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Gannon says her ban on hiring smokers won’t extend to other legal but unhealthy private behaviors

by George Bennett | October 5th, 2009

Gannon: Smokers need not apply

Gannon: Smokers need not apply

Those who smoke — even in the privacy of their own homes — have been declared personae non gratae in Tax Collector Anne Gannon’s office. Citing health insurance costs, Gannon is no longer hiring anyone who admits using tobacco products in the past year. Current employees who smoke must quit or pay up to 20 percent higher premiums.

Kogan: Slippery slope?

Kogan: Slippery slope?

When the Florida Supreme Court upheld a similar hiring ban in 1995, then-Justice Gerald Kogan dissented, saying he feared such policies would create a “slippery slope” in which employers would have leeway to grill employees about other private, legal behaviors.

Gannon says that won’t happen in her office. Read about here it in this week’s Politics column.

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7 Responses to “Gannon says her ban on hiring smokers won’t extend to other legal but unhealthy private behaviors”

  1. Joel Says:

    The reason we love America is the freedom of choice. Gannon tramples on this issue with her own agenda. Obese people costs more to the taxpayer than smoking so where is the logic.

  2. Fredric Says:

    There should be a way to allow those who smoke an occassional cigar.

  3. Debbi Gray Says:

    If you want to smoke, pay your own insurance premium!!

  4. Benotts Says:

    Wow, what next? Will fat people be unable to work for the government because health care costs are higher. I remember once upon a time these types of hiring practices would have been considered discriminatory.

  5. Joel Says:

    Great Debbie your so narrow minded that you forgot the fat tax and that premium also!!!!!

  6. Chris Says:

    Obese people dont cause harmful polution to the world, they dont cause insurance premiums to sky rocket and smoking does nothing but destroy your body. Soon you will be complaining that “The reason we love America is the freedom of choice” youll want to start drinking while on the job. There is no problems with wanting a healthy work place and healthy employees, it adds to less people being out sick and less people taking smoke breaks and being more productive at work. I personally cant stand when I am busting my butt all day and I watch all the smokers walk in and out whenever they want. Personaly I feel it is just making the workplace an even field. Everyone gets the same breaks at the same times. If you dont like the companies policies work somewhere else.

  7. Joel Says:

    There is a problem with people that try to cram their beliefs down everyones throat. I agree that employees should do it on their breaks only. But what they do on their own time is also their decision. More job loss time is with staff with kids. Always need time off or show late not to say for the phone calls during work. See everyone has their own agenda whats yours.

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