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Utility regulators to consider plan to restore public trust

by Dara Kam | September 14th, 2009

The Public Service Commission tomorrow will discuss a proposal to require all communications between the regulatory panel and the utilities it oversees in writing.

The discussion comes amid a firestorm of criticism about commissioners’ aides swapping secret Blackberry codes with a Florida Power & Light Co. attorney that would allow them to communicate without creating a public record, even during hearings.

Commissioner Nancy Argenziano fired her aide for giving his Blackberry personal identification number – PIN – to FPL lawyer Natalie Smith and two other commissioners, including Chairman Matthew Carter, suspended theirs with pay for doing the same thing.

PSC Commissioner Katrina McMurrian

PSC Commissioner Katrina McMurrian

Commissioner Katrina McMurrian, who is not involved in the secret message melee, late Friday issued a proposal “to restore the public trust” as controversies involving the agency continue to make daily headlines.

Discussion of her proposal was added late this evening to the panel’s internal affairs agenda slated for tomorrow.

McMurrian is the target of a different conflict-of-interest criticism. An intervenor in FPL’s proposed $1.3 billion base rate hike case asked that she be disqualified from voting because she had hobnobbed with FPL executives during a conference in New York earlier this year.

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3 Responses to “Utility regulators to consider plan to restore public trust”

  1. Dick Says:

    You can talk the talk, let’s see you walk the walk. Right now you give little hope in trusting you.

  2. John Says:

    Argenziano fired her aide for even the appearance of impropriety. Now it comes out that she owns land with Rocky Pennington – a utility lobbyist. She needs to go.

  3. John T Says:

    John , you are ignorant. This is an attempt smear the a commissioner who has been bringing to the forefront the violations, cozy reationships and the legislatures involvemrnt with the utilities and how they place PSC commissioners that the utilities want most of the time. She broke no law because THE OAS DOES NOT REGULATE MUNICIPALS. THE STATUTE IS CLEAR READ IT 366.02 and 350.042 (2) (B) (C)
    the PSCs website also explains that they DO NOT REGULATE MUNICIPALS. What is clear is that utility lobbyist have been going around for the past two weeks trying to push reporters to do a non-story to divert attention away from the scandals involving PSC Commissioners having dinner with utilities executives at utility conventions, PSC staff going to “Kentucky Derby” parties at FPL executive s homes, Having innapropriate text and pin messages. And ex parte communications, legislators with large contributions from the utilities, they sit on committees that appoint the PSC commissioners while taking utility BIG money, they have spouses that are utility lobbyist yet they sit on utility committees and appoint PSC commissioners (many that the utilities want) and these PSC commissioners jobs are dependent upon those same legislators, no wonder why they want to make an issue out of a NON-ISSUE. The good thing is I can read with out help and I have read the statute, and it is clear they don’t regulate municipals. NO LAW VIOLATED-NO ISSUE. Its a witch hunt to get one of the most vocal person to stop and to try intimidate her. WE SEE WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO. It ain’t working

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