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Rubio rips Crist’s appointment of LeMieux

by George Bennett | August 28th, 2009

Gov. Charlie Crist’s rival in next year’s Republican U.S. Senate primary, former state House Speaker Marco Rubio, blasted Crist’s appointment of former chief of staff George LeMieux to fill a U.S. Senate vacancy for the next 16 months.

Said Rubio: “This is a disappointing pick for Florida. George LeMieux is a talented political operative and the governor’s best friend, but that doesn’t make him the right choice to represent Florida in the Senate. Governor Crist had a wealth of consistent and principled conservative candidates to choose from, all of whom would have been a reliable check and balance on the excesses of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda.”


5 Responses to “Rubio rips Crist’s appointment of LeMieux”

  1. Crist Appoints LeMieux to Replace Martinez | bRight & Early Says:

    [...] II: Rubio calls the choice “disappointing.” “This is a disappointing pick for Florida. George LeMieux is a talented political operative [...]

  2. The "Forgotten" People Says:

    Exactly what did you expect from a microwave tanned, hair dyed, lying, closet gay, fake wife sport’n, unaccomplished empty suit… who spent the first half of his/hers/whatever’s first term jet-setting, pimping for McCain, finding a faux wife, and serving up our state to corporate interests… and will spend the second half of his/hers/whatever’s first term running for a Senate seat he no more deserves than the sap crony he appointed to hold the seat for him… all while our state continues to sink ever-so deeper into the economic, government spending, and quality of life abyss?

    This is why we’re, “Last in Education; First in Corruption!”… and why we’re known to others as “Floriduuuh!”

  3. Cynical Idealist Says:

    I’ll be interested to see if 1) the money stops rolling in for Charlie, 2) if the RPOF activists don’t ratchet up their vitriol against him and, 3) if what money he does have can mollify the rank and file republican voters enough that he can win the primary.

    My guess is chuckles can kiss his senate bid goodbye…

  4. Updated: Latest Headlines « PoliticsFLA Says:

    [...] Post: Republican Marco Rubio rips Crist’s appointment of LeMieux Herald: GOP hints Dems would deny Republicans health care Times-Union: Jacksonville City Council panel cuts Veterans Day Parade, 18 other events [...]

  5. Jimmy Conner Says:

    We need to rename ole faggy Charlie Teflon Charlie. First he refuses to provide proof he has paid for over 200 free flights on crooked cronies jets. The make believe ethics panel whitewashes the whole thing. Now he somehow got the Federal investigation against He and LeMieux dropped when the Feds had LeMieux on tape. I guess crooks of a feather flock together. If the voters can demand honest poll watchers and get an honest election this next time I believe the real people will vote for Rubio and send this sick POS packing. He’s got Greer spinning every thing he can spin. Hopefully the IRS and Feds will look in the abuse of the RPOF funds on the credit cards and at least make a bunch of these crooks pay the taxes on the money they stole from the party for parties.

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