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In Democratic condo belt, outsider Graber finds it’s tough to get speaking time

by George Bennett | October 26th, 2009

Graber: Tough time in Dem clubland

Graber: Tough time in Dem clubland

As he pursues a congressional bid without the blessing of Democratic U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler and other party bigs, Ben Graber claims he’s the victim of “censorship” at some of southern Palm Beach County’s influential Democratic clubs.

County Dem Chairman Mark Alan Siegel says club presidents have complained to him that Graber is “being a bully” in his requests for speaking time. Wexler and the party establishment are backing state Sen. Ted Deutch in the special election to replace Wexler, who’s leaving in January to head a Middle East-focused think tank.

While Graber’s is finding it tough to get speaking time in clubland, Deutch generally has an easier time getting the microphone because he’s a sitting legislator.

Read about it here in this week’s Politics column.

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6 Responses to “In Democratic condo belt, outsider Graber finds it’s tough to get speaking time”

  1. The Dumbocratic Party Says:

    You see this is the kind of “democracy” the “Democratic” Party stands for…..very similar to Republicans.

  2. jerry sheinfeld Says:

    Graber has met the “Condo-Nazi’s…No Speech for YOU!”

  3. George costanza Says:

    I’ll get Uncle Louis to open the door for Graber at Boca Del Vista…

  4. Shanda Says:

    This is how you treat the son of Holocaust survivors? Shame on you!!!

  5. Mel R. Says:

    Our country burns while the condo commandos play there stupid games…pathetic.

  6. Ed Fulop Says:

    Graber could lend a unique perspective on the health care debate as a practicing physician. His record as a public servant is fair and scandal free. At the very least, he deserves to be heard.

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