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Local pols seek their distance from indicted eye doc/moneyman

by George Bennett | October 12th, 2009

For years, Broward eye doctor Alan Mendelsohn wrote checks and raised money for a host of elected officials from both parties and funneled big bucks into campaigns through shadowy “527″ political committees.

Then the ophthalmologist/moneyman was hit with a 32-count federal indictment accusing him of siphoning much of the committee money for his personal use and directing $87,000 in concealed payments to an unnamed former public official.

Mendelsohn has pleaded not guilty, but the verdict is already in from the former recipients of Mendelsohn’s largesse. They’re distancing themselves from the former money spigot.

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One Response to “Local pols seek their distance from indicted eye doc/moneyman”

  1. Hang it up Says:

    Carl is just trying divert attention from his imploding campaign that no one is supporting.

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