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Special election to fill Wexler congressional seat could cost $600,000 in Palm Beach County

by George Bennett | October 16th, 2009



A special election to replace U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Boca Raton, will cost Palm Beach County about $600,0000, Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher says. And if state Sen. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, wins that election, Bucher estimates it could cost another $500,000 to hold a special election to fill Deutch’s Senate seat.

Wexler is leaving in January, midway through his seventh term, to head the nonprofit Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation.

Under state law, the county can recover special election costs from the state. But the reimbursements won’t come until July 1 at the earliest and could take longer, Florida Department of State spokeswoman Jennifer Krell Davis said.

Palm Beach County has already submitted requests for about $246,000 to recover expenses from special elections this summer to fill a state Senate vacancy and an open state House seat.

Bucher’s estimates for the special congressional and state Senate elections assume there is both a primary and general election for each seat. Both districts run into Broward County. Bucher didn’t estimate costs there.

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10 Responses to “Special election to fill Wexler congressional seat could cost $600,000 in Palm Beach County”

  1. Uncle Harry Says:

    Wexler has $1 million in his campaign account. Gee, I wonder what that could be used for.

  2. swathdiver Says:

    We all know the weasel is bailing out office because he cannot win re-election and is under threat of exposure/prosecution for all manor of mis-conduct.

    He should pay the tab to elect his replacement.

  3. Pjay Says:

    Like Wexler give a rat shit whether he costs us over a million dollars because of his hubris and ego and ambition.

    I wish nothing but bad fortune for that disgusting man.

  4. James Baran Says:

    If Mr. Wexler, or any other politician, chooses to run for public office sometime in the future, after quiting an elected position because he prefers to serve in another governmental capacity or in the public sector, it is my opinion he should be confident enough to win the election based on his previous performance/record. The funds in question could be used for one of many other purposes that would benefit more than one individual. If the “people” were asking Mr. Wexler to resign and represent them in the future capacity; then, he (or any other politician in a similar position)should be able to retain the funds to “re-enter” the elected position. Since this move is Mr. Wexler’s choice, instead of the people’s choice, I think he should not be permitted to bank the funds for future use in the political arena.

  5. ELC Says:

    First of all I am happy that the lowlife
    is leaving. Now, the million dollars left should be put into the coming election to cover the cost. Mr. Wexler
    is not entitled to keep the money because he is leaving public service
    before his time is done. That’s his
    business(I certaintly won’t miss him),but any money should be applied to
    the elections committee to cover all
    election expenses. Give it up Wexler
    and crawl into the hole to which you

  6. Whatawonderfulworld Says:

    That is the price we pay for Democracy. The tone of this announcement is disgraceful. Does the Supervisor think it would be better to have the Governor, one person, decide who will replace these legislators?

    If we have to pay half a million dollars to elect a man like Ted Deutch that is a good thing. Do we really want another LeMieux to hold the seat warm?

  7. kENNY Says:

    Wow Bucher is one Democrat that knows what she is talking about. Maybe they should use Wexler’s money from his campaign and Aaronson’s before they both go to jail. Let the chips fall where they may. Just make sure you are not near the chips…you dips.

  8. Edwin Says:

    I admire Rep Wexler’s courage against the Bush regime and wish him well.

    The reason why the Republican Party is in such a mess is because what is left are the kind of people who write such nasty things without citing sources.

    We teach citing your sources in grade school. Some of you should go back and sit in those classes so that you might come out more responsible sensible citizens.

  9. Boca Grande Says:

    Edwin, you doofus, you think you’re so smart because you know how to cite sources. You are simply Brilliant. It’s the accuracy and honesty of the sources you cite that is the big problem for you lefties. You obviously don’t thing George Bennett is a Republican, do you? And since when is the comments section in an article considered the appropriate place for footnotes and citations? Looks like your hubris, along with the Left’s, will be your undoing. We can match your so-called intellectual heft- and do it with principles, unlike your side. Back to school for your progressives, Edwin.

  10. swathdiver Says:

    Comrade Edwin,

    This is the comments section, we don’t have to cite sources. If you’d like to engage us in the arena of ideas, join us on the many forums across the internet where we do back up our assertions. Having said that, I don’t see your citation backing up your claim that the Bush Administration classified as a “regime”. I seem to remember the Democrat Party in disarray after the 2000 election. Remember those meetings to determine what their values were? The Shadow Party finally got their act together and weeded out anyone not on the same page by 2006.

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