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Sink still mum on public option

by Dara Kam | September 11th, 2009

Democratic Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink refused to say whether she supports Congressional Democrats’ government-backed health insurance proposal, known as the “public option,” despite her GOP gubernatorial opponent Attorney General Bill McCollum’s demands.

Attorney General Bill McCollum, the presumptive GOP candidate for governor, pilloried President Barack Obama’s and the Democrats’ public option and challenged Sink state her position on the issue.

Sink, however, maintained her neutrality but hammered on the Medicaid portion of the health care reforms. She said she would not support anything that increased the state’s share of Medicaid payments, something that McCollum, as her campaign pointed out earlier this week, did numerous times during his long tenure in Congress.

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8 Responses to “Sink still mum on public option”

  1. addie Says:

    She obviously supports it but shes know a majority of the voting public does not… so she has to hide it.

    Really prime material for being governor. Jeez.

  2. Anne O'Berry Says:

    The “public option” debate is a distraction. It won’t make it into the final bill. What we will end up with is a law that forces every American to buy health insurance from private, for-profit insurance companies, and if you don’t, you will be fined by the government — as much as $3800 for a family of four, according to Senator Baucus’ latest proposal. This is not reform. This is a gift to the health insurance companies.

    What we need is a Single Payer, “Medicare for All” system, which takes the health insurance companies out of the equation. These companies serve no purpose whatsoever, other than to take our hard earned money and give it to their CEO’s and shareholders. We are the only industrialized country in the world that does not guarantee health care for every citizen. It’s time for real reform. Google “mad as hell doctors” for more information.

  3. Leno Says:

    And who is supposed to pay for Single Payer plans or any of this other stuff being forced down our throats?
    Other countries have much higher income taxes and similar taxes to pay for this health care. Do you want to pay for health care for people who stand on the street wiping your windows or begging for money for alcohol or drugs? I don’t. My health care is paid for by me at the level I want and can afford. Pay for your own and don’t get the govt. involved or raise my taxes to pay for yours and others. It is not free anywhere.

  4. Anne O'Berry Says:

    Leno, the overhead for Medicare is 3%. The overhead for private health insurance is 30%. We would actually SAVE hundreds of billions a year if we switched to Single Payer.

    Our current health care/health insurance system is unsustainable. If you think you’re not subsidizing the homeless now, think again. Each one of us spends $1000/year on health care for the uninsured who show up at emergency rooms, because the costs are passed on to us in the form of higher premiums.

    This “survival of the fittest” notion that we should let poor people die for lack of health care is not what our country is about. You like your health care, but one day, you may discover that when you really need it, it won’t be there because your insurer decides to deny you coverage for some trumped up reason. We all contribute tax dollars for the general welfare – to provide for police, fire, garbage pickup, public transportation, postal service, and so on. Yet you’d rather pay your hard earned money to a for-profit corporation instead of to a general fund to ensure that all citizens get health care? Either way, we all pay.

  5. addie Says:

    “We would actually SAVE hundreds of billions a year if we switched to Single Payer.”

    Hope and Change will bring Unicorns that poop skittles for all. This is such an outrageous delusion.

  6. Anne O'Berry Says:

    Addie, please google Physicians for a National Health Program, an organization of 17,000 health professionals who support Single Payer. Their website explains how we could save $400 billion a year by switching to a single payer system, enough to provide all Americans with affordable health care. They can explain it much better than I can.

  7. Tony Says:

    Anne,You make some good points and I basically agree w/ you but I dont think we will see the kind of real change we need in health care because as they say money talks,and the health ins.lobby spends millions lining the pocket of politians that couldnt care less whats good for the avg.citizen but instead thinks of themself and getting re-elected and until we change this corrupt system there wont be real reform.

  8. Anne O'Berry Says:

    Thanks, Tony. The realist in me knows you’re right. The optimist in me hopes for a mass movement for real reform that the corporate-owned Congress could not ignore.

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