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Dem state House candidate is registered Republican; plans to switch

by George Bennett | September 2nd, 2009

Lew: Paulite past, Dem future

Lew: Paulite past, Dem future

Gary J. Lew, a college student and manager of a vitamin store at a holistic health center, filed as a Democrat back in January for the state House District 83 seat that’s up for grabs in 2010. He’s one of three candidates who have opened campaigns for the Democratic nomination to replace term-limited state Rep. Carl Domino, R-Jupiter.

But Lew is a registered Republican.

Lew said he signed up with the GOP when he registered to vote in 2006 because of an interest in libertarian-leaning U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Tex., who eventually sought the GOP nomination for president in 2008.

“Registration does not limit your ability to vote for a specific party in the general election here in Florida. I have never in my life voted Republican,” said Lew, who said he plans to switch his registration do Democrat.

“I feel like an independent. But in the eyes of the public, you have to choose a side. I feel like my politics coincide with the Democrats,” said Lew. He said he’s conservative in some areas, but “generally at heart I’m a liberal.”

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6 Responses to “Dem state House candidate is registered Republican; plans to switch”

  1. JusstJock Says:

    I’d shag him…I mean, vote for him

  2. KC Says:

    No big deal to me. Our current president seems to change his political stand everytime he makes a decision.

  3. bauhaus Says:

    Opportunistic, eh? The last guy who changed stripes so quickly was caught shagging half of his district. Where is Mahoney anyways these days..

  4. MM Says:

    Oh, what they’ll do for an eye catching story. I found out he’s trying to preserve our water here is Palm beach County, forming a division of the water keeper foundation headed by Robert Kennedy Jr. which if any of you have heard about the Cancer Cluster out near the Acreage, seems pretty important to me. I think I can overlook such a minor detail.

  5. keri Says:

    This article makes it sound like it is a bad thing to be progressive and open minded to both sides of politics. I think this guy is easier for me to relate to then any other. Especially with everyone in my generation who just started to become active in this aspect of society. I read his website and was impressed by all of his views.(
    He has my vote.
    And it helps he’s easy on the eyes…

  6. KC Says:

    adding…it’s such a breath of fresh air to see this generation involved. Kudos to Lew!

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