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Sink to McCollum: You’re the one who cut Medicare!

by Dara Kam | September 8th, 2009

sink-breakersChief Financial Officer Alex Sink, the presumptive Democratic gubernatorial candidate, gave her likely GOP opponent Attorney General Bill McCollum a taste of his own medicine by calling him out on his Congressional voting record on health care.

Sink’s campaign issued a press release responding to McCollum’s challenge this morning to join him in opposition to President Barack Obama’s and Congressional Democrats’ health care plan.

“During his twenty years in Congress, McCollum voted eight times to cut Medicare by at least $650 billion, voted to raise the eligibility age for Medicare and Social Security, and voted to make it harder for government to crack down on health care fraud,” Sink’s campaign manager Paul Dunn wrote.

“Bill McCollum is in no position to question anyone else until he answers for his decades-long record undermining Medicare, Social Security, and affordable health care,” Dunn concluded.

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4 Responses to “Sink to McCollum: You’re the one who cut Medicare!”

  1. Pjay Says:

    There’s a good chance that when someone accuses a political opponent of “cutting” funds to a program, what really happened is that the person voted to “not increase the rate of growth as quicky.”

    In other words, if the program was expanding each year by $10 billion, maybe the guy voted for a plan to expand it that year by “only” $8 billion–and then someone else comes along and says that he voted to “cut” it.

    That is exactly what happened in the mid ’90s when Democrats went around shrieking that Republicans were “cutting” education, when all they were doing was proposing a plan that didn’t expand spending AS MUCH. Hardly a “cut”–but then Democrats are historically, pathologically fast-and-loose with the truth.

  2. palinite Says:

    the republican/neo con agenda is to slowly
    defund programs until they are rendered useless. republicans cannot be trusted on issues of government funded programs such as Medicare.

  3. Rick Caird Says:

    In reading the story, Sink used her attack to avoid saying anything at all about her position on health care. I guess the Post let her get away with that.


  4. Alice Says:

    Only in liberal socialist minds like Sink can a smaller increase than the year before be a cut. Big Banker Sink needs to go back to math class. No wonder she helped mess up our banking system when she was earning millions as a Big Banker and her husband the millionaire lawyer was making millions taking everyone in sight to court,

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