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Crist sets Nov. 4 execution for cop killer Paul Johnson

by Dara Kam | October 7th, 2009

Gov. Charlie Crist signed a death warrant for Paul Beasley Johnson, a convicted murderer who went on a killing spree after a drug binge 28 years ago.

paul-beasley-johnsonJohnson, 60, was found guilty of the 1981 murders of a cab driver, a good Samaritan who gave Johnson a ride and a deputy in Lakeland.

After getting high on crystal meth and running out of drugs, Johnson robbed and killed cab driver William Evans in Polk County. He then approached Amy Reid and Darrell Beasley in the parking lot of a restaurant and asked them for a ride to a friend’s house. Johnson asked the pair to pull over in a wooded area so that he could go to the bathroom and then shot and killed Beasley. Reid escaped and called the Polk County Sheriff’s office.

Johnson then started a shoot-out with two deputies who responded to Reid’s call. They later found the body of a third deputy, Theron Burnham, in a drainage ditch. Burnham had been shot three times.

Johnson is scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection on Nov. 4.

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11 Responses to “Crist sets Nov. 4 execution for cop killer Paul Johnson”

  1. John Says:

    Way to go Charlie….only wish it could have been done faster so that the taxpayers didn’t have to support the scumbag. Hope he rots in hell…

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Glad it is coming to end for him. He deserves the sale fate these innocent were subject to. Only wish we could shot him and throw him in a ditch. I will echo what John thinks, ROT IN HELL.

  3. JP Says:

    Just one question.Why did it take 28 years to finally eliminate this Scumbag? The criminals have a right to a speedy trial,How about the citizens get a right to a speedy execution? Think of all the money we could have saved.

  4. Timothy Says:

    Well, believe me it is about time this SOB is executed for these crimes. Using “I was on drugs” “the drugs made me do it” as a reason to murder someone. Waiting for 28 years for this, it has been a long, long time coming. Finally justice for the victims and the victims family. He will be in hell when it is all over.

  5. Jeanette Beasley Says:

    Thank you Gov. Crist for finally giving the families closure to this nightmare. Ray, T.A. and Mr. Evans did not deserve to die and I can omly say may God bless the families who were affected by this monster.

  6. G Larkin Says:

    As nasty as Johnson is — there is no question about his guilt— he is entitled to all due process he can get. The state botched his case, making his appeals worthy of presentation. After vhe exhausts his appeals — and he will— he will be executed n doubt; killing people aint nice at all. Lack f due process is n Justice at all.

  7. M. Miller Says:

    Murder victim Darrell Beasley was the brother of one of my dearest friends. The negative effect his murder had on her family is beyond explanation, and the effect the upcoming execution is having on my friend today is proof that this horrible crime will forever be seared into the hearts of all who loved Darrel Beasley. I hope this execution will bring some measure of healing for his loved ones.

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  9. Dorinda Says:

    This has been a long and tumultuous road for all of the families affected. I lost my Uncle Theron that day and the chance to ever know him as I was barely 2 years old. This has been a long journey watching my family go on through the years without him. I am hoping that this will finally bring closure to all families affected by the terrible crimes. May you all find peace and rest better knowing this nightmare finally has come to an end.

  10. Eva Ross Says:

    Sadly, it has been proved, that the death penalty brings no closure for the families. I am so sad for all of you who lost loved ones. It is a truly heinous and devastating crime against you and your family. However do not be fooled that this guys death will bring you any peace. You will have to find that in yourself rather than in his execution.

    May Christ’s love be with you.

  11. R. Mattner Says:

    The death penalty might not deter crime or bring closure. However one thing is for sure once these heinous beasts are gone they are no longer a potential threat to innocents. Also no glitch in the system will see them on the street again.

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