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Rep. Maria Sachs to run for Deutch’s state Senate seat — if it’s open

by George Bennett | October 23rd, 2009



State Rep. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach, today made it as official as possible: she’s running for the state Senate seat of Sen. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, if Deutch wins the special congressional election to replace U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Boca Raton.

Because of a 2007 change to Florida’s resign-to-run law, Deutch doesn’t have to give up his Senate seat to run for Congress unless he wins the special election expected in early 2010. If Deutch wins, Sachs said she’ll run for his Senate seat. Sachs said she’s hired a political consultant for the potential Senate race: Eric Johnson, who is Wexler’s chief of staff and political consultant and who is consulting for Deutch’s congressional bid.

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10 Responses to “Rep. Maria Sachs to run for Deutch’s state Senate seat — if it’s open”

  1. Callie Says:

    Wow, Eric Johnson is really going to be raking it in with Wexler’s resignation and the dominoes that fall. More reason to get rid of Wexler and his crew.

  2. Aidan Says:

    so let me get this straight. Deutch isnt going to resign his Senate seat when he runs for Congress. Consequently we tax payers will have to pay for 2 special elections because our elected leaders get better jobs. Outrageous. Resign not Ted, save the tax payer some money.

  3. Jake Says:

    she’s the best candidate for the seat, hands down

  4. Ron Sachs for Senate Says:

    You are right she is the best candidate to represent her super lobbyist husband Ron Sachs and his clients. But definately not the best candidate to represent Senate District 30.

  5. Sam Says:

    right… her husband… Ron?

  6. kENNY Says:

    Maria Sucks…not sachs. We need smart D’s. I think Laxer is good thats works for Deutch. If she’s smart they may not want her…so where’s the dummy to be elected?

  7. kennysux Says:

    Is laxer even 30? How can she relate to half the people in the district? she’s pretty and NO experience in public office. She needs to learn the ropes and keep her butt in a House seat for a few years, nothing wrong with that.

  8. Maria maria Says:

    Her husband is actually Peter Sachs not Ron Sachs, but you are right she would be a terrible Senator for SD 30. Just look at her contribution records for the 2010 election:

    $500 from US Sugar
    $500 from Palm Beach Kennel Club
    $500 from FPL
    $500 from TECO Energy
    $500 from Dosbal Tobacco
    $1000 combined from lobbyist Ron Book and his practice

    Thats just a few. Only 3 contributions of the 26 reported thus far are from individuals, two of them lobbyists. The rest are from business interest PACs and one from the overly naive Florida Education Association PAC.

    See for yourself:

    Now ask yourself how many of these same contributors invest in other candidates from either of our two pathetic “major” parties.

  9. Maria maria Says:

    Try this one and enter her name if the above doesn’t work:

  10. Mark Says:

    I heard Laxer speak she is an old soul and she is very different than most Democrats I have seen in a long time. Maria is maybe nice but she is damn stupid and look who her husband is.
    I hope that Deutch’s aide runs she is pretty and so damn smart!

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