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Five FPL execs earned more than $1 million in 2008; one earned $7.5 million-plus

by Dara Kam | October 21st, 2009

Five Florida Power & Light Co. executives brought in more than $1 million in 2008, an FPL official testified today.

FPL Director of Compensation Kathleen Slattery told the Public Service Commission that three of the utility’s highest paid executives earned $3 million each that year and paid its top earner $10 million, $7.5 million of which was picked up by FPL.

FPL’s proposed $1.3 billion rate hike case started back up this morning, the same day the Juno Beach-based utility took out three-quarter page ads in The Palm Beach Post and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

β€œIn January, the lowest bill in the state will go even lower,” the headline on the advertisements reads.

Below that, a bar chart shows residential rates for a 1000 kilowatt hour bill for 32 companies.

The ad shows FPL’s projected December bill as the lowest at $110.72, and dipping lower to $101.76 in January 2010.

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11 Responses to “Five FPL execs earned more than $1 million in 2008; one earned $7.5 million-plus”

  1. Gordon Solie Says:

    7.5 mil = Lew Hay

  2. FPL SCAMS Says:


  3. joelle Says:

    Why do they lie and play with the numbers? My average bill has gone from 250.00 two years ago to 400.00. We haven’t moved, changed anything, add anything. We are actually more aware of it now and make a big effort to turn things off and keep things running right. When the hurricanes came through we did not have power for 14 days and we have never seen any compensation. Our bill was never lower after those storms, it has steadily increased.

  4. Thomas Anderson Says:

    Giving them rate hikes for a project that may not even be appproved ? Sounds like Charlie Christ will work for FPL when he losses the senate seat race.

  5. LicensedToSteal Says:

    I have changed all the light bulbs in my house to the flourescent bulbs. My air conditioner is never below 78 degrees. We the laptop instead of the computer…so on and so on. My electric bill is never below $350.00 where I used to pay $200.00. I would have told the FPL Executives not to have wasted their money on the ads. No one believes these crooks.

  6. FPL Admirer Says:

    How does it matter what an exec earns? The Company is doing quite well despite the fact that there is negative growth in the region. Why? Because it is managed well. Now shuffle off and learn to live with the changing times!Tell me which price has not gone up?

  7. mike Says:

    Because it is this kind of outrageous ‘executive’ salary that is KILLING American businesses and will KILL America.

    I find this solely to be digusting.

    The price of energy is seems to be reasonable to me, for what we get.

  8. your kidding Says:

    you have got to be kidding me…..that is what they are making, anyone hear of a recession? What do they do that make them make so much money…I need that job. Sounds almost like the school board of palm beach county. I think they should give up their salary for one year and see how it feels to make nothing and pay high electric bills. Typical, rich get richer and poor/middle class can’t get ahead.

  9. Banjo Bill Says:

    Isn’t it the same 5 executives whose salary is already public? Don’t really see the needs for them to ask that if you can look it up online ourselves. Fpl already said they would reduce the executive compensation today so that is progress at least.

  10. THEY suck! Says:

    In January, the lowest bill in the state will go even lower,” the headline on the advertisements reads.

    Really FPL? How much lower? The fact that you constantly try to make it look like you are so “affordable” is ridiculous…You constantly say your average customers bill is a mere $112 a month. I don’t know one single person in the state that pays that low of a bill…My bill for a small 2300 sq ft is right around $400-$600 a month a FAR cry from your mythical $112 quote…My employer pays you $25k plus a month…Quit misleading the public, we don’t believe you and we sure as hell don’t appreciate being lied too!

  11. Energy Concerned Says:

    My electric bill has never been above $120 for a 3 bedroom home in Palm Beach Gardens. If you are running a bill of $400 you have something seriously wrong or you are air conditioning the outdoors.

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