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Wexler leaving Congress? He’ll address rumors Wednesday

by George Bennett | October 13th, 2009


Update: Wexler to leave Congress, Democratic source confirms

Amid rumors he might step down from the congressional seat he’s held since 1997, U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Boca Raton, plans to talk to reporters about his future plans Wednesday.

One source says Wexler may be considering a “public policy position.”

Wexler was a key early supporter of Barack Obama’s presidential bid when most of the Florida Democratic establishment backed Hillary Clinton. Since Obama’s election, there’s been speculation Wexler might be in line for a plum appointment in the Obama administration.

Wexler downplayed such talk immediately after Obama’s win. In November, Wexler said he wasn’t seeking an administration job and said: “I have a dream job. A job I love. I could not be happier. And I am not looking for any change in that regard.”

WIth the latest rumors, it wasn’t clear if Wexler was contemplating leaving office soon or serving out his term and not seeking reelection in 2010. If he left office early, Gov. Charlie Crist would call a special election to select a representative for Wexler’s overwhelmingly Democratic Palm Beach-Broward district.

Self-described “fire-breathing liberal” Wexler was elected in 1996 and has not faced a serious reelection challenge since. Even last year, after his residency became an issue — Wexler lives with his family in Maryland and was using his in-laws’ address to establish Florida residency — Wexler won a seventh term with 66.2 percent.

If Wexler leaves, several Democrats would likely be interested in running for his seat. Among them: state Sens. Ted Deutch of Boca Raton and Jeremy Ring of Coral Springs, West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel and former Broward County Commissioner Ben Graber, who got 6.6 percent last year as a no-party challenger to Wexler.

18 Responses to “Wexler leaving Congress? He’ll address rumors Wednesday”

  1. jimbo Says:

    Lying to the Jews and trashing Hillarys campaign may have finally paid off for slippery ole Wexler. Maybe No-Bama gave him a cushy job in Washington. He can skip there from his house in Maryland. He never represented Florida -only himself.Self Centered Wexler….move on pal…we can and will do better than you in Florida !!! Good riddens !! Every Jew in Florida should be cursing you out for the lies you told them about Obama being a friend to Israel.

  2. ELC Says:

    I agree with Jimbo-good riddance to bad
    rubbish Mr. Wexler.One loser(Obama)deserves another(Wexler). Now, if we can
    can get rid of Ron Klein-Palm Beach would be o.k. The biggest problem is the
    Old Jews keep voting for the same party-
    they should just learn to read. Buyers
    remorse-look who they voted for.

  3. ajuan Says:

    Wexler is the worst of the worst. Only worked for himself. He is a prime example why our government is such a mess. Wexler, Klein, Pelosi all live in the same scum pond.

  4. Wexlers Web Says:

    he is a money launderer

    That is why he is resigining. The FBI has questionned many on his staff.

  5. Mike Says:

    A typical Judas… Betrays his own people for pieces of gold…

    And the amazing thing???? the other Jews keep voting for him… Simply because he is a Jew

    Like lambs to the slaughter… They drink the KoolAid over and over.

  6. Sondra Says:

    Wexler has been a great Representative and votes the way I want him to vote on most issues.

    We’ll miss him but it would be a good thing if he works for Obama; we could use a real fire-breathing liberal near the oval office for a change.

  7. Bob Says:

    What an enlightened, isssue driven rebuke. I can’t remember, are Obama & Wexler fascists, socialists, commies or nazi’s this week? I can’t remember, it’s so hard keeping track of our marching orders from Freedomworks! You people and your false sense of entitlement are a pox on the human race. What do call a putrifying mound of dead, baby-boomer republican bodies??? A good start!

  8. ted Says:

    Don’t worry whoever runs for Wexlers seat will get reelected. Whatever candidate buys the most bagels gets their vote! They don’t even care if the candidate lives in Florida never mind Palm Beach County. Sooner or later all you folks will realize that the candidate who “represents” you is doing you more harm than good. Try doing some of your own thinking instead of what the hall monitor commands you to do.

  9. BEACHBUM Says:

    I think he has a thing going on with Jennifer Ross.

  10. Hank in JAX Says:

    Wexler is an ASS, good riddance. Crist is an Ass and they are friends. Screw both of them. Go Rubio

  11. jorge bucsh Says:

    don’t be hatin. go watch your fox news morons. you republicans broke your country and most of the world. so go watch your heros on that fairly unbalanced channel and give someone a chance to fix the mess you left. it hasn’t been 10 mons. yet so go get in the corner and shut up

  12. Ed Fulop Says:

    Bobby doesn’t want to try to run in 2010 after Israel turns Iran into a sheet of glass, and Obama condemns them for it. The Jews of South Florida that aren’t already awake to Obama’s lies will watch the world turn their backs on their country.

  13. EdC Says:

    Man, the braindead right-wingers have slithered out of the woodwork here.

  14. furtive Says:

    desperate times call 4 desperate measures, and impulsive decisions.

    wexler would never leave voluntarily; he is being pushed out; he’s very lucky he made a connection with a non-profit to tide him over. obviously he is taking a salary/perk cut..probably called the israeli embassy and they pulled for him. wonder who got the ax so he would stay employed? he was a partner in a ;aw firm in boca but, i forgot – he’s a residend of maryland, but representing florida…right…

    where are hannah giles and james o’keefe to break his cover?

    a man with no humility just drooling saliva due to his bellicose inability to come up for air..time for a focused, sincere humble wasp to represent jewish boca (not lois frankel or ben graber). allen west should change his residency, fur sure.

  15. John Currey Says:

    Glad to see the dork go! Unfortunately he may be in a position to do worse things be being closer to Obama. Look at the “brown” being done by Obama’s other chosen person, Rahm!


  16. RoBoTech Says:

    “Bob Says:
    What do call a putrifying mound of dead, baby-boomer republican bodies??? A good start!”

    Uh, excuse me, are you threatening to kill or advocating killing of Baby Boomers? Explain this post of yours. Inquiring minds want to know.

  17. RoBoTech Says:

    As far as the jews in his district goes, what do you expect from an ethnic group that “claims” from the 175,000 Jews killed in the Holocaust (and was what I learned in grade school in the 50′s, still an appalling number in the name of the Perfect Race), to 6 MILLION today. and there’s rumbling of it being upped to 8 MILLION in the next couple of years. What is the purpose of spouting such lies?
    The whole population of Germany at the time was only 8 million! And WHERE were the bodies disposed? They didn’t even dispose of 150,000 properly and now it’s 6 MILLION?
    And by the way, who says the Jews are the chosen people? The Bible? Well, who wrote the BIBLE? Jews! See where this is going?
    I certainly feel that 175,000 killed is enough sympathy for a people, and probably happened. 6 Million is just plain laughable. Never happened.

  18. RoBoTech Says:

    EdC Says:
    Man, the braindead right-wingers have slithered out of the woodwork here.

    Braindead or not, still more common sense by the factor of 1,000,000,000 to one with what falls out of that empty head of yours.

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