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AIF takes attack against utility regulator to the Internet

by Dara Kam | October 15th, 2009

AIF President Barney Bishop

AIF President Barney Bishop

Associated Industries of Florida president Barney Bishop took media matters into his own hands this morning after being fed up with a lack of attention to a utility regulator’s BlackBerry messages.

Bishop is demanding that the Public Service Commission inspector general conduct an investigation into messages exchanged by Commissioner Nancy Argenziano and her former aide Larry Williams that he said raises questions about her impartiality on an impending $1.3 billion Florida Power & Light Co. rate hike request.

AIF is supporting FPL, one of its business association members, in the rate case.

Bishop has put the thousands of messages – made available through public records requests by news agencies – on AIF’s website, but singled out Argenziano’s in a press conference this morning.

Public Service Commissioner Nancy Argenziano

Public Service Commissioner Nancy Argenziano

Argenziano expresses contempt in the messages for her fellow commissioners in which she calls one “an idiot” and “a jerk,” another “a hypocrite,” and for FPL representatives whom she repeatedly refers to as “shills.”

Argenziano, a former state senator appointed by Crist to the PSC in 2007 and slated to become chairwoman of the panel next year, has been an outspoken critic of the PSC and accused other commissioners and staff of trying to circumvent transparency laws restricting communications between the PSC and the utilities they regulate.

“Look, if you’re self righteous, if you live in a glass house, then these are the things that happen to you,” Bishop said. “I’m blaming Nancy Argenziano for being self-righteous. Nobody else is self-righteous. Please make that a quote. Nobody else on the PSC is self-righteous. Nobody else is living in a glass house but her.”

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10 Responses to “AIF takes attack against utility regulator to the Internet”

  1. Webster Says:

    hypocrite [hip-uh-krit]


    1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

    2. a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

    [Photo: Commissioner Nancy Argenziano]

  2. Wow Says:

    Harris: Yep. But you’re not a mean spirited anorexic bi#*h. And being under suspicion wears you down too.

    Nancy: Ha

    (apparently about fellow commish edgar)

  3. We need answers Says:

    How did she know the Governor was going to release a statement on opposing FPL’s rate increase hours before it happened? How does she know the questions that are getting asked of witnesses beforehand? Ex parte anyone?

    PIN no. 1889

    I just want others to hear it. Also gov is coming out with statment today re rates

    PIN no. 1847-1849

    Got a heads-up that moyle plans to question armando this morning about compensation #s – he says it will be confusing w/o the confid exhibit.
    I guess we can talk on phone, and I can read #s to you.

    Since we got info so late is there any way to have him defer that questioning until tomorrOw PM?

    I can ask him. The only problem would be deferring armando – general rule is to let everyone ask all the questions pof the witness at the same time, not spread out.

    PIN no. 2114

    Moyle is asking the questions I just sent you.

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  6. 007 Says:

    she was frickin’ spying on her co-workers. what a paranoid freak.

    315) It seems matt has left. Fasano must have left. Also we need to get transcript of lisa’s comments at the first or second hearing before this ltr goes out

    460) When it gets close to commishs making comments I want you and steve to be downstairs and watching faces especially LE and letting me know of rolling of eyes or conversation that take place between commis and staff

    494) No facial or other response to your comment.

    495) They were all bent over appearing to be writing/taking notes while you were speaking.

    496) Its more like bentover in guilt

    510) Have u noticed where Skop went?

    511) He’s huddled with marshall and tim and the whole staff on this issue.

    517) Faces?

    518) None. They kept heads down, like they were taking notes. I didn’t see any reactions from audience either

    520) Yes!Skop tried to ask me about your comments. I said he heard them and I didn’t want to discuss, then walked away.

    527) Just do what you did and refuse to talk to him. Also I feel psc staff is biased and I really cannot rely on their
    recommendations or advice. I really don’t want you to go to them for anything except what we determine we may need. Then and always you must check and research on your own everything they say and do and u can use steve to help as I know it
    will be a lot on u

    529) But advise me of anything Skop asks or does and staff also

  7. 007 Says:

    and it continues. she thinks she is nancy drew or somethin.

    530) Got it. Keino did try and come by to talk to me yesterday; I said I was busy and sent him packing. I’ll keep that up in the

    531) Yes I want them to know that we are going to do our own research because I cannot and do not trust them. Also since vote
    was to close docket, can we discuss this with anyone?

    556) Pay. Attention to see if chr goesdirectlyinto anyones office

    557) I mean after u think he’s read it see where he goes first if possible

    564) Is back up here. She saw me sitting with SL, and asked me if the “DP is a flexible concept” was something she said. I
    answered no, she may have said it but its also in staff rec and that’s what I thought you were referring to.

    566) Lois took the letter to the copier and came back.A few minutes later, Matt left. Did not go to LE office. Then, bill went to copier with letter, came back to office, then a few minutes later, left carrying what looked like the letter. If I had to guess, matt is gone and BG is down with booter talking about UR letter. No contact with LE’s office.

    723) I want to know, when we find out how many commish and staff went

    725) I can probably find out tomorrow how many staff are approved to go. I would guess less then 5 with the ban on non-mission critical travel. As far as commissioners, I can ask aides/secretaries tomorrow.

    869) Chairman here. Nobody else down yet.

    891) There are 3 cameras in the room. They “will not disclose who they are filming for” according to chuck.

    892) Lisa and KM here now. Standing around visiting.

    893) And is opc going to say anything?

    899) Have steve come down to see if he recognizes them

    906) Well then its a horrible time to want to do this. I wonder if cameras will stay entire time? Or fold up after 10 mins.

    920) Do you think fpl could have hired the camera crew

    922) SL says he doesn’t know who they are. He thought one guy looked familiar

    1262) There is 1 cameraman here – I recognize him but don’t know his name. Maybie vasilinda’s group.

    1271) I’m bck on. Is skop there or on phone?

    1272) Btw, nate still not at hearing. Don’t know where he is.

    1273) Not here, and I didn’t hear him on phone. Chair didn’t acknowledge him on phone as he did you to start.

    1277) Yes, sitting on bench.

    1314) Just called in (from a cellphone in a moving car – you can hear the road noise). 4:17 in the afternoon.

    1315) Has matt asked for me

    1317) NS asking questions

    1318) Nope. Just wanted people to know he was on phone. I suspect he either hung up or has it muted and in the seat next to him. I can’t believe he’s listening with all the road noise before.

    1390) Skop Is there now?

    1391) Yes. He showed up in person about 11:00. I meant to tell you, but got distracted.

    1425) Katrina and lisa down here.

    1447) Matt not back. Going very slowly – NRDC atty is really bad. I think they’re getting ready to break for lunch – hoping to finish with the witness. Susan clark is objecting to almost everything now, and lisa is sustaining most of them – keeps telling atty to move on (which he should!!)

  8. 007 Says:

    it really just keeps on going and going. does her paranoia point to some instability?

    1451) NS saying much?

    1452) Not a single word.

    1479) Camera just showed the bench. Only chair and katrina. Nate and Lisa gone. Maybie just at bathroom?

    1480) Lisa and nate just came back in and were settling down

    1511) If you like I can wander down to legal tomorrow and visit with the attorney and see if he mentions anything?

    1726) So, I’ve been lurking around in legal. Nate has been carrying around the order and reading parts of his concurrance to anyone he can catch in their offices. He is apparently very proud.

    1728) He got me yeaterday and “whiteboarded” me about his idea. I told him I had to leave. And did

    1767) KM and Bill G are visiting, both explaining to the other how they (km and matt) didn’t get a call, and yadda yadda

    1772) There are a TON of reporters and cameras up with nate. Only 1 talking to chair

    1843) Where was LE today?

    1844) In her office. All day. I guess she thought sitting at the bench would be too much bother.

    1940) Let me know if carter and LE come up

    1997) Any thing I need to know rt now? Did u tk notes? Was he even tempered?

    2089) Matt and km at bench. No others down yet.

    2090) Charlie beck in room, in back just watching.

    2091) Nate is not at bench yet.

    2165) Is not on the bench. Other 3 are.

    2188) Camera just showed that nathan is still not on the bench. I don’t know where he is. I’ll bet it has to do with RR though.

    2526) There does not appear to be any press in the room.

    2528) Skop on bench. Chair still with staff. No LE or KM yet.

    2589) Video just showed a view of the bench. Matt, lisa, KM there. No skop.

    2592) Please compile or have steve do this, a list of all attendance of service hearings for rate cases as well as the water cases we had for for all commissioners, including me, as well as agendas and this rate case from May 09 to present. I want to see abscences

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