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One day, two polls, two views of potential Rubio-Meek Senate matchup

by George Bennett | October 21st, 2009

As noted Wednesday morning, Quinnipiac University’s latest Florida poll finds former House Speaker Marco Rubio narrowing the gap from 29 points in August to 15 points now in his Republican U.S. Senate primary race against Gov. Charlie Crist.

That poll found Crist with a comfortable lead in a hypothetical Senate matchup against Democratic frontrunner Kendrick Meek, but found Meek with a narrow lead in a Meek-Rubio matchup.

A Rasmussen poll of Florida voters released later in the day finds Crist with 14 point lead over Rubio in a GOP primary, down from 22 points in August.

Rasmussen has Crist leading Meek by 12 points (compared to 20 points in the Quinnipiac poll). And while Quinnipiac gives Meek a 36-to-32 percent lead over Rubio, Rasmussen finds Rubio beating Meek, 46-to-31 percent.

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3 Responses to “One day, two polls, two views of potential Rubio-Meek Senate matchup”

  1. Gatorgirl Says:

    Rasmussen poll is correct, Marco Rubio would beat Meek by a larger margin 15 points, versus Crist V Meek, Charlie only beats him by 12.

  2. Krum Says:

    Glad Marco is catching up and when Florida voters see a man they can believe in when he says he is conservative, Marco Rubio will get the vote. Crist doubled fees all over the state, axed the hurricane and back to school tax holiday forgetting it’s the people’s money not Charlie’s. Property taxes haven’t dropped 40% like home values have – what’s up with that Governor. Then you hug Obama and beg for bailout money? Give me a break.

  3. Saint Petersblog 2.0 Says:

    Video: Rubio campaign grabbing the Big Mo’.

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