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Civility watch: GOP cries foul over Florida Democrat’s “Die quickly” and “holocaust” remarks on health care

by George Bennett | October 1st, 2009

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Freshman U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Orlando, came under fire from Republicans this week after summarizing the Republican health care plan as “Don’t get sick” and, if you do, “Die quickly.”

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele called Grayson’s remarks “a calculated scare tactic and smear” and said Democrats serious about “civil debate on the floor of the House” should demand an apology.

Grayson took to the House floor Wednesday to offer an “apology” that drew more GOP outrage: “I apologize to the dead and their families that we haven’t voted sooner to end this holocaust in America.”

Florida House Majority Leader Adam Hasner, R-Boca Raton, who is a devout Jew, responded: “Comparing the American health care system to the systematic murdering of over six million Jews is totally outrageous and unfit for someone holding public office. Congressman Grayson should apologize to the Jewish community and the families of those whose loved ones were brutally executed.”
Hasner then suggested that Grayson take an educational field trip to wise up.

“I’d also encourage Mr. Grayson to take a walk tomorrow afternoon to the U.S. Holocaust Museum so he can witness for himself just how offensive and inappropriate his statement is.

“While his comments should offend every reasonable American, I also call on my Jewish colleagues in the Florida Legislature and Florida’s Congressional delegation to condemn his remarks and demand an apology.

“Congressman Grayson should realize that one does not apologize for an inarticulate statement with another even more hateful. He would be wise to adhere to the advice that when you are in a hole, stop digging,” Hasner said in a statement.

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7 Responses to “Civility watch: GOP cries foul over Florida Democrat’s “Die quickly” and “holocaust” remarks on health care”

  1. sign o the times Says:

    the GOP is a bunch of hypocritical wealth seeking maggots. lie, cheat, and lie some more. then act indignant when you’re called a lier…. damn.

    i don’t particualrly see any saints in the democratic party. all career politicians are self serving scum

    but, i’ll give the GOP credit for shamelessly taking our political discourse to an all time low.

    they lie and misrepresent everything. they have media outlets to perpetuate the lies 24/7… damn it’s easy to manipulate the game when you’re the party of the monied elite. it’s not honest or moral…

    but you guys are good at F@*king up America

  2. PeterRice Says:

    Sadly typical of too many Democrats is their hatred for anyone who does not support their political views.

  3. termack Says:

    Sadly typical of too many republicant’s is their hatred for anyone who does not support their political views.

  4. frances snoot Says:

    Grayson’s histrionic fit is just another performance for a man who diverts fact from fiction as a regular rule in a bid for self-promotion.

  5. liberty911 Says:

    The government is going to do what it wants, when it wants, and how it wants with healthcare. The air has calmed from the town hall meetings of past. The government knowns the people will tire in their protests over time.

    Neither party has the interst of the People at heart.

    I doubt any real relief will be made in health care. Instead, the government will somehow use healthcare to continue to support the insurance and pharmacutial companies, and increase its own coffers through what is nothing more than a tax on health care.

  6. Stephen C Says:

    As a great-grandchild of Holocaust victims, The Holocaust defined much of my family and much of my politics. Elie Wiesel said that the opposite of love is not hate but indifference.

    Grayson made an impassioned verbal attack on a policy choice — he didn’t do any name-calling of individuals, he didn’t lie about the Republican plan even if you don’t like his summary (he’s not trying to confuse people with the facts, just stating his opinion), and he didn’t compare our crisis to “The Holocaust.”

    I think the brew-ha-ha over Grayson’s remarks is far overblown… much of it purposefully.

    For this post I’m going to set my position on policy details aside: getting riled and pissed off that 40,000 Americans are dying unnecessarily and using the lower-case generic word “holocaust” doesn’t dishonor victims of “The Holocaust.” Getting off your butt and trying to do something to help Americans dying for lack of insurance is one good way to stand for compassion instead of indifference.

    Representative Hasner: a trip to the Holocaust Museum may make your political opponent feel more compassion for every life lost unnecessarily, anytime and anywhere, rather than feel a need to “own” the victimhood of past generations and bury them more deeply away.

  7. Joe Says:

    Has Hasner denounced the tea party protests that use Nazi imagery? And now Glenn Beck compares fox news to holocaust victims?

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