would anyone in their right mind support anyone Wexler backs? Good riddance to that lying, scheming Wexler. I would suggest that who ever Wexler is backing is probably one of his crooked cronies who can’t be trusted anymore than Wexler himself.

  3. John Anderson Says:

    If I were Ted Deutch I wouldn’t want Wexler’s endorsement. The Arthur Anderson fiasco is still fresh in everyone’s minds. Its very ironic that after all Wexler’s venom directed at Theresa LePore, and his backing of Arthur Anderson, that we hadn’t heard much from him. Unless, of course, if you count his having to rent a place down here so he could call us ‘home’.
    I guess the lease is up.
    Congress is much better off now that you are leaving; as is South Florida.

  4. John Anderson Says:

    Unfortunately the ‘sheep’ that reside in the hundred year old village will venerate Wexler and follow his endorsement for a replacement. Wake up folks!! You have been duped by this chalatan. Get over it. Start thinking for yourselves; or is that asking too much.

  5. Hilary Says:

    Yeah, representatives are resigning their seats because they get tons of guff from constituents but they have no real authority. They have no authority to do the People’s bidding because the banking oligarchs are the ones who are really in charge. Representing the people is meaningless because the people have become meaningless. It will stay this way and get worse until we cut corporations out of the electoral process by implementing a system of public campaign finance. Have a nice day.

  6. suze Says:

    Can’t be happier about him leaving. It would be nice to have someone likeable and not one of the annointed from century village. How can one community run everything like that and prevent someone from being electted. They’ll do anything Wexler tells them to do. That’s why they voted for our saintly pres.

  7. In the know Says:

    Deutch is not from Century Village and the best one for the job.

  8. - Wexler likely to back Deutch, Democratic source says | Post on … Says:

    [...] Her­e i­s­ the or­i­gi­n­­al­ pos­t: We­x­le­r­ lik­e­ly­ to bac­k­ De­utc­h, De&#… [...]

  9. Jack B. Says:

    Glad to see him go. If it were up to him he would tax 100% of our income to pay for
    wrong headed programs. Anyone he endorses will bring more of the same.

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